Flippa: 10 Tips and Tricks From a SuperSeller

As you may all know, I am one of the biggest Flippa advocates there are. Sure, I may be biased since I made my entire living starting out on Flippa. However, there is more to the marketplace than meets the eye.

There is a unique approach to selling on Flippa, and I’m going to introduce you to some of my favorite tips and tricks to run epic auctions on the platform.

Tip #1

If you want to attract bidders, you have to write a fantastic, unique, and long-form listing description. Period. Even if you list a great premium domain name, you cannot be lazy about this. Your sales pitch is crucial to maximizing bidding, and as far as I know, Flippa is the only auction platform that lets you write a listing description. So why not take full advantage of that? Take a look at my listing description for one of my auctions here, now don’t go copying and pasting my description, instead, use it as a reference to build your very own custom listing description.

Tip #2

Use templates. That’s right, I use a listing description template. That way, you never have to recreate your template, you just pop it into the description area, and fill in the details about the specific domain name.

Tip #3

Use the bottom of your template to add a call to action. As you can see in my listing description, I have quite a few call to actions, one of those (watch seller) has lead to my account having well north of 1,000 watchers. If you don’t ask for it, you won’t get it.

Tip #4

There is a difference between an enthusiastic sales pitch and using a ton of big words and exclamation points.

Do: “This domain name provides unique access to an exponentially growing market!”


Come on, no one is going to believe that. Give me substance while you excite me, don’t just blow smoke.

Tip #5

Make sure your user profile is up to date and unique. You are a brand here, not just some creep behind a weird AOL like username, right? Make sure you have a website with information about you or your brand, make sure your username is unique and defines you, upload a logo, attach one or more of your social media profiles. The more people trust you, the more likely they will bid on your auction and click that watch seller button.

Tip# 6

Answer questions immediately. The sooner you respond to your bidders, the more likely they will bid on your auction. I get messages about my auctions frequently, and I usually respond within minutes of receiving them. Bidders like that. Do it.

Tip# 7

You don’t need to comment 15,000 times per day. Seriously, no one wants to get that many emails. Trust me, interested bidders will turn into frustrated NON bidders. They will un-watch your auction, and more than likely un-watch you as a seller. Save the comments for the last day (unless you are answering a valid question posted in the comments), and keep it to a few comments.

The timing of your comments is very important. When there is 24 hours and 2 hours left in the auction, listing watchers receive an email. So do not comment at the same time, that sends a double email and nobody likes hearing that email sound over and over again. The best times to comment are 12 hours remaining, and 1 hour remaining. That way, you don’t over pollute inboxes, and you cleverly remind bidders at key times in the auction.

Tip# 8

Save your buy it now button till the last day or two. Again, when you add a buy it now button for the first time to an auction, it sends out another email to the listing watchers. If you time it correctly, you can get more attention to the auction. Also, if you wait till the last day, your auction will have significantly more listing watchers, increasing emails that go out. This gives you a chance to see where the auction is heading in terms of bidding, so you don’t set an BIN price that is too low, or too high.

Tip# 9

Make sure you always receive positive feedback! Provide superior customer service so you always get 100% positive feedback! And make sure you return the favor! Feedback is super important when it comes to building trust! Everyone loves building feedback, so ensure that you are on top of it.

Tip# 10

This is by far the most important tip I can give you. Build your watch list! Every time you list an auction, an email goes out that day to your entire account watch list letting them know about the new domains you have listed. Remember the call to action tip? Use it! Ask for watchers! If you deliver an epic auction description, provide great customer service, and follow all the tips above, you will grow your watchlist into a personal newsletter for your listings.

These are just some of my personal tips and tricks for running a successful Flippa auction! Make sure you try different things, explore on your own and see exactly what works for YOU!

Now it’s your turn; tell me about your Flippa experiences.

  • What are some tips and tricks that you can recommend?
  • What was your best performing Flippa auction? Why do you think it went so well?
  • Have any questions regarding Flippa auctions? Ask away!


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