Four Easy Ways On How To Skip Edgenuity Videos

Edgenuity is an app that has been the subject of education in these trying times. It is an online learning platform that offers the student a linear model of preparation when it comes to online preparation for tests, courses, and other things related to education for middle and high school students.How To Skip Edgenuity Videos

It will help you with the curricula of the test as well as help you prep on your own as you can easily not oy track your own speed and methods of preparing but even can hon it too. So this platform will not only help you advance and learn but will help you get better.

Why can\’t you skip the videos in Edgenuity?

There are many reasons why they have not given the option to skip videos,

  • It could be for commercial purpose
  • It is adding revenues.

However, there are ways to skip it even though the database of the system has a built-in system that does not allow the students to skip it. The longer you have watched a video, that is the time that will be added to the video until you can skip it.

Four Easy Ways On How To Skip Edgenuity Videos

So it only lengthens the time. But how to skip it? Worry not, we will teach you ways on how to skip edgenuity videos. All the ways are very easy and those tips will help you to skip the videos very easily without making any fuss or changes. So let us start right away.

Some ways on how to skip videos on edgenuity:

Skipping the videos on Edgenuity has become very important as one cannot invest more time on this without losing it. One could watch another educational video. Here are some of the best ways to do it.

  • Using the note tricks to skip the videos: By using this easy formula you can easily skip the video following the easy step.
    • First, you have to open notes
    • Now you have to write something on the notes
    • Now after you have written something on it, you have to tap outside of the text box
    • Now you have to keep clicking the backspace of the keyboard.
    • Now, this trick will easily help you choose the next video so go to the course menu.
    • Choose the video you want to watch by clicking next.
  • How to skip every video in ingenuity by disconnecting the network?

You can easily skip all the videos and choose the one you want to watch very easily by following this easy method. All you have to do is disconnect your network. Here are the ways.

Four Easy Ways On How To Skip Edgenuity Videos
  • First, you have to disconnect your network.
    1. Then you have to get out of the site.
    2. Now clear the ram.
    3. Clear the page too.
    4. Connect your internet with your device
    5. Go to the site again and let it load.
    6. All the videos will be gone and you can easily choose the one you want.
  • Use the pause section to make it work: We have already discussed how Edgenuity has the in-built system which makes the user see the whole of the video and makes them stay present for the time spent threshold until you have already done it. After it is already done and dusted, you can move onto the step of clicking on the next video.

So the thing that you can do to make sure that you go to the next video without any worry is bypassing the \’time spent threshold\’ by pausing it until that threshold is spent. You can pause the video for the time that it will be continuing and it will be alright. Pausing and continuing the process is pretty easy and it is not even though, by doing you can skip the video.

Four Easy Ways On How To Skip Edgenuity Videos
  • How to skip videos in edgenuity by speeding up the lecture using the chrome: The classes that are provided in the Edgenuity class are very long and play very slowly. If you feel the same then you can download an extension of the controller that controls the speed. There is a speed controller extension that you can download in chrome which will manage the speed of the video.

It will also help you to slow down, speed up, rewind at your own pace. Any HTML 5 videos can be used to Fastrack it using this controller how beer the Edgenuity videos fall into the Html5 videos once the flash crashes.

  • First, you have to add the speed controller extension in your chrome.
    • Go to the URL setting.
    • Disable the html5 video for the Edgenuity video
    • Now you have to add in the block list.
    • When adding it to the blocked list, you will see the appearance of the number on the left side of the lecture.
    • Now choose the speed of the video that you would like to set on it. Sometimes it takes longer to upgrade the system so when it happens that the system gets stuck, make sure that you rewind it a bit then it will allow you to click on \’next\’.
Four Easy Ways On How To Skip Edgenuity VideosDiscussion
Why can\’t we skip the Edgenuity video?Mainly the system is in-built that is why you can\’t skip. To know more, read above.
Some ways on how to skip videos on edgenuityYou can disconnect the internet, pause the videos, and many more. To know it elaborately, read above.


It is interesting to participate in the online platform that will allow you to come into a single forum like your classroom where you can learn together but waiting for the next video to start and inconsistency of the task is a buzz kill. That is why we have provided you with ways in which you can easily click \’next\’ on the video on Edgenuity.



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