Ethical Hacking – how to start learn hacking ?

As many of newbies asking this quetion so for all these people who are new at this whole Scenerio and do not really understand what hacking is all about and where to begin, I offer up these links to some great places to start learning.

Presentations:  <– A speech given talking all about the problems facing culture when dealing with copyright and other digital laws.
Podcasts: <– This is fantastic for people who are new to the field.  If you have the time or motivation, go back and listen to them from day 1, they assume you know very little if anything and hit on all of the major topics in the security field.  Fantastic show.
IPTV Shows: <– Produce a good IPTV show and also have forums that are usually helpful.  <— Duh….
Tutorial sites:  <– Pretty good resources, some very nice video tutorials on various exploits.  Defiantly check out the tutorial section. <– Excellent tutorials/information/articles. <– Tutorials, tools and forums full of helpful people.
Programming Related:
Teach Yourself C in 21 Days:
Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days:
The Art of Assembly Language Programming:
Microsoft Developers Network:
—-Web Programming:
Security Related:
If you are interested in websec (web security) you should pretty much understand the different protocols on the web, i.e TCP/IP, FTP, HTTP, SSH, etc.
Knowledge of HTML, PHP, ASP, SQL, Perl, and Python is good.

Video Resources:
Watching/reading papers or videos from past conventions such as Shmoocon, DefCon, or BlackHat, is a good idea.
And last but not he least is Crazylearner.
May be some of the best site is still left. so share your best site in comment section.Please contribute to this post.
keep visitnig
Disclaimer : This information is just for educational purpose. If someone use in malicious activity then only he is responsible for it.


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