Are you a foodie? Or might be a traveler? Or the one who loves sightseeing? Or are you a sunset lover or moonlit dreamer? If, you are all of these or a combination of few than you definitely need to trace out a perfect location for your eating. Am I right? So If I have to suggest you a good location for your feasting than I will surely suggest having your day out at Rooftops.

The trend of rooftops is considerably increasing nowadays. The rooftops are becoming famous day by day as people prefer open area sitting rather than sitting in a compact restaurant. Seeing the emerging fashion of the rooftops in metro cities and big cities as well, the Agra city has also come up with various rooftops for the Agra city people and also the tourists. The rooftops here are located at such location from where the white monument of Agra, the very famous TAJ MAHAL.

These rooftops are so located to give you a handful of memories and calm atmosphere. The rooftops serve you to the cool breeze and best place to hang out with your loved ones. They are so designed that you can click a number of amazing photos which also are a new trend. Around 3 million people each year visit Agra to have a glimpse of The Taj Mahal and so with this thought the new investors are now shifting towards opening up of the new rooftop as they attract more crowd and they are running more successfully.


Some of the most known and best rooftops restaurants of Agra will be discussed by me today so that you can plan with your peer ones to visit them and make your dining memorable one. So they are as follows-

1. HICHKEE CAFÉ- Hichkee café is located at the rooftop of hotel Alleviate.\"\" Hichkee is situated at the Yamuna Kinara road. Hichkee serves various cuisines like Indian, Chinese, Italian etc. It has mouthwatering vegetarian delicacies which are served to the customers as per the order. It was opened a few years back and because of its good location, it is highly visited by the people. Hichkee restaurant is good because of its delicacies in vegetarian and also the snacks and the mocktails being made and served. The prices are also very reasonable.

2. CHAPTER 1 CAFÉ- Ambience is not all that is required to make your visit a good one sometimes the food should be prioritized and so with this Chapter one café focuses on the quality of the food rather than the quantity or the ambiance. \"\"The dishes being served to the customers will leave your mouth watering and you will keep on licking your fingers again and again and will crave for more. It is a café as well as a bar. It is located at Fatehabad road, 100 meters away from ITC Mughal. It is also famous because of its interiors.

3. MOCHA CAFÉ- Mocha café is another good place to visit in and make your day worth living and relaxing. Mocha café is located at Fatehabad Road, Tajganj. Mocha café is well known for its varieties of food that are cooked here. People prefer to hang out here because it is easily spotted and also has parking facility as well as the ambiance here is much welcoming. The cappuccino here is the most likable one as it tastes much like the European cappuccino. The menu here is huge with various choices that one may get confused as to what to order but every dish is equally tasty.

4.TEASE ME- Being a resident of Agra I will surely suggest the visitors visit tease me once in their scheduled outing.\"\" Tease me is located at Fatehabad road at the rooftop of Hotel M. This place is merely famous because of the Dal Makhani being served here to the customers. Also, it is so well known because of its location. The waiters here are well dressed and look like professionals and the way they greet their visitors is appreciable. The food here is not so costly and the location is well maintained and is very peaceful.

5.GREY HOUSE CAFÉ- Grey house café is situated close to hotel Crystal Sarovar. It is much often visited by the tourists and the localities due to the Mexican dishes being served by the chefs here. Hardly any café serves with Mexican dishes but as this café does, therefore, it has a separate place in the hearts of the people. The pasta with Portuguese taste is mostly ordered by everyone as it is very much tasty. Also, the place has a decent ambiance and atmosphere due to which people enjoy going there with their loved ones, also the interiors are much appreciable.

6. URBAN DECK- Next, in the line is Urban Deck.\"\" The urban deck is located at the center of the city due to which people find it easy to visit here. Saturdays and Sundays are the busy days here or we can say that weekends here are crowded with people and finding a single table becomes difficult at times. It is located at the rooftop of PL Palace at Sanjay Place. The special management and working credit here is given to Mr. Prabhat Kumar and Mr. Madhav and Ravinder for their services at the bar counter and food desk. As it is centrally located people find convenient to visit it most often. The food here is much appreciated by the visitors. It has a variety of outdoor dining and drinking varieties. The prices here are very affordable and the staff and the management are pretty good.

7. CAFÉ TURQUOISE COTTAGE- This is a newly opened café which is opened at Fatehabad road nearby Amar hotel. It has an open wifi system with live music being performed by the musicians. It is a healthy place as it does not serve alcohol. It is located at the finest areas of the town. The fusion music and the interiors are highly likable by the visitors. The ambiance and aura here act like icing on the cake.


8. KISKEY WHISKEY- Another bar which is situated at the heart of the city. This bar is built in the Ashok cosmos mall at Sanjay place. It had a great grand opening by Parmish Verma. As it is newly opened so people are hitting this location to have some new tastes and as the names suggest whiskey is highly served here.

9. SHANKARA VEGIS This is another restaurant that is located nearby the Taj Mahal and it is highly famous for its tasty and affordable food. In order to make the day of the visitors much better, it also has various entertaining games like billiards, chess, and carom. People love dining here under the moonlit with the explicit view of the Taj Mahal.


10. ROOFTOP BAR- The rooftop bar is located at the rooftop of hotel Oberoi Amarvillas. The hotel itself is a remarkable place to visit in but along with this, its rooftop is another beautiful location to hang out. If one is visiting the Oberoi Amarvillas than they should definitely visit the rooftop once.

So these were some beautiful and better-managed rooftops that are located in Agra. Being a resident I will always suggest you take out some time from your schedule and visit these places to have the best cuisine and fancy ambiance.



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