How to convert txt to pdf

Sometimes we have large amount of content in a txt file .Since it is highly insecure to send that txt file directly to someone because txt files can be directly edited .This can damage the true content of txt file .There is another and quick way to make your txt files more reliable and editing proof by converting txt to pdf.In this tutorial we will show you two ways in which you can convert txt to pdf and hence can make your information or data secure and non editable.

Suppose you have large amount of txt. Click here to view the text .

  • Convert txt to pdf by using online pdf converter

free txt to pdf converter

steps to follow

  1. Go to this web app by clicking here
  2. Copy your content in the text box as shown in below image

free txt to pdf converter

  1. Click the blue ‘convert to pdf’ button.
  2. Wait few seconds and you will get window box. Save the pdf file .

There is also a nice tutorial written here

  • Convert txt to pdf using google docs.

google docs

  1. Go to google docs by clicking here .You need to have a google or gmail account to access google docs.
  2. On the top left corner there is a button  .Click on it to select google docs.
  3. Click on ths plus button on the lower right corner of screen to add a document.
  4. Open that document and copy your content as it is on that document.
  5. In menu bar go to file > Download as > pdf document (.pdf).
  6. Save the file by selecting save file option from the save file box.

So in this article we showed you two ways to convert plaint txt to pdf.If you have any other options or techniques please do mention them in the comment box and will will try to include them in our list .

list of free online jpg to pdf converter

Often many times we need to convert multiple jpg into single pdf .One solution is to use desktop softwares .But it takes a lot of time and often technical expertise to use them .Another fast and superior way is to use online jpg to pdf converter . Here we are presenting some free web based jpg to pdf converter.All of these jpg to pdf converter are free to use and have absolutely no limit on number of jpg you can merge or convert into single pdf.

Here is the list .If you know more web based tools like these please include them into comments and we will try to add them here .

1.Online Pdf Converter

free jpg to pdf converter

This is one of the fastest jpg to pdf converter on internet .The interface is sleek and fast .There is no need to register anything .Just input some jpgs ,click the ‘convert to pdf’  button and you will have your converted pdf within seconds. The only drawback of this tool is they don’t have any configuration options like page size or font type of converted pdf. This  blog post  have a detailed tutorial on how to use this free tool.

This is also a nice and free online jpg to pdf converter .The power of this tool lies in its various configuration options for the newly generated pdf. You can select from different page sizes and margin for the converted pdf.Also they fund some of  their income in child vaccination programs .They have a video tutorial here on how to use this tool

3. cloud convert jpg to pdf

jpg to pdf - CloudConvert

This is also a free tool to convert image files specially jpg into pdf.This is fairly a complex tool if you want to change parameters of resultant pdf .The problem with this tool is that it resizes the image to fit the pdf paper size which degrade the quality of the resultant image.There are some configuration options available but certainly this jpg to pdf converter is not for novices.


JPG to PDF - Convert your Images to PDFs online for free!

This is also a very good tool .Very nice interface and live preview available before the actual pdf is generated.drag and drop option is also available The only drawback is it also resizes the image Continue reading


How to Hide or Disable ‘blue ticks’ on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is now a part and parcel of everybody’s life. Beside the whatsapp messanger other alternatives are also available but Whatsapp is best in all ways.  As it’s features make our life easy in many ways like  live chatting,  sharing media etc , But one of its features create so much complexity in our life,. Yes! i am talking about that only which just struck your mind. Its “Last Hide Seen features”.

Now we all have the solution to escape from last hide seen features but Now whatsapp just launched a new feature i.e. Blue ticks which indicates that the recipient has actually read the message and the regular double tick means the message is delivered. This feature is beneficial for some and for others, it has increased their headache.

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How to Hide or Disable ‘blue ticks’ on WhatsApp

In this post i am going to share a solution or way to escape from blue tick feature. Best way to escape from blue tick is to say No to Whatsapp and start using alternative whatsapp ha ha
just Kidding.

  How to Hide or Disable ‘blue ticks’ on WhatsApp

There are many rumors in this regard. Many say that you should put your phone in Airplane mode and then check the message. Through this way, WhatsApp will not send the read confirmation to the sender. Then You can  switch back to normal mode after checking the message. For this some people say  that it worked, others stated that WhatsApp immediately syncs after you start your 3G or Wi-Fi and the read confirmation (blue tick) is forwarded to the sender.

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We analyzed this and checked several times and what we got is , one of this works only for Android users and not iPhone. If the message is of one line then you can check the message by pull down the notification bar but if message is more than one line then you can’t read the full message. We have some better solutions ahead.

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You can also disable by from Blue ticks by just disable the read receipts t option available on your whatsapp(It’s only available to Android users who have downloaded the new beta version of the app ). Go to your settings option available in your whatsapp. Their you will find privacy, tap on privacy and disable Read Receipts. Unfortunately presently its not avaliable for Iphone so try below options if you are Iphone users.

