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When a person is buying a car, the history of the vehicle is what he or she definitely would want to know – especially of the ones that are used cars or the one which the person is buying from an individual seller. You must have heard of Carfax. It is a place where you can get the complete report of the history of any vehicle that you are considering to purchase before you fix the deal. For Carfax, the cost of obtaining the report is $39.99. When you are up for buying a vehicle, you are already going to dish out some cash that is obviously earned in a hard way. So, to lessen the burden, we have found some options that are less expensive because we know that the question why is Carfax so expensive has come to your mind.
Here are five best Carfax alternatives that are less costly and you can consider over Carfax.

List of Best Carfax Alternatives Free

This is a free service that is available online. It has completed though none other than the National Insurance Crime Bureau for protecting buyers from purchasing salvaged or stolen vehicles. Of course, there is a need for VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of the car that you will have to check, and per twenty-four window, you can do up to five searches from the same IP address. Found on NICB website, this service is present under “Theft and Fraud”. Simply scroll to “VIN check”, and tap. The page will open where you will have to input the VIN of the vehicle you are interested in, and the information will appear shortly.

The site provides the service of VIN checking at the cost of really less amount. The small fee that it charges is $3.50 for every VIN that you are going to test. The service can be found online, and with this, they also have an app for all the iPhone users which they can get from the Apple App Store. The tool that they use is an advanced search tool which accesses the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS). This service check includes odometer readings, title history, and also determines whether the vehicle that you are checking is listed as salvaged, junk, or a flood automobile. For the price that the site charges, the site looks pretty comprehensive.

The service we are going to talk about now is available online and also as a mobile app for both the users of Android mobile devices as well as Apple mobile devices. The service instaVin offers the VIN check report or the salvage check report for just a small fee of $2.99, or the complete report – that has the title report and the entire history of the vehicle included – for only $6.99 per car checked. The service also uses the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) and has claimed to provide you with more data and the vehicle reports in a much better way. This site is worth giving a try, and instaVin reviews are satisfactory too.

The vehicle research that is provided by the site has a small fee of $4.95 for each report. The site uses the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) also. As the site uses the NMVTIS, it helps in the protection of the buyers from purchasing a vehicle that might be recorded as a salvaged vehicle or total loss somewhere else and maybe that someone is trying to resell the car for a profit for now to you. So, all you have to do is go to the site and go for VIN search on the potential auto purchase. This site has got online tool available not any mobile app for the users.

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This site called VINsmart is another VIN checking site. It is one cheaper Carfax alternative that can be used, either from the online or from the Google Play or Apple App Store. The site has got the partnership with NMVTIS. The website says that there is a plus factor included with each vehicle history report that they provide. The statement that they provide have the plus factors included, and the fee for the report charged is $5.95, and the list included recall alerts which make sure that the title is clean with a scan in-depth, offers volume discounts, provides a value vehicle report, and give the credits that are never expired. So, if you plan to buy another vehicle down the line, they encourage you for purchasing reports in volume for getting a discount – and the credits they provide do not expire, so you are protected as you will buy it ahead of time. So, visit this site and check these things out.

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These are the five sites that you can use instead of Carfax and get the complete history and report of the vehicle that you are planning to buy.


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