How to install paint dot net plugins

Paint.Net is one of the best software for editing , It is one of those programs with modest beginnings which has advanced quite a bit and developed quite a following. Paint.Net allows you to work with layers and to add plugins for special effects. So here is guide for you How to add or install plugins

How to install paint dot net plugins

How to install paint dot net plugins

Earlier i posted Mega Pack of Plugins for , hope you download that pack or having any other pack or effect plugin’s which you want to install in

  • Find the zip file you downloaded above called When you find the file, double click on it to open the zip file and find a folder with  files in it
  • You need to copy these  files into your C:\\Program Files\\Paint.NET\\Effects\\ folder on your hard drive. You can get to your C: (Local Drive) from the My Computer.
  • And copy these files in Effects Folder.

All done. The next time you start Paint.Net, you should see an additional effect at the bottom of your Effects menu.

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