How Just Dial Make Money?

How Just Dial Make Money?

How Just Dial Make Money?

If you have ever made use of Just Dial to get information about a product or service in your city, you must be wondering how this company generates revenues for itself. It heavily advertises on TV channels with none other than super star Amitabh Bacchan telling you how useful it is to dial and get information with this service.


How Just Dial Make Money?

Just Dial is India’s largest local search engine that disseminates information about businesses to people. People get the addresses and phone numbers of service providers through Just Dial and they can proceed to receive services from their preferred vendors. This seems to be a very good idea but how do Just Dial make money? There are several ways in which Just Dial makes money. Let us find out these ways.

How Just Dial Make Money?


  1. When you look up on the website of Just Dial searching for a particular product or service in your area, Just Dial provides you a list of vendors. You start with the company or service provider at the top of this list and then move downwards to try the remaining. Just Dial receives money from these companies with the highest amount form the companies that are listed at the top.
  2. Just Dial also makes money by giving out your contact details to companies. It does so on the basis of product or service that you had been looking for, and companies operating in your area are willing to pay money to Just Dial to get direct access to highly targeted group of customers. So the shops or companies calling you are probably the ones that pay Just Dial top receive your information.
  3. The company receives commission from restaurants that are listed on Just Dial. This commission is based upon the value of orders that these restaurants get through Just Dial.
  4. When you use the telephone number of Just Dial and ask for business dealing in product or service that you require, you are given address and contact numbers of companies that match your details. These companies get extra business through Just Dial and in lieu of this service, they willingly pay Just Dial.
  5. Just Dial receives around 1.6 million calls every day. The company keeps track of this information and sells it to interested parties. This data is of considerable importance for advertisers and marketers.


These are some of the interesting ways in which Just Dial makes money. There may be many more that common people are not even aware of. If you can think of other ways that Just Dial uses to make money, please share them with us.

Best seven learning Math Games for Kids (Apps)

Best seven learning Math Games for Kids (Apps)

Math games for kids have a interesting journey so far, like anything they have also changed a lot. Kids have their own mood swings. Sometimes they  laugh, sometimes they suddenly cry. To teach them a lesson or making them something learn becomes really challenging. And when it comes for the subject math, the situation becomes a bit tough because there is no story in it!

But wait; here is a simple solution just right there in your hand. A large number of fun loaded and story filled math games for kids as cool apps are available for your smart phones. Here are some of the smartest choices given for your kindergarten.


Best seven learning Math Games for Kids (Apps)

Math Games Apps For Android Platform

It is a simple game with very basic level of learning. By this kids can learn to name the numbers, count them, add and subtract, match and compare them. The audio also matches kid’s level of English. Free version has these limited facilities but the paid version can make your kid to range them in to a set up to number 20.

A great mental workout game. It is very similar to the party games. You can also play with your kid. If you are a fan of games like scrabble, mahjong, bingo etc. then you are definitely going to love this. It has multiple levels, starting from easy to medium and then hard. Just calculate numbers of the same color and they will explode for the replacement of new numbers.

With Algebra Tutor there is no problem whether the kid is not a toddler but a grownup. Simply practice multiple algebra concepts including fraction addition, division, multiplication, lowest term fraction reduction and much more.

Math Games Apps For iPhone (iOS) Platform

Available for $1.99, the game is packed with two levels. One can track high score and can also play in a timing mode.

Awarded with “best of the best” in ratings. It will cost you $ 2.99, which are worth it. It contains 7 mini games with cool sound effects, graphics and effects.

Creativity and learning in one shot. The kid can make his own recipes giggling and count them feeling like a chef.

Runs on multiple platforms:

Dragon box have two version, one is for 5+ ages and other one for more than 12yrs old childs. Easy way to learn – Super app for allowing math adverse students to discover algebraic operations without stress. Lots of interesting levels that they complete and explain to one another. Excellent transference to algebra 1 problems.

Currently supported on IOS, Android, PC and Mac. Best app for giving your child a head start in math and algebra. One of the simple yet addictive math games for kids.

How to record an incoming call on iPhone : Best Call Recorder for Iphone

How to record an incoming call on iPhone : Best Call Recorder for Iphone


Received a call from your loved one and want to hear it over and over , or had a funny conversation on incoming call and want to share it with friend, or want to record the incoming call as a proof for something, or might you had your own reason , but it is always worthy to have a record of incoming call on iPhone (make sure it is legal in your country). Unfortunately iPhone does not allows or provides any inbuilt mechanism to cater your need. So for recording an incoming call on iPhone you have to depend on third party vendors app.


