5 High-Tech Gadgets Every School Needs For A Smarter Classroom


Our world is advancing at the speed of light. There is so much advancement happening everything that we cannot possibly think about holding on to our traditional ideas of schools, colleges, or even workplaces.

A classroom needs to be every bit as updated and smart as everything else in the world. If we keep teaching children in the same environment that was common decades ago then how do we expect all of them to cope with the reality of the world?

It is no shocker that the advancements are happening in a classroom environment can be measured with the gadgets that are being used. Devices in a classroom can make the learning environment more efficient, and they can take a lot of burden off the students’ and teachers’ shoulders. Now, that is not to say that you completely forego traditional methods of teaching, after all, they have proven to be effective in the development of a child’s brain for many years now. Taking advanced and traditional methods of teaching together is what will make our classrooms smarter than they are now.

So without further ado, let us look at some of the hi-tech gadgets that all classrooms can make use of:


Kindles had reshaped the world ever since their advent approximately a decade ago. People still swear by paperback and softcover books very often, but the truth is that Kindles are the future because they are efficient and they are smart.

If you don’t know what a Kindle is, it is a gadget that is essentially an E-book reader. On a Kindle you can get many books for free, you can buy some books from Amazon Kindle Malaysia, or you can even transfer and convert books in a PDF format into a Kindle format and read it. At one time a child can have thousands of books which will reduce his or her physical burden, unlike traditional books which they usually have to carry by the dozen!

The great thing about a Kindle is that it has hundreds of amazing features that make reading more efficient for children than it is now. For example, I’m sure we all remember a time when our teachers used to tell us to read books and look up meanings of words from a separate dictionary. Needless to say, that very few children, if any at all, ever got around to using a dictionary that way! However, with a Kindle, you simply need to tap on the word in question, and it displays the meaning. That is it.

It is also infinitely easier to Navigate through text on a Kindle than it is on a traditional book; for example, if you are looking for a specific page, you simply need to type in a word on that page and the navigation feature will take you there!

The only problem with the Kindle is that most models do not support colored illustrations and diagrams, which makes textbook learning a tad bit tricky. Even so, Kindles still make for excellent reference books and literature studies.



Another amazing gadget that all classrooms should have by now are smartboards. Smartboards are superior to the traditional whiteboards in every possible way.

First of all, the smartboard does not require any markers or special chalk for people to write on them. People can use their fingers or a stylus pen to write on the board easily which reduces a lot of waste created by markers and chalk.

Secondly, smartboards are highly interactive. We are all aware of how beneficial hands-on and interactive learning is for children, and the smartboard makes it so much easier than a traditional board. Using smartboards, children can take notes easily, and they can attach their tablets to it. Smartboards can also create multiple user spaces at one time which can make it easier for many children to work on it altogether.

Lastly, smartboards can also make use of other technology in the classrooms. For example, teachers can attach their USBs, phones, and tablets to it easily. Using a smartboard, teachers also have access to online resources which can massively improve a learning environment.


Laptops, Tablets, and Phones

So there is no escaping the fact that our world runs on gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Since people are used to using these gadgets at their leisure, they often do not see the practicality of their use in a classroom environment.

You can use a phone to quickly take notes of whatever your teacher is saying using any notebook app. You can keep track of your class schedules and set reminders for assignments and tests easily. You can easily research your class work if you have an internet connection. The possibilities are endless.

Biometric Devices

There was a time when we saw biometric devices such as fingerprint identification and iris detection only in sci-fi and futuristic movies. Well, those movies are our present now, and there is no escaping that!

Even though school IDs are still relevant, marking class attendance using biometric devices instead of roll call is much more efficient, and it saves up on time of the class as well. Biometric identification also prevents theft. Often, traditional books and notebooks can easily be stolen and misused by other people. When it comes to devices locked by biometric IDs, there is no way any other person can abuse it without the knowledge of the person who owns it.

3D Printers

Now, thinking about using 3D printers in a classroom may be a bit of a stretch, but there is no denying the fact that 3D printers are the future of basic resources. You can create hundreds of interactive classrooms resources to teach children anything from the alphabet, to counting, to the usefulness of technology in the classroom! I mean, we all know that children learn better when they can interact.

You can also print out small toys and other rewards to present to the children when they perform well. If anything, children will always look forward to the class when they know something as cool as a 3D printer is being used!

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