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6 Simple Tips to Crack SSC CGL Exam

SSC CGL Syllabus 2018 cover

Staff Selection Commission is going to conduct SSC CGL Tier I, II Exam in the month of July and November 2018. So, now you might be thinking to kick-start your exam preparation. Would you like to know what tactics to follow to score good marks in SSC CGL Exam? If yes, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, you’re going to read 6 expert tips to crack the SSC CGL exam in a single attempt.

An Overview of SSC CGL Tier I Exam

SSC CGL Syllabus


SSC CGL Tier I Exam

SSC CGL Tier I is an online-based examination. There will be multiple choice questions asked from various subjects include General Awareness, Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and English. As per the SSC CGL Notification, there will be 25 questions asked from each section for 50 marks each. The time allotted to complete the exam is 60 minutes.

SSC CGL Tier II Exam

As same as Tier I, Tier II Exam consists of 4 sections. The topics include Quantitative Ability, English Language and Comprehension, Statistics, and General Studies. There will be 100 questions asked in each section except in the English.

The time duration allotted to complete the exam is 2 hours and physically handicapped students will get 2 hours 40 minutes to finish the exam. Negative marking of 0.25 will be deduced for each wrong answer.

Hence, it’s all-important to have a thorough look at the topics mentioned in the SSC CGL Syllabus.

How to Crack SSC CGL Exam in a Single Attempt?

Apart from the thoroughgoing of the syllabus, you should consider the below expert tips to make your dreams come true. So, here are some useful tips that will help you to crack the SSC CGL Exam.

  1. Timely PreparationStart your exam preparation as early as possible when you get to know the recruitment notification of SSC CGL. Why because earlier preparation helps to save time so that you can revise what you’ve studied so long before the exam.
  2. Prepare an AgendaPrepare an agenda of explaining the topics to be covered on a daily basis before the exam. In order to do that, you’ve to be sure about the days and topics left so far. After finishing a particular topic, give a mini review of those topics so that you can understand where you’re lagging off.
  3. Make a NoteMake a summary note of the topics you’re studying as it will aid you to retain the information while you revise. You can take advantage of note cards or flash cards as it’s helpful for quick review.
  4. Put yourself into PracticeAs the saying goes “Practice Makes a Man Perfect”, practice each section a lot referring SSC CGL Previous Papers so that you can improve your speed in solving aptitude and reasoning part. Apart from this, try solving mock test papers to test your knowledge in the entire sections of Tier I and Tier II. Concentrate more on improving your Grammar as the English section is for 200 marks.
  5. The habit of reading regularlyMake a habit of reading newspapers, magazines, and some good articles regularly to improve your knowledge in general awareness. Organize a group study as it will help to solve many problems together.
  6. Proper Sleep and MeditationTake a break in the middle of your study to keep you away from depression. Take care of yourself. Eat well and have sleep on time. Besides, do some meditation to keep your mind fresh and to increase your concentration levels.

Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to crack your exams in a single attempt. The key is to start early and be attentive. Good Luck!

Roku Secret Codes & Commands


As you know the Roku have limited channels. But you can access “private” channels that are not available in the Roku channel store. We have presented some private channels you should check out.

Technically, apps and private channels are available in the channel store, due to some avoidable reasons those are not displayed. There could be numerous reasons for a channel to be private: perhaps it is a third-party channel, or maybe it contains adult content. While browsing the channel store, you won’t be able to find them. There are some Roku secret menu screens that are accessible using the Roku remote. This Roku hidden menu gives you access to all kinds of hidden settings. Finding and installing them requires a link or unique access.

List of Roku popular Private Channels

There are numerous private channels available, but you will be able to find the unique private channels. For instance, consider any website, you will access to:

  • TED Talks
  • PBS
  • NASA TV and Hubblecast HD
  • CBS News archives and NBC Nightly News
  • Universal Sports Network
  • Government-based channels include C-SPAN, The Pentagon Channel, and White House Press Briefings


All of those can be accessed especially while downloading Nowhere TV (code: H9DWC). You will find cooking, home & garden sub-channels and many more. If you want to view more, given below is the list of more apps and private channels: You will access these sub-channels when you download channel such as Nowhere TV. You will find gardening & house, food-related, regional channels and many more. If you want to view more, given below is the list of few more fascinating private channels including applications that are available:

  • Nowhere Bullet: It is considered as a Roku screensaver that will easily help you to enable different notifications.
  • Unofficial Twitch: You can make it a platform to enjoy watching Twitch.tv’s, and streaming is also facilitated on Roku.
  •  Nowhere Vine: An app that plays Vines on your Roku (code: nowherevine).
  • Relax TV: Nothing but hours of tropical lagoons, rainstorms, fireplaces, and waterfalls to relax (code: vrqhq).
  • Amateurlogic: This is a simple video related channel that helps in relating different aspects such as Technology, electronic, photography and so on.

