Once you clear SSC CGL exam, most of your concerns related to your career would vanish. Just as simple as it sounds, the way to clearing the exam is not exactly a cake walk. It definitely takes a lot of hard work and dedication to pass SSC CGL exam. However, it all becomes a little easier when toppers, who have had first hand experience at both taking the exam and passing it share their preparation strategy. While you are required to put great amounts of efforts from your side, these tips and tactics might help you great deal to crack SSC Recruitment exam. Here’s a list ssc cgl preparation tips by toppers.

Know about the paper pattern

Knowing what the question paper is like and how you can answer the questions is one of the most important aspects. This will help you in being prepared at answering questions, based on how the question paper is scored. Since there is no sectional cutoff for the SSC CGL exam, you don’t have to worry about answering a set of questions from each section to be able to cross the cutoff. This is why, you can first start answering questions from the section that you are most confident about. If in case you are not very confident about a question or a specific way of solving it, don’t end up wasting too much time at it. Move on to next question under such circumstances.

Know the basic subjects

When we talk about SSC examination, there are some basic subjects that make up different sections in the question paper. When you know what these subjects are, you would be able to prepare better to crack the exam. Here’s a list of those subjects.

General Knowledge

General knowledge is one of the most important sections that needs a lot of preparation. For this, make it a habit to read newspapers every single day and making a note of important points that you would want to revise later. Going through previous years papers would also help a great deal. While you have to keep preparing for the 12 months before SSC CGL exam, make it a point to revise as well, without fail. And in case you are in a time crunch, make it a point to buy a current affairs book for a thorough prep.

Reasoning Ability

Reasoning ability tests the very basic of concepts. So, all you have to do is practice and develop a flair for reasoning. You can buy R S Aggarwal’s reasoning ability book for preparing this section. Know the syllabus and accordingly practice different chapters for the reasoning ability section. Besides using a book, solving previous years question paper would also help knowing pattern of questions.

Quantitative Aptitude

For quantitative aptitude, you need to be really well-prepared. Knowing the syllabus well and making notes of the various formulae involved would be the best thing to do. Besides general knowledge, the next subject that you need to revise thoroughly is quantitative aptitude. Certain questions are so direct and formula based that nothing else besides the formula is needed. This is why, make sure you memorize the formulae well even if you don’t understand them. This is one of those sections that you should attempt for at last if you are not very confident about it. Some of the questions would even be quite time consuming.

English Language

English can either help you score very well or be a game wrecker depending on how good you are at it. However, for people who are not very confident about English, there still is time and room for improvement. Start off by working on your vocabulary on a daily basis. Expand your vocabulary with respect to one-word replacements, idioms, phrases, etc. Strengthen the basics of grammar and crack each part of speech, like nouns, adjective, tenses, etc. well.

Previous years question papers will again prove to be really helpful to be able to score well on this section. Develop a habit of reading books, like novels of your choice of genre and newspapers. This will help you understanding English in a more natural way. The question paper would have both objective and subjective questions. Be prepared for both and develop a habit of writing as well.

Solve Sample Papers

One of the tips that most toppers would give is solving sample papers and mock tests. Mock tests give a general idea about what kind of questions might be there in the paper. When you solve a series of mock tests, you would be able to trace a pattern. This pattern will help you get some insight into what expectations you can have pertaining to the questions in the paper.

Many toppers also say that solving mock tests helped them develop the habit of solving the question paper within the given time. If you take up the main exam without solving mock tests, chances are high that you’d be clueless as to how much time to spend on each question. As a result, you end up running out of time to solve the entire question paper. Solving mock tests helps you develop the habit of spending only a certain amount of time solving a question and also increases your speed at answering questions.

Spend time at Analysis

While solving mock tests is one thing, yet another thing you should be doing is analyzing the answers by figuring out if they are right or wrong. Many a times, there is also a pattern when you make mistakes that even you wouldn’t realize. This needs an analysis. Only when you know your mistakes would you be able to correct those mistakes. Unnoticed mistakes have the chances of being repeated. Thus, everytime you take up an online test or solve any of the previous years question paper, take time to find out what the answer to each question is. While this would need some time being dedicated to it, it would only help you get better at both writing answers and passing the SSC CGL exam with good ranks.

Don’t stress yourself too much

Yet another advice or tip coming from toppers is that prepare yourself well and at the same time don’t be too stressed. Being consistent in putting efforts and studying based on a daily schedule would be enough. Moreover, as you start preparing, you would gradually be free from the fear of not passing the exam. Have a proper time table and wake up and sleep on time. This would help you stay healthy. Preparing through solving previous years question papers also helps in working on anxiety that results when you sit in the examination hall and are given the question paper.

These are the tips that toppers follow and give away to people who are preparing for SSC CGL examination. There have been many, many instances when average students have cleared the SSC CGL exam with amazing ranks. All that you need is constant practice and hard work. With these two ingredients mixed well, you don’t have to worry much. Persevere towards studying for the exam in a timely fashion without procrastinating, and nothing would be able to stop you from cracking the SSC CGL examination.


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