Apex Legends Phenom fix And Its Most Popular Legends Among Fans

The battle royale of Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment gathers a list of its most loved characters by players and establishes a Top 9 order.

From the apex legends crashing pc, they have established a ranking to sort by popularity their nine characters, known within the lore as legends. Thus, we see how the striking Wraith tops the list and closes big Gibraltar. Let\’s see the data in more detail to discover which legends are on the podium among the favorites and which are banished to the last positions.

Top Apex Legends in popularity

apex legends phenom fix

The battle royale of EA continues to triumph and breaking records since its arrival on PC and PS4 and Xbox One consoles on February 4. There is no doubt that it is the fashion genre in the online arena and that many players meet with command or keyboard in hand to compete for first place in each game and get the long-awaited and complicated victory. As for his characters, Apex Legends has stood out above others in the competition for presenting styles of legends with very different abilities from each other. Therefore, there are characters for all tastes among players in apex legends freezing and this has been demonstrated in the ranking that we leave below, extracted from the website of the game community

1.            Wraith

2.            Octane

3.            Lifeline

4.            Pathfinder

5.            BangaloreParagraph

6.            Bloodhound

7.            Mirage

8.            Caustic

9.            Gibraltar

The top of the list with 18.9% of the votes at the time of observing the data is Wraith, a woman who has a wide range of skills ranging from summoning portals, having immunity and even mysterious voices in her head. It is closely followed by Octane, a new legend that joined the initial cast with the battle pass and is quite an adrenaline junkie. In third position, we find Lifeline, support that comes very well in the games we play as a team. Finally, closing the list in ninth place with barely 4.3% of the votes we find Gibraltar, which seems to have not finished convincing all players with its great shield. Read more- Rapidleech

Why does apex legends keep crashing

apex legends phenom fix

Despite the obvious of clinging to Metroidvania, a word that refers to the style of games like \’Castlevania\’ or \’Metroid\’, \’Blasphemous\’ chooses to get us into a huge interconnected 2D world as those two Japanese examples do. However, far from limiting our progress to the skills or objects, we get to guide us along a unique path, The apex crashing mid-game opens its world almost completely so that it is we who decide where to throw.

With a sword strike and blockade, it will be time to face the enemies that we cross in search of that area chief who will clarify our path a little more. If you go up, down or go straight it is something that will mainly mark your feelings when passing through an area. Thus, if you arrive at a point where you feel overwhelmed by the dangers that await, you can always undo your steps and try your luck with another path.

How to stop apex from crashing

apex legends phenom fix

If you want to know how to stop apex from crashing, then take the help of Google and find the best solution for the apex legends crash fix.

It is a situation in apex legends constantly crashing that materializes much more at the beginning, when you still do not know the attack patterns of the enemies or have found the right strategy to deal with each of them. Then, either because you have improved your skills or simply because you have entered the rhythm that your fights print, you return to that place with the feeling that that was not so much.

Without intention to limit yourself, it turns out to be a great way to guide your steps and avoid frustration. It is useless to get stuck at a point without knowing how to overcome it, so despite how obviously hard it pretends to be, \’Blasphemous\’ does not hesitate to make certain concessions to alleviate the desire to crash the command against the ground.

Apex legends still crashing so, before playing one must need a solution for it. With deaths that take you to the last activated control point, another nod to \’Dark Souls\’ in the form of bonfires -represented here as a source inspired by the monument to the bullfighter Joselito el Gallo-, the game sails between tranquillity and Anxiety to find the next point to nail the knee to save your progress.


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