Remember, channels are owned by the external source; thus perhaps you may irritate with bugs.

Process for installing Private Channels on Roku

After picking your desired channels, installing these channels is very easy and quick. You can do it using the way:

  1. Open the website of Roku and log on the go to the home page.
  2. In the manage account section just select an option to add the channel that you like.Then, enter the data and go to Add Channel option.

After installing the app or channel successfully, you must update Roku so that the channel could appear. It will be displayed normally within 24 hours. After installing the app or channel successfully, you need to get updated with the Roku then you can see the channel. Takes a minimum of 24 hours to display.

Different parts of the secret menu

Here you will come across the different parts of the secret menu. Probably this is only placed where you can find the Roku’s many secret menus. Most of these secrets are specially designed especially for home users. And there are many factors associated with it that makes you feel much more interesting. So these features are a very much helpful so that it will keep Roku to function more accurately. So take time to read each of them carefully so that you will know about the pros and cons associated with it. Check out the list of the parts of the secret menu.

  • The first one is about the Roku secret menu which will give you clear specification of the overall menu. This will be included with different options for a microphone, selection option, content searching, volume and many more.
  • And the next one is button sequence which will help you to go through the menu very easily. This will be included with two menu options along with Wi-Fi connectivity, platform, antenna, bit rate, and many other sequence buttons options.
  • Last but not the least you will find links and sources that will take to the secret menu.
                                        Roku Key Codes Hidden Options
                                       Roku Secret Menus Codes Screen


Read More : Free Roku Private Channel List

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Best Cyber Security Documentary


Best Cyber Security Documentary

                    Best Cyber Security Documentary & Hacking Movies

In this modern age of booming technology and internet, the social media has become an inevitable part of not only our lives, but also our livelihoods. People have begun to lean more and more towards technology driven careers. With the tech-savvy culture, comes the ever accompanied practice of hacking, the fame of which has been enjoying a steady, constant growth. Influenced by the revolutionary deeds of several hacking groups, films and geeks, here are some outstanding hacking documentaries capturing almost all hacks from the old school culture, to the latest trends in cybercrime. Grab your seatbelts because we’re giving you a ride!

Best 11 Cyber Security Documentary

  1. We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists (2012)
Watch Free : Anonymous Hackers Movie

The film describes in varying detail the major events of Anonymous as a group. It has documented different raids in major events affecting common lives while one of the raids were conducted as Habbo raids, in which it was pre-dates and was not inspired by, the news of an Alabama amusement park banning a two-year-old toddler affected by AIDS from entering the park’s swimming pool.


  1. Hacking Democracy (2006)
Watch Free : Programming Documentary

The film explains the investigating oddities with electronic voting systems that occurred during the 2000 and 2004 elections in the USA. One of the interesting facts is that the film culminates dramatically in the on-camera hacking of the in-use / working Diebold election system in Leon County, Florida – the same computer voting system which has been used in actual American elections across thirty-three states, and which still counts tens of millions of America’s votes today. Also, the film has been nominated for the Emmy Award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism – Long Form


  1. The Secret History of Hacking (2001)
Watch free : Best Hacking Documentaries

The film traces the inception of hacking culture and covers the lives of Captain Crunch, Kevin Mitnick, Steve Wozniak, and several other key hackers. It is an interesting dive into phone phreaking, hacking, and social engineering during the 1990s and going back to the 1970s.It delves into the lives of some of the most famous (or infamous) hackers that have crossed the public eye.


  1. Freedom Downtime (2001)


Watch free : Anonymous Documentary

This film has showcased a different perspective of the hacker community from the usual one. A fun and informative movie if you aren’t familiar with this time period in hacker history. It also touches on what happened to other hackers after being sentenced. Several renowned and iconic figures from the hacking community appear in the documentary.

  1. Code 2600 (2011)
Watch :Computer Documentaries

This film takes a look at the increasing role the Internet and social media are having on our lives, especially when it comes to privacy and cybersecurity, and what the information age has meant to society.

