Hacking – Tips for Learner

Many people on net impressed by the word “hacking” might do a little search on google about learning hacking. No doubt, they are at the right place. I would have rather use words – they are on the right track but will they open up the right door and gain something or they will just end up becoming a victim them self.


First of all, there is a difference between hacking and cracking. In layman language all hacking, keygens, cracks, gaining unauthorized access is refered as hacking and the word hacking is marked with a tag which is illegal to do. But it is not the way it is supposed by a large audience. Hacking is defined as unauthorized use, or attempts to circumvent or bypass the security mechanisms of an information system or network. Click here for more definitions. Cracking is equivalent to hacking when it is done by bad intentions and not for security improvement and educational purposes.
A common man would try to hack accounts on yahoo, hotmail, gmail, orkut etc. For this a little search will do but in most of the case you will end up loosing your own details without a slightest hint. I remember searching for tools to hack yahoo, gmail etc and found out some tools which require you to login before they can serve any purpose or in the worst scenario just execute their tool which could do anything from getting someone’s password to installing a trojan on your system to spy on you. Trojan serve as a backdoor entry for the hacker to gain access your system and then use up the computing power you possess.
So if you really want to get through all this, I mean if you dare to, then just take care of the fact that the tool you are going to use to hack someone might be used by the hacker to hack you. Keep visiting on site to learn the whole module about learning of ethical hacking


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  1. i want be a hacker… what can be do for dis…….

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