Getting Cheaper Skincare Any Canadian Pharmacy

Nothing quite epitomizes the challenges of medication prices the United States as skincare. Given that, in most cases, skincare isn’t considered vitally necessary by the FDA, it can be nearly impossible to get very cheap prices on skincare needs in this country.

Why exactly is something like this so expensive in the United States? Well, the truth is, it’s not really that much cheaper anywhere else, it’s simply that pharmaceutical companies are placated through different means and a lot of other first world nations.

Take Canadian pharmacies as an example. The actual price point of skincare products at a place like this is considerably lower than what you find in the United States. This would lead you to believe that Canadians are getting away with murder when it comes to affordable skin care products.

Well, this is not entirely the case, as it turns out. Yes, they are somewhat cheaper, but let’s delve a little bit into why they’re not really that cheap, but also why a loophole makes him so much cheaper for you.

Why are prices lower in Canada?

First, while there are various political and ethical debates to be had, one of the biggest reasons why medications are so high in the first place is due to the import costs. All of this stuff is made overseas, because that’s where the infrastructure to do it is located. There’s also a lot of inspection and safety control in place as this stuff is imported, which dries up overhead even further. Finally, of course, these pharmaceutical companies are out to make a profit. That’s not a condemnation, no company exists just for the joy of it, they all exist to make a profit and put food on the table.

So, how does Canada have these cheaper prices? The answer is that they don’t. A large part of the price is disguised in taxes, where it’s reflected straight up in the price point in the United States. So, while Canadians are actually aware of this, there’s no lying there, it feels cheaper to them, and there are advantages to that system.

Here’s the advantage for you as an American. You’re not paying into the Canadian tax system, so you can get these low price points directly. The one small catch is that, yes, they are marked up ever so slightly due to import taxes and so forth. However, that small increase is literally negligible.

Is this legal?

So, is it legal to purchase medications and skincare products through a place like Absolutely. It sounds like something that wouldn’t be legal, and it’s almost certain that American pharmacies would love to prevent this, but trade agreements make meddling illegal.

As long as it’s an FDA approved medication or health product, it is perfectly legal to import it. So, if you need skincare products for irritation, blemishes, or you just want moister, softer skin, don’t be ashamed of that. Get it cheaper and more safely through a Canadian pharmacy!


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