Five Useful Tips For Creative, Attractive Retail Packaging

Since the dawn of modernization, boxes are in continuous use. It was considered essential to pack items in safe containers during the services of shipping and transportation from one place to another. Although, the main reason for using boxes was to provide safety and security to the containers. In today\’s time, boxes mostly serve the purpose of enhancing the image of brands through their appearance.


Marketers tend to use retail packaging as tools of marketing and advertising to increase the sales and margins of profits and revenues. Creativity and attractiveness always depend on the appearances and functions of these containers. Finding new ways to enhance these factors can easily value the name of the business.


Boxes have always been used for one sole reason for protection. Safety and security of products is an essential factor, but lately, businesses are finding new innovative ways to enhance the business. They are using these containers as tools for marketing and advertising. It is like customers to go for things that are most attractive, beautiful, and exceptional.

Therefore, finding ways to enhance the name of the business through engaging and creative packaging is mandatory. Interactive packaging boosts businesses as consumer interaction is the only thing that matters. In old times, there was no concept of using high-quality packaging items. The only way of transporting the items from one place to another and to place them in shops was by using wooden barrels, crates, and chests.

Moreover, cloth bags were also ubiquitous to provide safety to items packed. However, times have changed, and it changed the way of packaging with it. Customers want something extra, something out of the box, and something they can relate to. Therefore, interactive, attractive, appealing, and high-definition packaging is used to promote the goods and products in a retail store.

1. Neon packaging

There is a trend of neon lightning in various departments. These lights are perfect for clubs and parties. Many sectors of nightlife use these lights for unusual appearance and outlook of the events. Other than parties and events, these lights are also used to modify cars, bikes, and rooms.


Due to attractive appearance and massive demands from consumers, manufacturers have offered neon packaging for retail packages. These beautiful, light-themed, and visually appealing colours of boxes attract the maximum amount of customers. Using this technique, design, and colour of packaging will not only attract more customers towards the brand but in return, it will provide the brand with more sales and generation of profits and revenues. Therefore, adopting this creative and attractive colour scheme for retail boxes, packages, and containers can easily enhance the value of products and the brand itself.

2. Edible packaging

Global warming and pollution are the two most notable factors that are causing adverse problems on the planet. These adverse effects will continue to increase unless and until manufacturers come with new ways of packaging as non-biodegradable containers lead to massive pollution.

The burning of these materials is done to get rid of them, but it leaves an enormous strain on the planet by an increase in temperatures. In return, the effects are visible all around the world. Continuous melting of glaciers around the north and south poles is resulting in a rise in sea and ocean levels, which is the main reason for tsunamis. Moreover, the natural burning of forests is causing the deaths of millions of animal species.


One way to control these effects is through safe modes containing the products and items. Moreover, it can also be controlled by using biodegradable containers. The reason behind customer attraction towards this packaging type is that most consumers are environmentalists, and they want to save the planet for future generations. Innovations and technological advancement have led to the following types of edible retail packaging:
Food that is wrapped in food
Food that is paired with an edible container
A cup that is eaten with a beverage
A packing that usually disappears after consumption of product inside
Using edible packaging will only attract new customers, and it will help to retain the old consumers for the products and services offered by the brand.

3. Intricate patterns printing

Printing provides consumers with the maximum amount of visibility and readability in the retail store. The distribution of the products needs to be of the highest possible quality as it is the only way to enhance the interaction of consumers with the products. Two of the most used, universal, and high-quality modes of printing are offset and digital printing. Using creative page for cardboards, Kraft, and other types of packages is highly recommended.


Other than the common printing technique, it is essential for packaging to have intricate patterns for prints. This is not suitable for every product. For instance, cosmetic products will not work or sell using intricate designs, as the consumers only want simplicity. However, products of beverages, toys, energy drinks, etc. can have these types of patterns for the maximum attraction of customers. Considering demographics and the targeted audience is essential. Understanding the consumers and designing according to their likes and dislikes is the best way to attain creative and attractive packages for retail stores.

4. Multifunctional cases

Customers love containers that offer them new uses after the actual use of storage for the product. Many retailers provide containers that provide more than one function. These are the most attractive type of vessels. Many manufacturers use creative cardboard for selling their items in these multi-functional cases. Some examples of original multipurpose vessels are given as follows:
Combo cleaner package
Colour pencil holder and container
Multifunctional wine containers
Dual-purpose manuals
Computer game cartons
Towering treat packaging
Versatile honey containers with candles
Envelope shipping packages

5. Abstract shapes with handles

Finally, the last tip to create attractive and visually appealing containers is to adopt geometric shapes with handles on them. These get the maximum attention of customers, and the handles on these containers provide easiness of holding and storing the boxes.


Attractive Gable boxes with abstract design formats are the perfect example of these containers. Customers usually go for products that are contained with packages offering them the most comfort and appeal. These creative containers are the answers to all the tips that are needed to attract the maximum amount of consumers towards brands.



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