A Mysterious call from 0000000000

Have you ever gotten any call from a mysterious phone number 0000000000? Was it a mystic noise or actual human voice? If there is no noise or just some eerie noises, you can rest assured that it is a communication problem. But if someone answers or you hear voices, then it is can be quite problematic.

Often it is believed that the call from 0000000000, is paranormal activity. Some metaphysical energy gets directed and causes the phone call. Some psychics believe that this era of the cell phone towers has increased the otherworldly calls.

This blog will help you to understand what does a phone number with all zeros mean. Whether it is an otherworldly call or just some glitches in the digital communication system, is discussed here.

What number is 00000-00000?

Number 00000-00000 is a mysterious number. Though there is no proof, many people claim that they have received incoming calls from number 0000000000. Few people claim that these calls are otherworldly calls and through these calls, the spirits tried to contact them. The phone number all zeros are live Electronic Voice Phenomenon from deceased human in ghost forms.  The ghosts often feel an urgent need to communicate with their loved ones, and thus they call.

In other cases, these spirits often direct vengeful anger to the person who caused them harm. The voice communication from the spirit world requires very little power. Most often these calls connect the past and the future as well.

But if you do not hear any voices, it can be just a glitch in the communication system.  Sometimes it is caused by calls from internet-based phones as well as smartphone apps. In some cases, the calls are encrypted and connected by the government or corporations or dangerous hackers. These hackers often try to intrude into your personal life and information via telephone number 0000000000. In most of the case, the caller’s name is not visible.


Are the phone calls from the number 000-000-0000 ghostly?

A missed call from 0000000000 can indeed be ghostly. It is widely believed by the Paranormal Defence Agency that this number can indeed mean a call from another dimension or world. This can either mean contact with the otherworldly ghosts, aliens or past and future. Though not always scary, these calls can turn out to be harmful. Psychics, mystics, and seers show that the internet and the towers of digital communications make these contacts more rapid. Our network has always been connected to our future and to our eternity from the beginning of time.

But if you do not believe in ghosts, spirits or aliens, then these ghostly calls may not make any sense to you. Usually, these are glitches in the digital communication system. These calls occur very rarely. Often these calls are made by hackers to find out your personal data. Your personal data is everything, so it is wise to pick up or call this number.

In this digital age, anyone can check the caller’s name with the help of any caller id apps such as the Truecaller. These apps help you to find out the name of the caller, irrespective of his location, time and identity.


If you ever receive a call from the number 00000-00000, then try to not call or avoid. A spirit or a hacker, the harm will likely be yours. You can also report to the police or security offices about these calls. In extreme cases, you can change your phone number.

The origin or the reason for these calls are mysterious. The scientists and communication officers believe that these calls occur mainly due to the problems in the communication systems. Due to any natural calamity these glitches often occur. Here, we tried to help you understand the origin and reason for these calls.


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