Android Apps To Earn Free Talk time or Money Making Apps

Spend too much time with your smart phone?? We all are of the same breed and most of us invest our time on facebook, whatsapp or other chatting apps. But do you really think we invest? NO! It is just a waste of time. But there are ways(Money Making Apps) through which you can invest your time by using your smart phone.
Here we bring for you some amazing android apps To Earn Free Talk time/ Recharges for your smart phones. Don’t get amazed, I am in my senses and i am going to share about such kind of apps to earn free talk time!! Now making money using your smart phone is possible. So better then killing time in facebook / twitter, you can earn recharge for your mobile using following apps.

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Android Apps To Earn Free Talk time or Money Making Apps

Android Apps To Earn Free Talk time or Money Making Apps

1) FreePlus App :-

     FreePlus app is an exciting app launched to get Free Recharges and Gift Cards. Amount is credited each time, when you complete any offers by either downloading the apps using it or by viewing the ads through it.

Install the FreePlus app.Register in it by using your E-Mail ID, and then you can start completing free offers like Downloading Apps so to get Free Recharge amount . Each App you download through FreePlus, you can earn upto Rs.20 (max). Also you can refer your friends to FreePlus and can earn recharges. For every successful Friend Referral,  FreePlus provides you with  Rs.7  .

2) Hike Messaging App :-

Hike is the first Indian Successful Communication app in Android Apps Market giving Free talk time for all of its Users .This is the first App which introduced recharge scheme as to get bulk of Subscription and Registrations. It’s very simple android app to earn free talk time / Recharges on Hike

Hike is a good messaging app and over the top you can earn recharges also. You have to just     install the app on your smart phone and then you have to send refer a friend. On each successful referral,you will be credited with Rs 20. You can redeem it after you reach a minimum amount of Rs 50.

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3) Line :-

Line is also an amazing messenger. It works similarly like Hike. You can earn upto Rs 300 Recharge for your referrals and upto Rs 130 through daily Chats.

All you have to do is to simply register your Number on and get your Referral Links so as to invite friends to get The Recharge. Even you can earn Recharge through Chats also. Daily chat through line, and per week You will be credited Rs.30, except for the first week for which you’ll get  Rs.10 . All the Credited amount can be redeemed into Mobile Recharges.

4) mCent :-

mCent is a newer entry for Indian users in this Free Recharge Category, but this app present in the Global market from a long time .

Using mCent you can earn  Rs.10 as sign-up bonus, Plus it also pays you Rs.20 for each friend you refer . You can redeem your earnings any time even if though your earnings are Less . Like you can redeem Rs 10 also. You can also earn by installing apps, Completing Offers and Surveys.

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5) POKKT (Pocket Money App) :-

POKKT is another great android app through which you can earn free talktime/ recharges. You just have to download of Other apps using POKKT. Its GUI is extremely simple which makes it easier to use.

You can earn by using friend referral link to invite friends to POKKT and you will get Rs.5 for each friend successfully referred to POKKT .

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Above five  Apps arereally an Money making apps, Using these apps you can really make your phone a “Smart” one!!



How to backup and recover WeChat history for android, iPhone iOS and Windows Phone

How to backup and recover WeChat history for android, Apple iOS and Windows Phone

WeChat is a Chinese voice and messaging chat app. It is popularly known as Weixin in china. WeChat is a very fast growing social messaging app . WeChat is now available for downloading in  App Store (iPhone/iTunes), Google Play (Android), Windows Phone, Nokia Store, OS 5.0, OS 6.0 and above, BlackBerry 10, Symbian Touch, Symbian Keyboard (Nokia).

Backup and recover of  WeChat history is required if you change your handset or upgrade your WeChat version on your smart phone . But Unfortunately till now WeChat backup is not possible on a desktop PC.

WeChat provides you a cloud storage solution for storing  history backup of WeChat . The WeChat history will only be stored for 7 days at the cloud server of WeChat . It means after seven days you will lost your backup history at server. WeChat history backup provides you with an additional feature with which you can set a password to secure your conversation and backup.


How to backup and recover WeChat history for android, iPhone iOS and Windows Phone

Here we bring for you a step by step procedure to create history backup and restore for  WeChat and it is same for different mobile version (Android, iPhone iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian)

How to backup WeChat history

1)     Open your WeChat application on your smart phones.

2)     Tap on “Settings” option.

3)     Tap on “General” and then click on “Chat History backup” option.

4)     Now click on “Back Up” and select all conversations that you want to backup on the server.

5)     You also have an option to set a password on the chat history backup.

6)     Click on backup and relax til the  WeChat backup uploading to server.


How to restore or recover WeChat history

1)      Again open WeChat on your smart phone.

2)      Tap on “settings”.

3)      Tap on “General” and then click on “Chat history backup”.

4)      Then tap on “Restore” , enter the password which you have set at the time of uploading WeChat history backup.

5)      At last it will ask for confirmation .Tap OK and you get your last backup messages on your smart phone.

By following the above stated simple steps you can easily create backup of your WeChat and can restore the backed up history easily. But be aware, the history will be backed up only for seven days at WeChat servers. After seven days the chat history stored at the WeChat server will be deleted.


Backup Whatsapp Conversation

Backup Whatsapp or Whatsapp Backup , both have the same meaning but they have drastic difference when we look at them from SEO point of view. But we are not here to discuss about SEO(Search Engine Optimisation).

