Best Street Food in Agra

The city Agra, also called the TAJ city owns a marvelous place in the hearts of many across the globe. It is not only the beauty of the TAJMAHAL that’s make the Agra city so renowned but it is also the taste in the hands of the chef’s here which make the mouths of the visitors watery. The Agra city is an iconic destination of tourism along with the foodies which are very much lovable by everyone. From monuments to local shopping to hectic life to the street food, everything adds spice and beauty to the city. Ranging from 7 star hotels to a local food vendor the city Agra has everything set in for its guests and the regular people that come up.

If you are one of the foodie kind of persons who loves to eat different dishes from different places than vendors from Agra will provide every unique and tasty food ranging from Pethas to Pancakes and from Mughlai to Italian cuisine. The city of TAJ has numerous number of street food items that make your mouth go watery when you even think about them. The local vendors here themselves say – “You can’t starve in Agra” when you have us at every corner of the streets.

So now I\’ll take you to a ride of the most renowned and preferred street food items in Agra.

Best Street Food in Agra

  1. RAMBABU PARATHA WALE- To start with, the city Agra welcomes you at Sikandra to \"\"the famous outlet \”Rambabu parathe wala\”. This food corner will serve you with variety of paratha’s which you cannot even think of. No matter how much you prefer the Thai food or Italian food, you at a point of time will search for something that is homely in taste and so at that time Rambabu parathe wala will stumble over your taste to have something good. The Rambabu parathe wala paratha’s are often taken as a breakfast dish. The dishes here are served along with the vegetables, green chutney and the curd that will suit your taste buds. You can also visit the old outlet of Rambabu at Belanganj, Agra. I like it more than this new outlet.
  2. GOLI VADAPAV- Next in the lane we have some Mumbai tadka which people get within\"\"the city of Agra. Yes, the goli vada pav serves you with the spicy vada pav’s which are the most common and likeable dish among the Mumbaikars. So for those who cannot visit Mumbai to have vada pav, the goli vada pav will serve you better and give you the taste of Mumbai’s vada pav. The Goli vada pav offers a range of the vada pavs all in different taste yet at reasonable prices.
  3. DEVIRAM SWEETS- When it comes to having a spicy, healthy and tasty food in breakfast than Deviram welcome you to their store where the spicy BEDAI will make your nose go watery and your tongue licking your fingers again and again. The Deviram sweets will make your breakfast the best one and will definitely fulfill your hunger. The Deviram sweets also serves you with lassi, jalebi’s that are so tasty that you will tend for more and more.
  4. PANCHI PETHA STORE- The Agra city is famous worldwide for the variety of the pethas which we sell here. Ranging from giri petha to pan petha from kesar petha to chocolate petha every petha is provided uner one shelter that is the Panchi Petha store. The panchi petha store provides pethas at very much affordable prices. The pethas are the speciality of Agra which people want to eat no matter in which part of the country they are residing in. The Panchi Petha store provides pethas decorated with cashews and nuts which makes tongue demand for more. The petha differs from dry to liquid ones.
  5. MAMA CHICKEN- When it comes to have something non vegetarian the first name that strikes to mind is the MAMA CHICKEN. The MAMA CHICKEN is famous for it tandoori chicken. Just as Hyderabad is famous for biryani similarly in that way Agra is famous for its tandoori chicken being served by the Mama Franky. At lanes of Sadar Bazaar, Mama Franky holds a huge aura as people after getting free from their hectic day visits to have tandoori chicken. The Mama franky not only serves tandoori chicken it also serves various dishes such as kababs, chiken rolls, veg rolls etc. The chicken here is served along with the green spicy chutney being prepared by their chef’s.


  6. SADAR CHAT GALI- Who does not love Chat? I guess no one. Be it a kid or an oldie, be it a girl or a boy each one of us love to eat chat. The Chat Gali at Sadar bazar has wide variety of chats ranging from golgappe to bhalla, from pav bhaji to bhelpuri, from faluda to chuski. This narrow street at Sadar bazar, once well known for its spicy chat food items also serves the best prepared fast food items including soya chapp, pizzas, pastas, etc. This chat gali is much preferred by every foodie.


  7. BHAGAT HALWAI- Bhagat Halwai is a kind of place that attracts the massive crowd due to its centralized location and variety of food items. Bhagat Halwai serves variety of dishes which are mouth licking. This outlet is preferred by many over the chat gali at sadar bazar for the chat items served here. The most loved food items served here include pav bhaji, spring rolls, masala pav and chinese dishes.
  8. AMRATSARI KULCHA JUNCTION- The only junction where you get kulcha just like the taste of Amritsari kulcha. This junction provides you with different kind of kulchas like maithi kulcha, dhania kulcha, aloo kullcha. These are served with pindi chana which is very spicy and tasty. The junction has various other dishes too which add momentum to the place. It is also located at the center of the city and so people frequently visit it.
  9. DOSA FACTORY- South Indian is best served by a local vendor whose name is dosa factory. Amini food van which stands at khandari serves with varieties of dosas and chutneys along with sambhar at very reasonable rate. The dosas are crispy just that one will never forget its taste. Its so heavy that one dosa can fill the appetite of anyone.
  10. KAMLA NAGAR CHAT- We cannot name one chat that is not tasty in Kamla Nagar because each and every street food in Kamla Nagar is very tasty. The food here ranges from pani puri to momos, chole bhature to tandoori chicken. The Saturdays and Sundays here are the busy roads day as the kamla nagar is occupied with cars as people visit the street food vendors to have a good meal.
  11. DAYALBAGH CHAT- The lanes of Dayalbagh has a lot of street food vendors lined up all together the whole day long. The Dayalbagh road for its street food is also called as food bazaar as along with the shopping area in New Agra and Dayalbagh people also get to eat the chat. The food items served at street here are chowmein, momos, pav bhaji, bhalla, golgappe, faluda, chuski, nimbu paani, bhelpuri, idli sambhar etc. You can get everything to eat at a single place.

So these were some famous street food corners of Agra which serve you the best taste on the planet by their well trained chefs. Once you visit these famous street food corners you will wish to go again and again because of the lovely taste in the dishes that are being served by them. Well, I informed you about the best places from where you can get the tasty food. I have tried them all, I think you should try them too and I am so sure you will definitely say I am loving it. After having the food from these street vendors you will completely forget the taste of those expensive 5 star hotels or cafeterias.
My mouth is watering already!!


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