  1. The Hacker Wars (2014)


Watch: Hackers Documentary

The film narrated the life of three young information activists, or hacktivists, and their battles with the US Government. One of the characters was infamous hacker and troll while the other one is journalist and propagandist for the hacktivist collective, Anonymous; and the other one before his arrest was on the top of FBI’s cyber-criminal list.

  1. Def Con: The documentary (2013)
Watch: Defcon Documentary

Def Con is the world’s largest underground hacking conference which was started in 1992. It is the annual hacking conference held in Las Vegas. This documentary tracks the conference for four days in 2014. Though it is difficult to get a visual at Def Con because the organizers have a strict no-camera policy.

  1. Zero Days (2016)
Watch : Cyber Security Documentary

This movie paints a sobering portrait of just how vulnerable the physical world is to cyber-attacks. Zero Days details just how precarious the highly-networked an increasingly software-driven world is today.

  1. The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story Of Aaron Swartz (2014)


Watch: The Secret History of Hacking

The movie describes the tragic story of the protagonist Aaron Swartz, who is a computer expert and online activist. While Swartz co-founded Reddit, created RSS, and has often been lauded as a computer genius, it was his views on information access that caught the attention of law enforcement. According to authorities, Swartz allegedly downloaded a large number of academic journal articles in 2010 and 2011. He was charged with a number of felonies for unauthorized access to MIT computer systems and committed suicide while in the throws of what many described as an overzealous federal prosecution.

  1. Hackers Wanted (2009)
Best Hacking Documentaries

Illustrated by Kevin Spacey, the documentary had failed to secure a conventional release due to dissent within the production team. However, a version of the film eventually hit the BitTorrent network in 2009, and the rest, as they say, is history. The film shows the origin and nature of hacker and hacking adventures cases of eminent hacker Adrian Lamo uses them as a microcosm for the macrocosm of struggles faced by emerging trends of thought – from the criminal to the philosophical.

11 .In the realm of the hackers

In The Realm of The Hackers (Cyber Security Documentary )

In the late 1980s two Melbourne teenage computer hackers known as Electron and Phoenix stole a restricted computer security list called ‘Zardoz’ and used it to break into some of … Disobedience star Alessandro Nivola ranks his top five forbidden-love films, including Daniel Day-Lewis in My Beautiful Laundrette

So, there we are! These amazing hacking documentaries will have you in their grips. Be sure to watch each of these till the end for a truly thrilling experience.
Feel free to let us know how you find it in the comments.
Happy watching!

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Download Free Movie Cinema Bollywood Fonts


Download Free Movie Cinema Bollywood Fonts
Inspired by the varied diversity of the Bollywood cinema, Bollywood font is not one single type of fonts, but a whole collection. Taking motivation from Bollywood movie posters, and also the Hindi Devnagari script, this font has quickly amassed a huge fan following in no time. It still continues to influence various readers and users, and is called in demand as it always has been. This font is widely used all over the globe, owing to the versatility and suitability for numerous occasions.

Not only are these fonts found in abundant styles, but also in styles that are appropriate for almost any document- meetings or presentations, to social media, and blogs! With its roots deeply placed in the Indian cinema- namely Bollywood, there is no shortage of styles, colours, shapes, and layouts to choose from. From the classic “Sholay” & “Lagaan” to “Rang De Basanti”, the impressive fonts have left the audience in awe, and asking for more.

The successful launch and reach of our previous Papyrus Fonts inspired us to come up with something new and better. That is exactly what we offer in our new collection of latest Bollywood fonts.


  • Movie Poster
  • Filmy Font
  • Cinema font
  • picture font
  • Cordel movies
  • Filmstrip
  • Popcorn time
  • Movie time
  • Action
  • Casper
  • tarzan font
  • ninja font
  • Harry potter font

I have searched dozens of web sites and forums online to bring you a compiled stuff of all the type of Bollywood fonts, and here we go with this awesome collection.

Download Free Movie Cinema Bollywood Fonts


Giving you a unique and impressive collection of numerous styles of the Bollywood font, what’s more is that they are available for download absolutely free of cost!

Download and install it the Bollywood Fonts file in the following manner:

NOTE- Please ensure that you are logged in as ‘Admin’ for installing fonts on Windows.

Step 1: Download the collection of Bollywood fonts from the link on our website to your desktop, or a convenient file location for easy access.