These Days Whatsapp is also used for official announcement or some office work and in this case sometimes we need to create backup of whatsapp conversations so, in this post, i am going to share about how to  create backup of whatsapp conversations for Android users. Besides, i am also going to share a tip or you can say a trick regarding whatsapp.

Here i am telling you 2 ways for creating a backup of your chat history.
1- You can backup your Whatsapp Conversations with Whatsapp Pocket. Through Whatsapp Pocket you can extract the chat messages as backup form your device and read the chat history whenever you want to on your Mobile. Besides, you can also recover WhatsApp messages on an Iphone. Beside it, Whatsapp Pocket is a paid app, but you can easily get a free copy on torrent or mail us for a Copy of Whatsapp Pocket app if you are not able to find it for free.

Backup Whatsapp Conversation for Android users

2-The second way is inbuilt in whatsapp itself of which people are not aware of. Whatsapp provides a way to save the conversation that is by creating a Backup or exporting it as text file that can be sent over a mail.


Backup Whatsapp Conversation for Android users

  1. Open your Whatsapp App
  2. Tap Setting from the Menu
  3. Choose Backup Conversation
  4. Then click on Email Conversation
  5. whats ever you select the conversation through Tap and hold including media will be send to your mail.

I got a comment on my post i.e. on WhatsApp Tricks or WhatsApp Hack , he asked me about how to recover deleted chat history and i think many of you would like know that. There is a good way to recover your deleted or lost messages that is through Data Recovery software.

Tip : Want to save some particular message? Sometimes we are annoyed because of not finding a particular message in a long conversation of whatsapp. Here i am sharing you the best way to save any message or conversation, which you will find in shortest way.

Simply create a group of name ‘ABC’ and add 2-3 friends in a group, after it remove these friends from the group which makes only you left alone in a group.

Problem solved, this group becomes a saved message box of whatsapp, you can also save jokes ,quotes or love messages. I hope this small tip might be helpful for you..:)

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Why you get Calls from numbers starting with 54321 ??

I get several comments on my article i.e. trace mobile number location, where many of readers need to trace or want to know the owner of these numbers “5432168718041, 5432168718014, 5432168718014, 5432168997160″, etc. All these numbers are starting from 54321. They also told that if they pick a call , a girl speaks something and call gets disconnected in few seconds.

Many people checked this number on truecaller and found that the number is register on the name of “Hell”, they were shocked and tried calling Customer care to report.

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Why you get Calls from numbers starting with 54321

If you are getting calls from these numbers starting with 54321 then most probably you are an Airtel user. And the next thing is that you must have done Mobile Portability Service.

In reality, its a service, yes its a special service provide by Airtel, where customers can make friends across India without revealing their Identity. Through this service users get an ID from Airtel and using that id, he/she can call you without showing their number. The number gets displayed as starting with 54321. In reality these numbers are the identities provided by Airtel.


Why you got Call from number starting with 54321 ??

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And you get the call just because somehow you might be registered on this service or you may be got registered on the time of Mobile portability.

Beware  from “54321 Scam”

May be Companies are making profit from this service, they get some identity through Airtel and make call to other customers who are associated to it and the call is connected just for 4-5 sec, where a girl say some thing in attractive voice and call gets disconnected. And when you call back, 3rs is deducted from your mobile balance.

How to get rid from calling from 54321 numbers

Above question’s answer is very simple, just call the customer care and ask the customer care executive to un-register you from this service. Another way is to activate DND(Do Not Disturb) service.

Tip : How to activate DND service – SMS “START <Option>” or “START <Option>, <Option>” to register your preference for receiving selective categories of promotional SMS’, to 1909.

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Cool Graffiti Font Collections Download Free

Graffiti is words, colors and shapes drawn or scratched on buildings, express passes, trains, cars, desks and other surfaces. Graffiti is a type of art through which people express themselves and use “World” as their canvas. The word Graffiti comes from geek word ‘Graphein’ which means, “To write”.

Graffiti make cities look more vibrant and beautiful. There are many graffities on walls, outside the buildings, and at the bridges. Although Graffiti is so controversial , is it illegally right or wrong, but we are not here to talk about this.

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Though I am not a graffiti artist, I have always been interested in the colorful etchings on the sidewalks and walls of my city. And Fonts are the most important part of graffiti and i spend a lot of time to collect some great Graffiti fonts searching from forums, sites, etc

In recent decades, graffiti has moved from an urban nuisance to a professional business. Thanks to the rise of street art as a serious creative force. And with the art form ever growing in popularity, there are now a wealth of graffiti font styles available online for creatives to use as the typography in their urban artwork.

We’ve sourced the coolest free graffiti fonts for you to use, no catch, so you can add a bit of Banksy to your project.

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Cool Graffiti Font Collections


Cool Graffiti Font Collections

List of some Cool Graffiti Font Collections

  • Agino
  • Anything you want
  • Broken toys
  • Casper Comic
  • Dark House
  • Fire wood
  • Graffiti Rock
  • Joker
  • Krazy Kool
  • Mummy loves you
  • Roller Coaster
  • Street Soul
  • Wildstyle

Download Cool Graffiti Font Collections
In above Zip file i am sharing 300 creative, cool and awesome graffiti fonts and size of Zip file is 8.91mb. I am sharing this pack on medishare, hope you will don’t found any problem downloading from mediashare.

I have shared many fonts collection, and for them you are just need to check our category Typography. Hope above zip file should be helpful for you. Keep Visiting !!