Add a Whatsapp Widget to The desktop(home screen) from a widget manager, Thats it! When new messages come, either it is single or multi lines message you can easily check the message without affecting the Blue Tick marks :D  Make sure you don’t click on any message, else you would open up WhatsApp accidentally. And in that case you can use a lock facility in whatsapp so accidentally if you click it then firstly it asks for opening lock (y)

Another Solution for How to Hide or Disable ‘blue ticks’ on WhatsApp is Snowball Beta. Its a app which collects all your messages from all messengers including whatsapp and the best thing  is that WhatsApp won’t consider a message as read !! :)

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And if you cant take this much of headache to avoid double ticks feature, we can just hope that whatsapp will provide a way to Hide or Disable ‘blue ticks’ on WhatsApp soon just like it provided an option to hide last seen timestamp,

Keep visiting and just fire your query in comments section , i would love to answer your questions :)


Kik Messenger for PC

kik messenger for pc

Kik is one amongst the most rated and most trusted social messaging and chatting app available for iOS and Android users . It’s a free and cross-platform app that’s why , most preferred amongst the users.

 About Kik messenger

Kik messenger is developed by a students group who studied in University of Waterloo in Canada . This app was launched in the year 2009 and within few time span it become viral and reach approx 2 million user in a year.

Kik messenger is now one of the most simple and fastest chatting application that a smartphone user must want to have it on their phone. Using Kik messenger you can send unlimited number of text, video images, sketches, smileys, and much more.


Kik Messenger for PC

Features of Kik messenger

  • It has a very Clean , smooth and customizable Interface.
  • It allows you to change images in the background and chat theme .
  • For using Kik, it does not require any phone number, which brings out the difference in Kik messenger amongst the others. Kik creates its users profile for the first time and you can communicate by using this kik id.
  • Recently Kik introduce Kik cards which comes with HTML 5 features.
  • HTML 5 features help you to search and forward Vedios on Youtube , Reddit images and much more without any download.

How to download Kik Messenger for PC

Many of the people want to use this amazing app on PC. But unfortunately , till date no official version of kik messenger for pc is available. So here we come up with a solution, so that you can use this awesome app on your Pc. Performing the below given steps you can easily use kik messenger on your pc

  • First and foremost , you have to download Bluestack (an android emulator).Bluestack will help you to run Kik messenger on your PC
  • Then run bluestack on your PC
  • Open bluestack and then search for Kik messenger with the help of search tool in bluestack.
  • Click on install button to start the installation.
  • Wait until the installation is complete.
  • Now Kik messenger is successfully installed on your PC.
  • Go to Bluestacks > My apps > and the double click on kik messenger icon and enjoy using kik instant messaging app for free.

That’s all on how to download kik messenger for pc. I hope now you wont find any difficulty in using KIk messenger app and can enjoy the endless messaging experience.



Real Racing 3 for PC or Computer free Download

Real Racing 3 for PC or Computer free Download

Are you a racing game freak?? Loves to drive high speed car?? So Real Racing 3 is just the right game only made for the racing game lovers. You can enjoy this racing game in your smart phones and tablets anytime and anywhere in the world.

Real Racing 3 is developed by a famous company EA Swiss Sarl .  Real Racing 3 is available for your Android phones and tablets . You can enjoy the high quality graphics for racing with this app.

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Features : Real Racing 3 For PC

This game makes you to race in the best car and on the racing track on which you likes to race. You can choose a car from many famous models like Audi, Bugatti, Parsche, etc. This doesn’t ends here, this game also provides you with 22 types of racing tracks for enhancing real racing fun. It also provides you another feature of Rear view mirrors into  your cars to make you feel real.

The TSM technology, , sound effects, highly defined graphics, famous and latest models of cars and tracks makes this game is a perfect platform to show your real driving skill. For better performance, you can also upgrade cars.


Real Racing 3 for PC or Computer free Download

On of the attractive feature of this racing game app is live player v/s player competition. This means that you can race with people sitting online . You can connect with 3G or WiFi networks to compete or challenge with your friends, in short this game makes you to play with people sitting all around the world. Personalize your car by adding lots and lots of new features like by changing regularly its brake tires, engines, and  boosters to increase speed, etc.

Real Racing 3 for PC or Computer Free Download

Real Racing 3, as already mention above is officially available for android platform and not for your pc. So for racing freak games lover, we bring simple steps by which you can download Real racing 3 for PC or computer free.

Step for downloading real racing 3 is totally just like previous apps still again i am discussing here, steps to download Real Racing 3 for PC free are

  1. First you have to download a BlueStacks app player which is an android emulator in your PC . It is free to download and use.
  2. Now install Bluestack into your pc.
  3. Open the BlueStacks and search for Real Racing 3 game by using Bluestack search box.
  4. Then click on install button to install , to install Real Racing 3.
  5. Wait until installation completes
  6. Now you can enjoy playing Real Racing 3 in your PC for free.

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Here ends the procedure to download Real Race 3 for pc and computer free. I hope now you can enjoy your favorite racing game in PC also.