How To Records Phone Calls on Iphone

Apple’s app store provides you plethora of apps to record an incoming call on iPhone . For your ease and comfort, we stack some of the most desirous app for recording a call on iPhone, which an iPhone user must have on their iPhones.

How to record an incoming call on iPhone : Best Call Recorder for Iphone

Here we have come u with the best of the apps amongst the rest of the apps for recording an incoming call on iPhone . Here we goes :-

  1. TapeACall :-

TapeACall is one of the best app in its section. It is available in two version i.e TapeACall Lite and TapeACall Pro.  TapeACall Lite version is free of cost and so comes with some limits. Though it allows unlimited call recording for both outgoing call and incoming call but it renders you with an option to  hear the recording of only starting 60 sec .

TapeACall Pro is a better option because there is no such limit with it. But it is little costlier app and cost you some $9.99 and the app really worth of this cost. Not only recording but it also provides you with a number of sharing options. You can share the recording instantly with your friends and loved ones on twitter, facebook or by text. This app runs on iOS 6 and above version.

  1. Call Record Free :-

Call Record FREE is another app which allows you to record both outgoing and incoming phone calls on your iPhone.For recording an incoming call , click on the record button and then the CallRecored Free will dial a number for recording and then both the calls will be amalgamated together and then the recording of the incoming call started. Similarly it works for the outgoing call recording. For recording outgoing calls, first you have to dial the recording number and then you can dial the number whose recording you want to do and then finally merge both the calls to start recording. Apart from recording , you can also share the recorded cal via iMessage, email, Dropbox , facebook and twitter.

The best thing about this app is that it comes free of cost and you can download it from Apps store at no cost but you need to do some in app purchase as to earn more credits for recording. This app can be run on iOS 5.0 or above version.

  1. Edigin Call Recorder :-

If you don’t wish to store call recording on your phone and want a safer option for call recording storage then you can opt for Edigin Call Recorder. It provides you a cloud based option for incoming and outgoing calls recording. The app routes your incoming or outgoing call ,by using cloud services, to its data centers, so that the recording of the calls can be done. When the recording of the call is done on the cloud , then you can search and play recording any time you want or else you can also download it.

You can get this app from apps store at free of cost but you need to create an account for using it. This app can run on iOS 7 or the above version .


I hope this apps will cater up with your need of recording incoming calls on iPhone. If you want to share some other apps for recording incoming calls on iPhone, do comment.  We love to share them.

Best torrent app to be use with iPhone6s and Iphone6s Plus ?

Best torrent app to be use with iPhone6s and Iphone6s Plus ?

Best torrent app to be use with ipad and  iPhone or Iphone/Ipad Torrenting apps

Apple’s apps store  was overwhelmed by tons of apps for its iPad/iphone but always keeps an envy eye on Bit torrents. Apple Inc. supported their this move by  adding that these torrent apps will lead to violation of rights of the third party and Apple Inc. does not want to support that and hence strict restriction is imposed on apps belongs to torrent category.

Even Utorrent app is also rejected by apple,uTorrent users who want to control their torrent via an iPhone application have no other option than to jailbreak their phone.But here we shared the best way to download torrent files from your Iphone/ipad


Best torrent app to be use with ipad and iPhone or Iphone/Ipad Torrenting apps

However, Apple Inc. recently takes a great move and has allowed some of the apps in torrent category to be a part of Apple’s app family. Though, to be on the safer side , restricted download is allowed i.e downloading  from legal and  legitimate sources  is permitted  by the apps developer.

Best torrent app to be use with ipad/ iPhone ?

We have took all the pains and grief  to find out  the right torrent app to be use with iPad /iPhone which can suits your all requirements. Let’s have a look on best app in the category of  torrent app  to be used with iPad/iPhone  :-

iTransmission  4.6 :-  iTransmission is one amongst the first few torrent apps which could make his space into Apple’s app store and it is the best one you can have . It comes in various version but the latest and the better one to use is iTransmission 4.6which you could download in you iPhone from app store.

iTransmission 4.6 has come up with many advantageous over its predecessors . It comes with  a feature called “Insomnia” which helps you to download torrent file  on your iPhone even after you exit the iTransmission . You fill find some enhance UI with this new version of iTunes.  Sharp graphics has created user friendly environment and enhances the look and the feel of the app.

Earlier, you can use  iTransmission torrent app only with those iPad/iPhone devices which are jail break . But now you can run iTransmission  app even without jail break and all credit goes to “” who actually made it possible to run a torrent app (iTransmission ) on a no jail break device.

Despite , we can use iTransimission for a non jail break device, still it can’t be downloaded directly into your iPad/iPhone and this is because of the very stringent policy of Apple Inc.   against the torrents apps to be used with iPad/iPhone .

