Can You Search People On Tinder

Can you search for people on tinder? Answering this question, we will say that yes, it is possible to find a specific person on Tinder. It is impossible to search for any person via Tinder\’s own app. 

However, if you are willing, you may take help from a third-party app. When you are on the profile page, you must choose Settings. Then, your task is to select the search preferences. 

You should narrow the search preferences to any specific location, age range, etc. Remember that the app doesn\’t follow any direct process to find someone by name.

Find Someone On Tinder By Narrowing The Search Radius


With the help of the Tinder platform, you can find any person within a specific distance of the place. 

  • First, your task is to go to the profile page and open it. Then, your job is to choose Settings.
  • After that, if you wish, you may change your age range, distance, gender, and many other search preferences. You should set Tinder so that you can find it from the current location.
  • Now, you should attempt to reduce the search radius to swipe through merely nearby people. You can move this scale to the left so that you can reduce the distance or move it right to increase the distance. 
  • Afterward, your task is to choose Done so that you can save your preferences. The option is located in the upper-right corner. 
  • Next, what you are required to do is to start swiping via many people so that you can find the crush.
  • You may find the platform not matching with Facebook friends. 
  • Therefore, if you have a friend on social media, you must make another Tinder account to find these. If another user has swiped left on you, these will not display as a potential match.

Find Someone On Tinder By Narrowing The Age Range


Are you willing to search for on tinder someone? You may narrow the distance to find someone, and it can help you to look for what you are finding.

Besides, it is essential to stay within a specific age range. Suppose you know the age of the person with whom you are willing to meet. In this case, it is possible to set the age range to that age only. 

  • First, you need to choose the profile icon. After that, your task is to choose Settings.
  • Next, your task is to look for the age slider under the distance slider. Now, you should slide the left button to the age that you prefer to select. 
  • Afterward, what you will do is move the right slider so that you can match the first. If you do not know the person\’s age, you have to move your sliders to narrow it as much as possible.
  • Now, your job is to choose Done so that you can save the preferences. The option is located in the upper-right corner.
  • Swipe through people who are of similar age as the person you\’re finding. If these have swiped left on you already, these will not appear. 
  • In this case, the age depends on the age that you can see on the Facebook account connected to Tinder. Therefore, if someone uses a fake age, you will not find them this way.

Find Whether A Facebook Friend Uses Tinder With TopRomp


How to find someone on tinder? Sometimes, you may not be sure if someone uses the app. With the help of TopRomp, you can find your profile usage through the Facebook Social Graph functionality.

According to TopRomp, it will not post on Facebook. The reason is that TopRomp is not

tached to Tinder. Besides, the app does not hack the FB account. But it is possible to find the Facebook settings using your Tinder app ID.

However, you should know that the social graph feature is incompatible with Facebook. In addition, TopRomp needs to have complete accuracy. 

  • You have to log in to Facebook from your web browser.
  • Next, your task is to head towards
  • You should know that TopRomp uses the Facebook Social Graph so that it can find users on Tinder.
  • You need to choose the option: See Which Friends Use Tinder.
  • Then, you can see the names of your friends who use Tinder on the search page despite it not being entirely accurate. 
  • What you can do is use the option Tinder search so that you can find users with whom you have matched already. 

Remember that it is the only official process through which it is possible to find specific people on Tinder. But you should know that this dating platform doesn\’t come with a search function enabling you to find people with whom you have not matched. But if you find yourself already matched with someone, then find those people in the list where the names are available. 

  • Your first task is to head towards the main display in the Tinder dating application. Hit the Message icon, appearing as a speech bubble. The location of this icon is at the display top.
  • Then, you have to pull down from the display top until a search bar is available. You must write the person\’s name in the search bar to find them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Search Tinder Search For A Specific Person?

It is impossible to find a specific person on this dating app. However, you can manage who you see on Tinder if you want. Update the Discovery preferences to do so. 

2. Can you search for someone on Tinder?

It is impossible to look for someone you want on this dating app. If you wish, update the Discovery preferences to manage who you see on Tinder. 

3. Can you find out if someone is on Tinder without joining?

Without using an account, you can not see if someone is on this dating app or can not find someone\’s tinder. 

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