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Letter font may sound small but they make a great contribution in branding something. While a good looking font is always admirable, many professional designers and editors solely rely on the type of font letter fonts for creating a comprehensive and beautiful Logo, Brand name, or designing any such. As long as it’s about utilizing a good looking font, Star Wars certainly made it right. Each of Star Wars Font and color they use in those letters makes a lot difference in attracting viewers.

As we travel into the era of internet and typography, we see many of the Star Wars fans are looking for Star Wars Title Font to use the same in their projects. To feed this desire of millions, we have set up with some Star Wars title font, letter font, and logo font, all set to free download and use in Microsoft word or any project videos.

Download Star Wars Font Pack

What is Star Wars Font?

As a Star Wars movie begins, before we can even witness lightsabers and spaceships, we are fed with various fonts that are set to the scenes with one intend, building up audience excitement. For the true Star Fans and Sci-Fi movie freaks, these star wars title fonts and opening letter fonts are as lucrative as the apple of Eden Garden.

These Star Wars fonts are both dark and light, lucrative and beautiful. If you are looking for one such to download for free of cost for MS Word or video project, we have it.

Before we do, don’t you want to take a look behind creation of these fonts?

So, how do you define or know about Star War font?

Definition of Star Wars font isn’t as simple as it might sound. Years of experiment, modifications, and tweaks have taken place by film directors. All of these are for keeping the fans away from indignation. Keeping them attracted to the franchise.  

Now that every Star Wars movie starts with a famous line says ‘A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…’ in a purple or cool blue font color.   

Once upon a time – the tagline lettering of Star Wars typeface originally created by hand. Thus, if you try matching the screenshots, you may find mismatches between them varying one movie episode to another.

Although, the recent Star Wars episodes, counting from ‘The Force Awakens’ have been using a digitalized version of Star Wars letter fonts, mostly matching with Franklin Demi’s font work.

Once the familiar line vanishes away into the space, our eardrums are hit an epic opening fanfaronade by Jon Williams. And then, we are left in awe while the Star Wars logo conquers entire screen before drifting off slowly into the far space. This followed by opening crawl texts demonstrating the base story so far.

For both the crawl text and Star Wars title font, they used News Gothic in every episode. In initial days, they used Universe as the title font that supposed to build a sense of gravity and importance to the title. News Gothic however, has been used for crawl text for a very long time.

Nevertheless, all of these are just scratching in the Star Wars font surface. Star Wars logo font is one the other hand had been polished and adjusted for several times while the creators tried settling on a reliable style. One latest tweak we have seen in the ‘The Last Jedi’ is Logo turned red.

This has created much buzz among fans try figuring out what it actually meant. However, in the movie the Logo remained in its original color yellow.  

Star Wars Font Microsoft Word – How to Use it?

As a Windows PC user, you might have work on various projects using MS Word. Microsoft Word has its own inbuilt fonts to select from. To spark the Star Warns fan in you, if you desire to add Star Wars fonts to Microsoft Word sheet, that can be done quite easily.

For that, you must rely on a third party source to download Star Wars font as you require. Our best bet is – a website that provides tons of free text fonts including Star Wars.

FontSpace is simply incredible where you can search your desired font styles, select the best after checking the reviews, ratings, and number of downloads. Counting from The Force Awakens font to Star Jedi, you get total of 62 free star wars fonts to download. In a nutshell, FontSpace ensures you get the best. Here are all the Star Wars Title fonts you can download for free of cost.

Another reliable place to create and download Star Wars font as you wish is This online font generator tool lets you type in your desired text and then curve it to Star Wars font style selecting from 10 different fonts available.

Now, it’s time we guide you how to download and use Star Wars font in Microsoft Word easily.

How to Use Star Wars Font on MS word?

We are about to demonstrate the procedure of using Star Wars font for MS Word step-by-step.

Step 1: Visit FontSpace website from your browser or click on the above shared link and then select your desired Star Wars font to download.

Step 2: Click on the Download button located below the font preview.

Step 3: Once the desired font is downloaded, click on the option menu of downloaded file and select “Show in Folder” to open the file.

Step 4: Now, right-click on the file and select “Extract files” from the option menu and hit “OK” button.

Step 5: Next, open the extracted file, and then go to your Windows Control Panel.

Step 6: In case if your Control Panel is not displayed in Icon view, click on View By and then select “Category” and then Large Icon option.

Step 7: From here, locate the “Fonts” option which contains all types of installed fonts in your computer.

Step 8: Now, switch to the folder where extracted Star Wars fonts are saved. Next, Select and drag the .ttf file to the Control Panel and drop it there.

Step 9: Finally, to cross check your font installation, open the Microsoft Word and then check the available fonts in font tab.

So, that’s how you can download, install, and use Star Wars font on your MS Word. The same procedure can be followed to use any free font on your Microsoft Word.

Download Star Wars Font Pack


Star Wars movie series have been making impact on million minds for over a decade now. We are expecting even more in the coming days. As in The Last Jedi’s word, “This is just a beginning.” Needless to say, Star Wars font is also may come in a new shape in future, perhaps for better.

Till then, you can make use of these existing Star Wars Title fonts and Logo in your interest. May the force be with you.


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