For downloading iTransmission into your iPad /iPhone  you had to follow certain steps, so that you can use the iTransmission  app uninterrupted . For your ease, we have prepared a detailed list of steps which you need to follow for download iTransmission app in your iPad/iPhone


How to install iTransmission 4.6 torrent app to be used with iPad/iPhone

  1. Click on “Safari browser “ app.
  2. Then visit  “”  using Safari browser.
  3. Tap  on the option of “Apps” and then from the apps list , find  “ iTransmission 4.6 ”.
  4. Afterwards tap on itransmission and the hit on install to start downloading and installation of itransmission on your iPad/iPhone. Immediately you will receive a pop up , tap on install to confirm the installation.
  5. Even after confirming the installation , you won’t find anything installing. If so the case then it is pretty obvious. No need to worry, you have to fix your current  date and time in your iPad/iPhone to start downloading torrent app in your iPad/iPhone .
  6. Go to “Date and Time ” in your settings app in your iPad/iPhone and the tap to turn off the option of “”Set automatically “ , so that you can set date and time as desirous . Then fix your date but not later than 3 months .
  7. After adjusting the date and time of iPad/iPhone  as needed , exit from the settings option  and their you can see that iTransimission is started downloading in your iPad/iPhone.
  8. Now successfully iTransmission is downloaded in your iPad/iPhone. Install  it to download any torrent file of your wish.
  9. Now browse any torrent website and then select the file you want to download and start downloading it.
  10. Then select  “Open in itunes” to continue.
  11. After selecting the option, iTransmission will open ups and the file will be start downloading.


Now we gonna wind up with the best torrent app to be use with iPad/iPhone . For futher queries do comment because we are eagerly waiting for your queries and do keep visiting us!!

List of Evernote Alternative

No doubt Evernote is one on the leading and best in its category. Its popularity is due to number of awesome features that enables you to do your assignments, tasks and many more things by helping in making efficient notes, which you can synchronized with different platform on different devices. Evernote is not limited only to text but also let you add some glimpse into your note by allowing you to add media such as images , handwritten notes , web articles and much more.

List-of- Evernote-Alternative-Apps-for-Iphone

List of Evernote Alternative for Iphone

Despite being first in race, it is not the only solution you need to be depend upon. But you can also choose from the bunch of alternatives Apps available for Evernote according to your requirement and believe me its worth trying the below given alternatives for Evernote Apps.

List of Best Evernote Alternative Apps

Here are 5 best alternative of Evernote which you must want to have : –

  • Google Keep – notes and lists: Gooogle Keep as the name suggest is a Google’s product. Its is yet very simple but a great note keeping tool. You can add images , lists and notes . It also enables you with a feature of Voice memo record . You can organize notes quickly by adding colour and labels. You can also search for the thing you want to find. Apart from note , you can also set reminders, so to remind you about the thing at right time and at right place.

It has a very simple interface and will help you to keep everything synchronized so to enable you to use your notes from any device you want to . Its absolutely free too.

  • Quip : Docs , Chat , Spreadsheets : Quip is a combination of docs, spreadsheet, task lists and especially chat , all in one single app which gives it edge over the other apps. It is fast and easy to use and enables you to create docs and also enables you to share these docs on multiple devices including iPhone and iPads , and on PC – with your friends , family or with anyone you want to .

Quip also take care of your privacy. It provides an option of keeping private notes , so that you can separate personal and business stuff apart using the same app. Its also free

  • OneNote : OneNote is a Microsoft product and one of the strong player in the category . It is a digital notebook which contains meeting notes , lectures, to-do list , vacation plans or everything you need to remember, recognize or organize .You can jot down or else can also type notes . Customize your note with italic, bold ,underline , highlight as you do it on your PC. Add to home screen ,your favorite notebook, section or page so to make a quick access . This app is also free.


  • Simplenote : Simplenote justifies it name as it keeps things simple, so simple that people get accoustomed to it very easily . It is an easy way to store lists, notes and much more . The note you create gets automatically backed up and synchronized it so that you can access it with all the devices at free of cost. It supports only text based note but claims for its efficiency and speed, so as do we believe .
  • Nevernote : Nevernote is last in our list but surely it ranks amongst best note making app. It was specially designed for Linux version by an Open Source Community . It has amazing features which makes it a superb alternative for Evernote. It is an official Evertone alternative for Linux. The feature offered by Nevernote such as notes based on color-code , sharing of notes and many more.

Well, now I hope, you guys must have picked up one of the alternative of evernote from the above given list which suits best according to your requirements. Hope you do like the apps. For any more suggestion and feedback , do comment. We are waiting eagerly!!