Guide On Pubg Building Not Rendering Issue Fix On Your System

PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is undoubtedly the best game of 2019. Though the game gained popularity a year back, it is still widely played and people enjoy the game irrespective of age. If you look into it closely, PUBG is not only enjoyed by the adrenaline pumped teens, but also the adults who take quick breaks in their office to play a bit of PUBG.

This game is available both for Android and Windows. The realistic graphics, sounds, and weapon range make playing PUBG a mush-have experience. However, unlike other games, PUBG is not flawless. There are some bugs and errors which peek at times and can kill your whole gaming experience. For instance, a lot of players have complained about buildings not loading in PUBG

Pubg building Not Rendering Fix

Indeed such a situation can be worrisome and is sure to kill your gaming mood, but not anymore! If you are facing the Player Unknown Battlegrounds buildings, not loading situation, here are a few ways you can fix it!

PUBG buildings not loading fix:

For those who don’t know, the theme of the PUBG game involves going into unknown buildings and looting them for arms and gums. In that light, if the building textures do not load on time, then it\’s not possible to go in the buildings quickly. All in all, the purpose of the game is lost. Indeed PUBG textures not loading, PUBG buildings not rendering, PUBG building not loading can be due to a game-breaking bug.

While there are a few ways to fix these issues, the basic one requires a computer upgrade. But before that, let\’s check out a few other solutions which can make the process easy:

Turn off Nvidia shadowplay:

Pubg building Not Rendering Fix

If you are using an Nvidia graphics card, then this is the easiest fix. One needs to turnoff the shadow play to get this issue fixed. To do this, access your GeForce general settings menu and switch off the share option. This at times helps to fix the PUBG houses not loading issues.

Shift the Game Files to the SSD:

At times slow transfer of files from the hard drive to the RAM can also cause the buildings not loading in PUBG or PUBG buildings not rendering issues. Thus to avoid such a scene its important to shift the files quickly. This can be done by booting these files from the SSD (Solid State Drive). It’s possible to transfer the game files directly into the SSD. Also Read- Apex legends phenom fix

However, if your SSD lacks space, then you can transfer these files over the page file (Virtual Memory). This will help in quick rendering.

Steps to use:

Reach the Local drive C: \\ Program Files (x86) \\ steam \\ steamapps \\ common \\ PUBG

This will give you direct access to the games folder. After this, directly drag and drop it on the SSD’s steam folder

Pre-rendering To Fix PUBG Buildings Not Rendering Issue:

Pubg building Not Rendering Fix

Pre-rending involves a process which in a way forces the game to render. Most of this rendering process is achieved by the player before the parachute hits the ground. After you have landed, aim yourself in the direction that you want to go to. During this entire process keep W pressed and then hit TAB. Also, it\’s advisable to hit TAB once the parachute auto deploys. Do not panic as the entire game freezes for a while. After some time, the game resumes, and the buildings are loaded.

This is one of the simplest tricks to load the buildings without any additional issues.

Change The View Distance In The Game Files:

Changing the view distance at times can also help to deal with the building issue. Though this quick fix works only among a few users, this trick can be useful at times. To cut the chase short, the view distance 1 of the game many a time corresponds to slower render time. Thus it\’s a good idea to upgrade it to 2. The following path stated below can help you achieve this :

AppData\\Local\\TslGame\\Saved\\Config\\WindowsNoEditor GameUserSettings.ini

  • Access the file mentioned above
  • Search and access the ViewDistanceQuality=1
  • Change 1 to 2
  • Save the changes made in the file
  • Now proceed to reboot the game. If the changes have worked, then you will face no problem whatsoever in loading the buildings and textures in the game

Look out for memory leaks:

At times, low memory leaks in the RAM can cause building loading errors in PUBG. To explain in simple terms, this implies that your PC does not have enough space to store the game. Under such circumstances, you only have the option to run Steam or Restart your computer. Generally, restarting the system and then running only Steam clears most of the space issue and thereby fixes the building, not loading the situation.

Upgrade Graphics Card:

Pubg building Not Rendering Fix

Though you can use any graphics card to play this game, if you do not upgrade the driver, then it might cause trouble while playing the game. To fix this issue, upgrade the graphics driver and see if the issue has been fixed.

There are a few simple steps to follow to fix the issue:

  • Reach the start menu and then type Device Manager from the drop-down list. From the drop-down list, select the top Device Manager.
  • After the previous step is complete, a new pop-up window opens. From here, reach to the display adapters from the appearing list and double-click on it. The list that appears beneath it, expands.
  • Select the graphic driver under the appearing list and then right-click on that.
  • From the next appearing drop-down list select the update driver software option

Reinstalling The Game:

Pubg building Not Rendering Fix

Even though all the fixes mentioned above are tried and tested, many a time, it may not work, especially if something had gone wrong in the settings when the game was initially installed. Thus if the changes mentioned above fail to work, then it will be a good idea to reinstall the game once again to fix any sort of bug that might be in the game.

To reinstall the game, firstly uninstall the game already in your system. Access Steam, and reinstall the game. Though this process is self-explanatory if you cannot follow the process then check out a few tutorials.

Indeed PUBG is a wonderful game, and a few issues and errors should kill your gaming mood or experiences. With the above mentioned quick fixes and tricks, you can play PUBG smoothly without worry! Happy gaming!


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