How To Find The Bell Tower Key: Dead Cells

Are you almost there to the level where you need the Bell Tower Key in Dead Cells to unlock the mysterious door? Well, we have seen that people are getting gaga over the fact that they have reached the Dead Cells Clock Tower Key and of course, that’s for some reason. This is considered to be the most mysterious door that you will ever come across.

You can easily unlock the door using the bell tower key but of if you are enough experienced. However, people get confused over the fact that the Bell Tower Key in Dead Cells might be difficult to find if you are not really known for this game.

Being new to this game would make some problems as well as slow down the process when you will be trying to reach the Dead Cells Clock Tower Bells. No matter what but you need to be well known with the Dead Cells Map so that you can easily find the most mysterious door. However, we will be sharing everything that you need to know in order to get the bell tower key in dead cells.

How to find the bell tower key?

How To Find The Bell Tower Key: Dead Cells

Once you will start playing the game, you will literally have to pass a hell lot of levels to reach the dead cells. The Dead Cells Clock Tower is considered to be the most difficult one and you can explore it as you are soon to be near about opening the door.

It will require the Bell Tower Key Dead Cells Reddit to unlock the level. You might feel it really difficult to acquire the key but as we said, it will depend on how well known you are with the level. The toughest part would be, it will keep changing each time you will enter.

In fact, sometimes you might feel that the level is repeating as it will keep finding the key and take you back to the door without any notice. Once, you will get the entry then you can get access to the blueprint for the punishment shield. It is no doubt, a very powerful item that will reflect all incoming damages on your nearby enemies and it will hit them with something very critical if only the parry is successful. You will literally feel blessed to have this item while running and you will feel the urge of grabbing it as early as possible.

Well, in terms of getting the key so that you can unlock the door, you need the keys in your hand. This can be done in a short time span just by investigating the Clock Tower Dead Cells and finding the four bells that are scattered around the level of the game. You might think that the bells are absolutely useless but once you will get into the game. You can get four tones from each of the bells.

The main goal would be to hit the bells from lowest to highest. You need to be real quick while doing this so that the Dead Cells Level Map can solve the Dead Cells Bell Puzzle and you can spot them and then finally make sure which one has the highest pitches and which one has the lowest. From there onwards, Architects Key Dead Cells one by one. You need to follow the Dead Cells Map Layout and make sure that you are doing it in the correct order.

If you do it in the correct order then you will be rewarded with the bell tower key and that will be surprisingly poofed right onto the ground. Once, getting the Clocktower Key Dead Cells, you can make your way back to the door in order to unlock the level. However, the procedure might seem a bit difficult but you will be soo grabbing the punishment shield and now it’s your time to way back to the collector. 

How the level will make you go through?

When you are playing Dead Cells Biomes, the most important thing would be the most important thing to achieve Gardeners Key in Dead Cells. To be honest, Dead Cells Biome Map can help you to reach to the Dead Cells Clock Room so that you can collect the key to move further. However, the Dead Cells Gardeners Key Locations will be easier for you as they are not that difficult to understand and you can also easily achieve Dead Cells Architects Key that you have never probably imagined.

How To Find The Bell Tower Key: Dead CellsDiscussion
How to find the bell tower key?We have discussed the whole procedure of finding the tower key in dead cells. You should check out!
How the level will make you go through?It might seem difficult but once you will get into the game, it will cringe you to stay there.


People generally say that Dead Cells Gardeners Key Ramparts is no doubt a very difficult thing that you will ever come across. But you would find more fun while finding the bell tower key and the irony would always be, how the bells would seem worthless at first. But, it will turn into the treasure after that.



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