10 Scenarios to Reduce Costs and Increase Productivity

Microsoft puts at your fingertips a variety of solutions and tools that will allow you and your company to keep moving forward.

  • Optimize your investments and Save up to 60% in storage costs, moving to the cloud. Microsoft Azureis the flexible, open and secure enterprise-class cloud platform. With a growing collection of integrated services in the cloud, optimizing your resources and moving faster.
  • Increase your Productivity and Reduce 24% of the time in which sales teams are not selling. Microsoft Dynamics CRMis the solution that will help you boost sales productivity and facilitate incredible customer experiences. A contract management system works well in tandem as your able to manage the client contracts and their contract obligations.
  • Implement solutions much faster supported by an effective collaborative approach from Microsoft\’s development teams to transfer knowledge. We will guide you to increase your performance and reduce costs and risks. We provide a first-line proactive support that reduces support costs.
  • Save More. Reduce travel and communication costs. Up to 40% reduction Communications are an essential part of the tasks that are carried out day by day, both inside and outside the work. You can reduce your expenses by integrating your communication systems to your business applications, just by clicking to connect via email, desktop sharing and video conferencing. The result: it will generate a continuous flow with the people you need to connect to get your work done faster and better. With Skype for Companieseliminate unnecessary expenses and allow your team to communicate at any time from anywhere. Savings of up to 60% by replacing video conferencing rooms.
  • Increase your Results. Companies can gain a competitive advantage by empowering their employees.The unique approach of Microsoft\’s data platform allows its teams to collect, manage, transform and analyze all types of information, so that modern companies demand it. A smart company needs to have advanced analytics that perform a quick analysis of large amounts of data to understand \”what happened\”, understand \”why it happened\”, predict \”what\’s going to happen\” and thus know \”what should be done\”. To do this, Microsoft Power BIoffers self-service business intelligence that combines the power of the cloud and the familiarity of Excel
  • Optimizes the Return on Investment (ROI). Train your mobile workforce, to obtain 163% ROI in 7 months. In order for your company to continue to expand and adapt to the changing speed of the market, it is necessary that your entire workforce can carry out its tasks beyond the office. Implementing a mobile productivity platform in your company, all teams that are involved in a project can stay connected and share information, within an environment that guarantees the total protection of your data. With Office 365,not only the mobility of your business is guaranteed, the reduction of costs and the security of your company also. Microsoft has said nothing about releasing new versions of Office 2019, and based off recent Office history, it is likely little will change from those versions released for Office 2016. You can Buy Office 2019 from here.
  • Ensure Business Continuity, With Microsoft Operations ManagementSuite you can extend IT administration with System Center to the cloud, providing more control, visibility and security in the hybrid cloud. Availability: Increase data protection and application availability. Protect your systems and critical applications, define recovery plans and easily manage recovery points
  • Reduce Costs, Optimize IT management, to save up to 35% of time in device management. At Microsoft we have a set of solutions that are easy to implement and manage, which translates into reduced maintenance costs for your company. ( Windows 10, System Center, Microsoft Operations Management Suite and The Business Mobility Suite) Amortize your investment in the short term thanks to the ready-to-use monitoring, provisioning, configuration, protection and self-service functions.
  • Protect your Company, Ensure compliance with standards and security, to reduce up to 30% technical support costs. An effective security solution will help reduce your costs and the complexity of IT by providing high-value, low-maintenance products that will help keep sensitive data protected and systems active and available. Integrate  Microsoft Enterprise MobilitySuite (EMS) with Windows 10 to get the most out of your productivity and mobile security strategy.
  • Improve your Return on Investment. Generate up to 30% savings in training costs with E-learning.Through Software Assurance, reduce costs in training and implementation of its technological infrastructure. With this service you will have a unique set of benefits, services and rights to efficiently manage and use Microsoft solutions. Finance the payment of licenses according to your convenience, payment plans in installments during the 3 years of duration of the contracts.


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