Adding links and making it more appealing in your Instagram Stories

Using for Instagram  marketing any content is the best option right now. It has a large number of users from which you can benefit from. Instagram introduced a feature just like the Snapchat stories. These stories feature is now one of the top trending feature among the social media platforms in the world. Different studies have shown that marketing any content through stories creates better result as in return in terms of internet traffic towards the ad. So it is important to add any content that you want to market.

How can a follower on Instagram add the content in his or her Instagram stories? For this there are few simple steps through which you can easily add content especially links of your marketing content in the stories. The first step is to start your Instagram story which can be related to anything or recommended thing is to make a story that should be related to the marketing content you want to add.Instagram Followers at SOCIIC

The second step is, when you will be creating your story which will either be a picture or a video there will be chain icon at the top. Click on the chain link and you will find a new screen will be appeared in your Instagram application. The screen will state to add the URL which will be the link. Add your link and press done. To know that your link has been successfully added is that the chain icon will be appeared highlighted to show that the link has been successfully added.



Step 3 is that you can still add more content in your Instagram stories if you want to. Just for rest of the icons and try out different things to make your stories meaningful and attractive. To make your link more visible you can add some pictures or art to tell the viewers to perform an action to view the link. There are some more ways to effectively attract the viewers towards the links that you want to advertise.

To make your links obvious to the users’ eyes try to use one or two links on a single story. Don’t create a mess in your stories, the user will most likely ignore the story if he or she sees too many links in the Instagram story. There is no need to add links in every story, try to add links which should add value in your stories, choose the right time to add links through which you want to advertise. To make your marketing links more appealing try to use some hints in your stories which should be interesting.

This will make the viewers curious about the rest of the post which will make them to visit your link. Don’t add too much in your stories, if you have a blog you can share your blog whenever it is up, you can share the link by telling people to go check your blog post through a simple Instagram story.



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