What To Know About Online Marketing For 2020

Everyone wants to know about the marketing trends that can affect them right now, but what about preparing for the future? 2020 is right around the corner, and so are the newest advancements in online marketing. It’s time to consider where the current trends are taking us and how to prepare for what tomorrow may bring.

Here is what to know about online marketing for 2020.

Customer-Centric Methods

Personalized marketing might be nothing new these days, especially with the advent of the user experience; but it is anticipated to become all the more pivotal in 2020. AI and machine learning is helping marketers pinpoint certain demographics, habits, hobbies, activities, and purchases much more accurately.

With new ways to understand what the customer wants, it is bound to change the way marketers approach campaigns. For example, even Amazon is curating personalized item recommendation based on buying habits.

Voice Search Marketing

Smart speakers and other modalities for voice search are becoming more and more popular. In 2018, 56 million smart speakers were sold throughout the world. In 2019, smart speakers are exhibiting more “branded skills.” In other words, if you input a specific brand, the smart speaker will respond with content straight from that brand and nothing else. Therefore, if you provide information to smart speakers that is customer-friendly rather than a commercial advertisement, you will be able to market your business more easily.

Zero-Click Results

Zero-click results, which are an automatically provided answer from the search engine, are an example of why you need on-SERP SEO more than ever in 2020. Google and other search engines have started auto-populating search results for broad questions and then providing snippets. Since 61.8% of all Google SERPs are zero-click results, keywords are becoming less profitable.

What does this mean for your written content and website? It means you are going to have to come up with a way to attract people despite the answer Google provides. Unfortunately, an answer for this conundrum has yet to be provided!


Written content is still going to be highly important in the future, but the way people receive it is going to change. According to a study done by Juniper Networks, content delivery through AI-powered chatbots is not only popular, but it will also help retailers cut costs by nearly $440 million dollars and increase revenue by $110 billion or more by 2023. Thus, it can be expected that written content is going to be channeled into given chatbots more ways to answer questions.

The marketing world is changing, because technology is changing. It is almost time for another new year, one full of innovations and revolution. Be ready for it now so you can meet the challenges and rise above it.


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