6 Simple Office Space Ideas that will Change the Way You Look at Work

6 Simple Office Space Ideas that will Change the Way You Look at Work


When thinking about office space, most people visualize a boring and bland place, cluttered with files and stationery, with extremely dull furniture.

However, we live in a world in which we are looking at everything refreshingly. Everything is revolutionizing, and this includes office spaces.

If your place of work bores you or makes you think about nothing but stressful notions, you will want to take some help from these revolutionary ideas. Okay, so the ideas we are providing are not exactly revolutionary they are quite simplistic. But these simple ideas all harmonized can help you change the way you look at work. Let’s take a look at a few of these ideas.



Be Sleek and Minimalistic

Being sleek and having a minimalistic approach to décor is the trendy thing to do for every place these days. Naturally, this rule also applies to office spaces.

Let’s talk about the color scheme first. The dominant colors in your office must not be too many, and they must not clash. You can either go for a monochrome approach and put one color on everything (usually something like turquoise, baby blue, mint green or white), or you can go for a contrast between one, light primary color, and a darker secondary color. For example, you can paint the walls white and have one, contrasting blue wall. Then you can add white and blue furniture; we’re sure you get the gist.

Moving on to furniture, make sure nothing in your office is bulky and clunky. These days it’s all about a sleek table and a desk and an ergonomic and slim chair. If you want to add extra chairs or sofas or a coffee table, make sure it is all compact so that it fits in the space easily and does not cut into your breathing room.

Slim furniture is not difficult to get your hands on these days. You can even find desks and office chairs on sale in many renowned places lately.

It is not a good idea to put too much furniture in your office space at all, because minimalism is the vibe these days.


Add a Lot of Storage Space

We cannot avoid possibly stress enough about the importance of storage space in your office. If your office does not have enough storage space right now, you will be pleasantly surprised by how much of a difference it can make to this small area.

Storage areas include everything from cabinets to drawers even to file cabinets.

It is a great idea to label all these spaces accordingly as well, so you know what item goes where and when you are wrapping up at the end of the day.

If you are used to being in a cluttered office, you will be surprised at how much easier it is to function in a cleaner space.


Keep Everything Well Organized

Being organized is also just as important as anything else. Sometimes you need to add a couple of extra items in your office to remain organized. For example, for all the clutter of stationery on your desk, you can get a desk organizer.

A desk organizer will help you keep everything on your desk in one place so that you don’t have to fumble around looking for things when you need them. Fumbling for the single item that you need can make a bigger mess than before. A desk organizer also makes it easier for you to wrap things up at the end of the day.

You can also add shelves in the office to keep files and books and other items in as well. Shelves are great because you can keep an eye on them from wherever you are. So if you want something specific, you can point it out easily and fetch it. Shelves also act as extra storage space.


Let the Sun in

We must never discredit the importance of windows in an office. An office without windows will always look suffocating and dull, no matter how well-decorated it is.

You can look through the window and see an alive city expanding out in front of you. This feeling can instantly relax or motivate you.

Other than that, you can open the windows to let some fresh air in from time to time. It will prevent you from taking in only the artificially ventilated air and give your lungs a little break from the stressful office air too!

Lastly, you will also be able to get some sunlight in your office. Not only is the sunlight excellent for hygiene because it kills bacteria in your office, but it can also make you feel less stressed out and more motivated. A warm sunny day can cheer up even the worst of moods at times because seasonal depression is a very real thing.

Make the Lighting Perfect

The natural light we discussed is the best kinds of lighting that there is, but the artificial lighting in your office must also be perfect.

Ceiling lights are still the best option because they are the only kind of lighting that can evenly distribute light throughout a room, so you don’t have any unevenly lit areas.

Other than that, you can even add reading lamps to add to the appeal and to get some extra light whenever possible.

Add Indoor Decorations

Even an office space needs eye-catching indoor decorations. The lack of these decorations is what results in dreary and bland office spaces.

First of all, you should try to get your hands on indoor plants. Indoor plants can freshen up space, and they can even elevate the mood of the people working in the office. Some plants also act as natural humidifiers and air fresheners so the keep the air clean and healthy as well.

Other than that, you can put up framed artworks on the wall, as long as they are office appropriate. You can even frame your certificates and plaques and hang them on the walls too.

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