Businesses Are Heavily In Love With Instagram And For Good Reasons Though

Right from the major brands to some of the locals, businesses located globally to some family based shops, everything is growing with the help of a simple yet useful Instagram account. Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms and will surpass FB and Twitter in following years. Every month, you will come across an average of 1 billion active users on a globalized calculation.

A recent study clearly portrays that around 80% of businesses will have their accounts on IG. Within a short span of time, that percentage will grow into 100%, no doubt. Businesses have not restricted their services to posting pictures and videos. They are even using the latest Instagram stories for reaching out to mass population within a flick of second. So, if you want to grow real instagram likes and grow your business within a day, IG might be that promising platform for you.

Reasons to get an account on IG:

Instagram is one of those platforms, which can help bridge gap between customers and clients. There are so many reasons on why businesses are deeply in love with IG.

  • It is a perfect spot for connecting passions. Business owners can easily tap into people’s passion for creating some deeper relationships with businesses online and off. It will help them to know what clients think about them and improve their business centric notions accordingly.
  • Everyone loves a visual glow rather than reading through boring articles and pieces of content. Therefore, IG came up with unique forms of creative tools, which will help you to tell a story and create some immersive formats for inspiring some actions on your business accounts.
  • For sparking some exploration, IG business might be the right solution for you. It is a great way to connect to some new customers and then strengthen relationships with existing ones.

Get to create business blogs on IG:

With some of the handy new tools in the market, companies of any size can well be recognized with business profiles. They can get some thorough insights about posts and followers, and can also promote posts for driving around the ever growing business objectives. All these services are now available within IG mobile app! Things cannot get better than this! It means customers can now see some of the valuable information on profile like contact details or business address.

Monthly advertisers on IG:

You will come to know more mobile video is currently helping out in growing IG community of the monthly advertisers. It can further help in transforming the ways in which brands will connect with people. So, once you have a promising account on IG, there is no looking back. The best thing about this mobile platform is that it keeps on growing. Similarly, your business account will get updated with every new feature hitting the market. It will work automatically so you don’t have to bother working on updated news on your own. Businesses will definitely grow a lot with IG by your side.

Author Bio: Pete Campbell is a Business Tech Analyst. He is very responsible towards his job. He loves to share his knowledge and experience with his friends and colleagues.


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