The Best E-Liquids in 2019

Are you looking to experiment with nicotine without the harmful effects of a cigarette? There is nothing better than trying out vaping.

Now, people react differently to nicotine. Additionally, at times, a level of nicotine that is too high can produce effects such as dizziness and headache, while too low a level provides too much inhalation and long periods of a personal vaporizer.

You may need to figure out what the right amount is for you, and that’s where our guide to find the best e-liquids in 2019 comes in.

The Top Brands of E-liquids


E-liquids 3 dangerously good Monkeys

The 3 Monkeys e-liquids are inspired by some of the most dangerous, mysterious and exciting personalities in recent world history.

Try the creamy flavor of Cosa Nostra with an exciting strawberry blend. They say it may be the last electronic cigarette liquid you try because you may never want to trade for as little as $50.

E-liquids Ipuff

Ipuff and liquid, this brand will make you enjoy an incredible sensation and with its amazing fragrances of cotton candy fruit, coconut, blackberries, honey, melon all these for an astonishing price of $12.

Diamond Mist

Diamond Mist e-liquids are high-quality vape liquids with a wide variety of flavors and aromas. If you like fruity flavors, don\’t miss the Diamond Mist e-liquids of watermelon, mango, orange, lemon or fruit mix.

You\’ll see how a Diamond Mist vape becomes a full experience for the senses, as well as more classic flavors such as menthol, Cuban tobacco, Kamel or Chester, and other delicious flavors like cinnamon, chocolate or vanilla for only $12.

Do you want to know more about E-Liquids?

Do you want a high-quality e-liquid? Then you must know what characteristics are better for you and which liquid is suitable for your e-cigarette.

Characteristics of E-liquids

When it comes to e-liquids, you can choose between different flavors and concentrations of nicotine, and adjust the levels according to your needs.

The main ingredient of the e-liquid is propylene glycol. It also contains or may contain flavorings, vegetable glycerin and nicotine, although it can also be obtained without nicotine and based on only vegetable glycerin; You can even use liquid without flavoring.


The e-liquid bottles can be purchased in a wide variety of sizes, flavors and prices. Most vapers use about 2ml per day, so with a 60ml supply per month, you should be fine, although this can vary greatly depending on how you vape.


They are the essence of e-liquids. It is a water-soluble component that defines the base of the mixture. You can find different flavors distributed in 5 categories, such as beverages, mentholated/fresh, desserts, fruit, and tobacco. The best thing is that you can combine different flavors to find the one you like best.


Some brands are more renowned and provide greater security when buying. The best in the market are Bombo, Atmos Lab, Dinner Lady, Cirkus, Class A, Drops, etc.

Vaper and social networks

The Vaper community has become more and more popular and varied. You can find a lot of information about e-cigarettes on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

The use of social media is necessary for any business because it helps to attract customers. Sometimes we are undecided with so much competition and so much variety to choose from. Every day there are more brands and more fragrances and seeing the opinion of people who share the same interest is of great help.

In the Facebook community we have groups like the Vapeo Bazaar or vapelanders in which people comment their experiences, new fragrances that come to market, the best stores, which brand suits you more depending on the level of nicotine you need.

It is also a good place to meet people who share the same taste you have and to know more about the vaper and prices or combos offered by the market.

Offers and skills in the vaper community

In the vaper community there are so many shops, brands, fragrances that the competition is very tough. Every day there is a new fragrance or a new brand comes to light and the price difference between some is very considerable.

Everybody competes in this market, and the best way to attract customers is by making various promotions, offers, discounts, and even gifts for loyal customers.

On Vawoo, we can find all kinds of fragrances, equipment, brands, e-liquids, even clothing the best viper style. You can get anything related to the vaper world through this website, which has the best prices tailored to your need and every day they have an offer for you, you can see them all here.

Here you can find images of the product information, the seller, the method of payment and shipping method you prefer. If you also want to be a seller you only have to subscribe to create your user, and from that moment on you can buy or sell everything you need.

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