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Whatsapp Messenger has been gaining tremendous popularity among teens since its rollout. The instant messaging app allows users to communicate with the people across the world without paying anything. The application uses the internet connection to enable the users to exchange messages, make audio and video calls, share media files, locations and a variety of entertaining stuff. The instant messenger is intended for those equal and above 17 years of age. However, it is being used by many underage children who are at the risk of being victimized by cyber-bullies, online child molesters, sex offenders, catfishers and online criminals. The parents are required to supervise their kids\’ WhatsApp use to prevent them from the menaces of the social media and instant messengers. This article discusses how parents can take the support of the best WhatsApp monitoring app to keep the instant messaging app under surveillance.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is the most popular instant messenger which is being used by innumerable people across the world. The app allows exchanging text messages, voice messages, sharing location, photos, videos and links with groups and individuals. Anyone can sign up to WhatsApp having access to an internet connected mobile phone. The app asks for your mobile phone number to verify your account. After successful installation, the app syncs your contact list to connect you with other WhatsApp numbers available in your phonebook. You can send messages to the WhatsApp users you have contact numbers and can invite others to sign up to the messenger.


Menaces of WhatsApp Messenger

The unsupervised use of the instant messenger carries several risks for teens and tweens. The app is being used by the online criminals, pedophiles and predators who take the advantage of the messenger to access and victimize the adolescents.


Sexting has turned out to be a common trend among teen boys and girls who use instant messaging apps to exchange sexually explicit messages. The predators use instant messengers to transmit porn videos to their victims.

Online Child Molestation

The instant messaging app is being used by many child predators and pedophiles to access and victimize the underage children. They lure the victim and encourage them to come into a relationship to exploit them for the sexual purpose.

Cyber Bullying

The bullies use the WhatsApp messenger to send threatening and humiliating messages to the victim. The instant messenger enables the bully to hide identity and consistently persecute the bullied using multiple WhatsApp accounts.

Privacy Loopholes

The messaging app does not provide complete security and privacy to its users. Anyone having your mobile phone number can find you on WhatsApp and send messages. There is no way to hide your WhatsApp profile from other users.

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Role of WhatsApp Spy App

The WhatsApp spy software is intended for parents to supervise the WhatsApp activities of their children. You can read all their Whatsapp messages and track their calls without accessing their phones. Once you install the WhatsApp spy app on the Android mobile phone of your kid, you can monitor and record every single WhatsApp activity through the online control panel of the spyware.

There are scores of spy apps letting parents monitor the mobile phones of their children. However, picking the effective and trustworthy spy app is of great importance. We have reviewed the top-notch tracking apps to let you choose the best WhatsApp spy app. Of the tracking apps rightly available in the spy market, TheOneSpy is found to be the most appropriate application for tracking the WhatsApp Messenger.

Track WhatsApp Messages

The WhatsApp tracking software accesses the incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages exchanged with groups and individuals. These messages get uploaded to the online control panel of the spyware from where parents can monitor WhatsApp chats and get the contact details of the negotiators.

Track WhatsApp Calls

You can track the audio and video calls of your children by monitoring the WhatsApp call logs. The spy software lets you detect when a Whatsapp was made or received and from which contact number.

Track Whatsapp File-sharing

The Cell Phone Spy app lets you track the photos, videos and voices exchanged by your children through Whatsapp Messenger. It lets you detect objectionable and age-inappropriate stuff on your kid\’s phone.


TheOneSpy can be considered as the best WhatsApp spy app to track and record the activities performed on the instant messenger. It enables parents to protect their children from the threats prevailing in the social media world.


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