Why external hard drives are important these days

From School’s holidays homework to college’s assignment till official chores, External hard drives are very much needed in today’s era. It acts as a backup drive and the prime reason to use external drives is to increase the storage capacity, improved performance, portability, longer life span and much more. Almost everyone be it a student, business person or office going lad, use such device in order to uplift their storage capacity. Apart from the regular job we all know how much we click pictures, snapshots, selfies, groupfies etc, nearly 100 each day just to make our each and every moment in life memorable and blissful. So we need a device to captivate our precious moments of our life. The trustworthiness and durability of the hard drive made it the most demanding device in this generation.

Let’s have a peep into its benefits:-

Ample Storage Capacity

The foremost reason of using external drives is to ascend the storage capacity. For instance if you are using Apple MAC Mini Book with storage of 10GB but with adding two external hard drives one 120 GB and the other 300 GB the device’s storage becomes more than enough, so it’s always better to be farsighted.

Role of a Backup Device

We all are very much familiar of the fact that Hard drives crash or die but to be on the safer side it is always better to have a backup option which is to use the trustworthy and durableexternal harddrives.

Improved performance

Using external device as your boot i.e. main device can even lift up the velocity of “Mac” which has a slower internal device


The external drives which are manufactured today are way too portable, durable.You can carry them anywhere while in a metro or to college, school or office. They are small, lightweight so, just plug in your hard drive with Mac and enjoy you day.

 Longer life span

Unlike hard drives which can crash any time falling your crucial data apart, the external device will keep all your data with you through a longer life intact.

Always remember the universal truth that when your drive crashes you would not be able to use the computer/PC but when your external drive dies you can still use your computer/PC.

Cost Saving

When it comes to cost saving benefit the external drive will surely take less amount of time and is pocket friendly as compared to hard drives/ internal devices, using external drive as your main drive can save you from wear and tear on your internal device thereby helping you in keeping your data intact.

Also on the other hand the monthly/yearly charges of using cloud storage and recurring on using more storage hence, to be on the safer side and enabling cost saving it’s better to switch to external hard drive. Although the cost of purchasing an external drive is a little expensive but it just for one time initially.

Data Rights

When you have all your trusted documents, files, folders etc in your external device this means you completely hold the ownership of your own files and folders, no access of externalities.

One can also think that this feature is also available in the so called “Google Drive”. In Google Drive when the user uploads his/her documents in the server, the company using cloud service can easily retrieve your data and use it for their own purpose. So, in order to maintain the sanctity and security of the data it is always better to use the External Device.

Accessibility when offline

With so much trustworthiness, durability and portability the user can access the external hard drive while being offline. No stress when you are travelling to a rough terrain or a hilly area just plug in your PC and you are sorted.


Using an external hard drive is much more reliable than using cloud storage. What if the user has to access the files stored in Google Drive  but the website have connectivity problems, thereby it’s always better rather best to use the external hard drive.

Data Security

Relying on external hard drive is always better than trusting cloud storage. It’s very crucial to remain alert about the risks of using cloud storage on a public computer. There might be risks of various malware, spyware, hackers and keyloggers running in the background or even browsing the search history or cookies in a public computer. There are no as such security issues of using an external hard drive.

So, to sum up it’s always better to prevent oneself rather than curing or aiding from the risk of cloud storage and make your precious data accessible to the externalities. The external hard drive is portable, accessible, durable, trustworthyandinexpensive with ample storage and backup rights. With so many benefits and advantages it’s suitable to use it. For instance if you are in a very important meeting and you have to present a presentation and have to retrieve certain data from the cloud storage and it’s not connecting to the website, you get stuck now. What if in the past you have stored your data in an external hard drive, there will be no adversity as such and you could give your presentation easily and smoothly.

Keeping all the above mentioned list of points in mind it’s now the need of the hour, demand of the dynamic environment to use the “EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE”.


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