Step 2: Unzip the Bollywood Fonts file via your default windows unzip programme, or another downloaded programme as per your suitability.

Step 3: Once the file has successfully been unzipped, the procedure mentioned below is to be followed–


  • For Windows XP Font Install:


Drag the collection font into C:\Windows\Fonts – The font will automatically install itself.

  • For Windows  8/7/Vista Font Install:

Right click on the font file, and then click on “Install”

So, there you go! Your free collection of fonts is up and ready for use!

We’re here for you, and happy to help, always. Feel free to drop a comment, or contact us for your needs without hesitation. We will try our best to cater to your requirements. If you wish to download our collection of the famous Papyrus fonts, check out our previous post!

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How to Hide Whatsapp Number in Group


How to Hide Whatsapp Number in Group

Almost all the people have some groups on whatsapp , And some of groups have some unknown people. In this case its quiet awkward to share your number with unknown people. So If you don’t want to disclose your mobile number to others then you will like the trick i am going to share with you.


                      Hide Your mobile number in Whatsapp Groups

To Hide Your mobile number in Whatsapp Groups Follow below Steps !!

  • First uninstall the Whatsapp App from your device completely.
  • Again install the App from google play store at the time of verification .. here we need to play our main game
  • While verification it’ll ask you to verify your phone number. It automatically sends a verification message to its server. But if this happens your number gets registered with them. So block your message service. You can simply put your phone on flight mode so that all network connections are disabled. You can alternatively change the message center number
  • Choose ‘Verify through sms’ and enter your email id and Click on send. Now Without wasting a single second, click on Cancel. This terminates the authorization process.
  •  Now you have to spoof that message, for that download Spoof Text message.
  • Now go to Outbox > Copy the message details of Spoof App > send it to Spoofed Verification
  •  Use the below details

To: +447900347295
From: +(Country code)(mobile number)
Message: abc@xyz.com (Enter you email id)

  • Now a message will be sent through that spoofed number. Now that Spoofed number is visible to others instead of your original mobile number.

Read More : Whatsapp Group Name for Friends

It’s a good way to hide your original number from unknown people. Hope you’ll like it..
yesterday i got a mail regarding whatsapp hide last seen query ,Well, I looked for ways, apps anything that could help me in hiding my last seen to find a couple of working techniques. So if you’re looking forward to disable your last seen at time-stamp, follow these ways

  1. First launch Whatsapp and then tap on Settings in it, located at the bottom right corner.
  2. Now in Settings find an option says Account.
  3. Tap on Account and then tap on Privacy in it.
  4. Now finally tap on Last seen to change it from Everyone (info will be visible to all) to My contacts(Will not be visible to people other than WhatsApp contacts) or Nobody (No one can see the info and neither can you see their Last Seen info).

Trace Mobile Number Current Location


Trace Mobile Number Current Location

So there you were at that party, snapping pictures of people you hardly knew, and you set your phone down on the table. The next morning—no phone! Here may be two possibility can exist either your phone stolen or you misplace your phone. In both condition you have to Trace Mobile Number Current Location.

In this post i am going to share about how to Trace Mobile Number Current Location, I am going to enlist app used for Trace Mobile Number Current Location. Beside this post you can check also our post on How to track your lost Mobile Phone via IMEI number


                         Trace Mobile Number Current Location

List of App used for Trace Mobile Number Current Location

  • GPS Tracking Pro – GPS Tracking Pro uses state-of-the-art GPS Tracker technology to quickly and accurately locate the people you care about, providing real-time location updates using GPS navigation. The app features a GPS map with icons of family and friends at their exact locations.
  • Location Tracker – Location tracker is a multi resolution app which uses GPS technology to list basic but yet crucial set of information related to the mobile device in use. This application serves as a basis for all the applications needing GPS information to track an individual or a device
  • Real Time GPS Tracker – Show your exact location to your family and friends on Google Maps for free. This is more than a GPS Tracker, this is real live tracking for location sharing.You can also see your friends’ location but they need to run this app. 
  • Where’s My Droid  -Where’s My Droid is a pure Find my Phone app to help you locate your phone. When your smartphone goes missing, sending a code via text will make the phone ring (even when set in silent mode) while another text code sends you the GPS coordinates of the phone
  • Plan B – If you had not install any tracking app before your Android device was stolen or misplaced, Plan B will be a lifesaver. Plan B is an Android app from Lookout Labs which locates your smartphone using cell towers and GPS, then sends the location of your smartphone to your Gmail Inbox.

