What is The Procedure for Determining The Cervical Disorders?


Before starting with the Cervical Decompression Treatment in India, the primary step for the medical professionals here is, to begin with, the diagnosis. All the medical conditions have different causes and ultimately, different consequences on the body of the patient. So, it is highly essential first to get to know the reason for the health issue and then conclude to a particular treatment procedure. 

Tests to Determine the Cervical Disorder:

The diagnosis for the cervical disorder may comprise of both the Imaging Tests and the Nerve Function Tests. 

Imaging Tests:

  • The initial testing for the cervical disorder is Neck X-Ray. It successfully detects the Cervical Spondylosis or other diseases like neck tumours, cancers, fractures, and infections that lead to stiffness and pain in the cervical region.
  • An X-Ray may or may not be able to complete the imaging tests from different angles, so in such situations, the CT Scan play an essential role. CT Scan takes the X-Ray of the affected area from multiple perspectives, and then combine it to get a cross-sectional view. It can enable you to get the finest view of the issues in the neck, along with bones.
  • Now, it is not only essential to know the cause of the stiffness or pain, but it is very important to get hold of the specific region of the spine affected by the disorder. The Magnetic Resonance can precisely do it Imaging or MRI, that makes use of radio waves along with magnetic field waves to present the more unobstructed view of the internal organs.

Nerve Function Tests:

  • As the cervical issues not only result in pain but also affects the functioning of the spinal cord, the doctor performs a nerve function test. One of the first procedures for the nerve function test is EMG or Electromyogram. In this process, the electrical activity in the nerve is detected when the transmit messages to the muscles. It is analysed at the time of muscle expansion, contraction, and when the muscle is at rest. 
  • Apart from that, yet another test to study the strength and speed of the nerve signals is nerve conduction study. In this process, the surgeons attach the electrodes at different nerves of your spine that are under investigation. This process is initiated separately for each nerve, considering one nerve at a time.

Based on the overall test results, the doctors decide on the treatment procedure. Now, if you are worried about the Cervical Decompression Treatment Cost in India, then it lies in the range of USD 3,500 to 5,000. 

The variation in cost is based on the:

  • Choice of the treatment centre
  • The fees of the surgeon you opt for your treatment
  • The appropriate procedure for your treatment that is surgical or non-surgical
  • Expenses on the tests and diagnosis process,
  • The price of medication, and more. 

In case you require assistance for your treatment, you can approach medical tourism companies in India, and they would help you in making all the suitable arrangements. 


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