Hope above apps will work for you but if you are eager to know about Real Logic Behind Tracing Mobile Number Current Location then check it out. Another Article regarding Trace Mobile Number Current Location here.

We would love your feedback regarding the Trace Mobile Number Current Location listed above. Feel free to leave your comments below :) Have a great day!

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Best games for Drastic ds Emulator


Drastic ds emulator is the best emulator which allows Nintendo console users to play games on their Android devices. Various game producers have released thousands of games on Nintendo console. We think that every gamer will quickly find a game title suitable to his preferences. The most popular types of games are probably FPS (First Person Shooter), RPG and racing games, but there are also other: music, logic/puzzle and yet another game.

A lot of Nintendo Games have been released onto the market, but not every game was a significant hit. Gamers expect a lot, and these are some games that hit the mark and remain some of the highest ranking Nintendo games today. Also read: FRP Bypass APK

Grand Theft Auto

The Grand Theft Auto series has been widely appreciated since its first release. Now there are a total of eight or nine Grand Theft Auto games that each put a little spin on the original concept. You can play two of them on an excellent Drastic ds Emulator or just on the console: GTA IV and GTA V. Playing GTA: San Andreas is possible, however, can bring some troubles.

It’s an open world design that combines racing, stealth, shooting, and role play as players are criminals in the big city, doing whatever it takes to get to the top of organized crime.

Note that the oldest GTA games are now free, available to download from an official Rockstar Games website.

The Orange Box

This action-packed game is five-in-one where players kill aliens with a crowbar and other weapons while completing a series of tasks that continue the fight to save the alien-infested Earth. The science references and compelling storyline span the game set, and it is considered a fantastic deal with a massive amount of gameplay for one package price.

Gears of War

The general idea developed in video games of the fight against nightmarish monsters to save humanity is increasingly epic in Gears of War. This combat game revolutionised the virtual battlefield and is genuinely horrifying to play. Tactical action has never been so real in a game.


BioShock takes place in a city hidden underneath the ocean as the player crash lands a plane into this secret world. The clear edges and futuristic human modifications are unreal as you fight to take control of the disintegrating city that was once designed as a utopia for the idealistic. This game tests a player’s gaming skills and forces tough decisions in difficult moral dilemmas.

Note that you’ll probably need a suitable controller for the perfect gaming experience. A good emulator should support all top controllers.


Buy SoundCloud followers: Strategies For Beginners


Sharing music on SoundCloud, and getting the network expanded sounds simple but there are so many hidden consequences one should know about. To connect with more followers and become popular is a challenging objective, you need to work on some strategies, for beginners specifically. To get started is much tougher and gradually you can increase SoundCloud followers. The following methods should be helpful for beginners on SoundCloud:

  1. Magic of tags and artwork On SoundCloud all genres of music are really categorized by using the system of tagging, the eases the process of finding a song from a long list. Therefore, the use of suitable keywords that will give meaning to your song and also related o your genre should be added as tags. What style or genre you must belong to is a must to include in the description, otherwise how the audience would know whether your music is of Bollywood, rock, metal, Jazz, blues and so much more. Be specific to give an idea about the work you have pasted for the listeners. Plus, the logo you are using has to be attention=seeking, refreshing and unique.
  2. Exposure on social media As the most of the users on social media post daily activities and share their special occasions with friends and family. Likewise, when you put out your music or song on SoundCloud, it becomes obvious to share it and declare out loud about the creative side of yours. Facebook immediately gets your reach improved with the newsfeed, Whereas on Twitter to become one of the trending topics might be difficult but atlas you qualify to enter that club of active discussion going about the music and get to connect an enormously large audience to buy soundcloud followers. And so many other social networks are there to spread the word for you, like Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, etc. make some productive use.
  3. Make video for YouTube Use visual medium for promotion of your audio, an audio is just not enough to attract the attention of listeners for long buy soundcloud followers. Instead, you need to stand out among others with a video and let it expose to a larger group of audience. Create a low budget video if it’s too much for you to afford, but this powerful medium should not be neglected.
  4. Content can be used to promote music Although we have emojis, Youtube, and SoundCloud, still content is the king, a major driving force on the internet. To use a well-written content as a promotional tool is a good idea. You can start a blog and write about the latest updates you have posted on SoundCloud, your experience while making it, also add some insightful information about other musicians as well. This way you can connect with the readers and they feel relatable to the genuine side of an artist, improves the chances of being accepted by your target audience. Make sure you add relevant keywords to stay searchable the web Also Checkout : Influence of Social Media
  5. Talk about your work Through commenting on different websites, on various works of artists, blogs of music, and similar SoundCloud profiles, you can become a part of the discussion and get a chance to communicate about your work as well. Leaving your nest option on blogs and comments on other artist’s work makes your existence count. And this encourages others as well to listen to your songs as well. Straight-away a give-and- take method and quite sensible to attempt for.
  6. Buy SoundCloud Followers Last but not the least, to purchase SoundCloud followers is a sensible decision to take, as to make your identity is hard, with so many songs by renowned ones, new ones and so many genres. Of course, you got to do something about it. In fact, on SoundCloud, the struggle is not about the competition but in all those songs your work should searchable and easy for the lIsteners to access. buy soundcloud followers  help you get real accounts they are not fake and after nothing that you have such large fan base already the number of active listeners starts getting in the club the followers and gradually the cycle starts to pick up the pace.

Top 5 Gaming Consoles You Can Buy Right Now In India


Does your heart always crave for adventure? Do you ever wonder how it would feel to fill the shoes of your favourite footballer? Or do you always wish to be a superhero? If the answer to any of the above question is true, then getting a gaming console can make your dreams come true. Stick with us as we are going to reveal the best 5 gaming consoles that you can buy right now in India and also don’t forget to check out these amazing offers today on games to get the best games for your new console at a hefty discount.

  1. Sony PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 is arguably the best gaming console in the world. The console has a brilliant, modern look and you can’t help but fall in love with it. The revamped controller, Dual Shock 4 is also a work of art. It is designed in such a way that your hands won’t get tired even with prolonged usage. You get up to 7 hours of battery life and on a bad day, if you run out of juice, you can simply plug in your old PlayStation Vita and use it as a controller.

The PlayStation 4 is a powerhouse. And the secret behind this is the custom built octa-core AMD Jaguar processor. The jaguar is built for delivering amazing performance and it never fails to do so. The chipset is also equipped with an AMD GPU engine which is designed only for the PS4. All in all, you really need not worry about playing a game in full HD and 60 fps in the next 2-3 years if you choose to go with the PlayStation 4.

However, you don’t get a camera when you buy a PS4 as it is sold as an add-on. This is surely frustrating as you miss out on a lot of stuff if you don’t spend the extra bucks. Also, for a camera that is sold separately, the PS4 camera performs poorly.

The PS4 also has a nice looking UI which organizes your games depending upon the usage. Though this feature can be handy in the beginning, it starts to get messy as you install many games and play most of them regularly.

Price Starts from: Rs. 26,870.


  1. Microsoft X-Box One S

The second place has to go to the X-Box One, the latest of Microsoft’s X-Box series. The one S is a slightly updated version of the original X-box One and we have seen a lot of improvements being made in this device.

The X-Box ecosystem is different from Sony and delivers a unique experience. Microsoft has managed to merge the X-Box ecosystem perfectly with the latest Windows 10. Now a game or app once bought in any of your Microsoft devices can be used and downloaded in all of your Microsoft devices. This is a huge advantage and gives the user a lot of flexibility. Also, you do not have to throw away your old games anymore when you upgrade your X-Box. All you need to do is to simply download an updated version of the game for free in your new X-Box.

The X-Box one is also powered by a custom built AMD CPU with an integrated AMD Radeon GPU. The GPU is slightly improved to handle HDR gaming but it also helps improve performance in other games. But still, after all efforts of Microsoft, you get better fps in some high-end games when you use a PlayStation 4.

The X-Box lets you play games in HDR mode which introduces more colours and added realism in your games. You can also stream and play in 4K resolutions. The 4K gaming is, however, not native. The X-Box one simply upscales your everyday 1080p game into a 4K resolutions. Though the upscaling is impressive, it is nothing like true 4K.

The X-Box One S also misses the Kinect port and you have to spend some extra bucks to connect the Kinect with the X-Box one. The camera performance though is way better than the PS4.

Price Starts from: Rs. 22,890.


  1. Microsoft X-Box 360

The X-Box 360 is an old console but thanks to firepower Microsoft packed it with back in 2005. Yea it is true that you will not be able to play some of the latest titles but for a device which is priced almost half of the X-Box one, running games like GTA V is an astonishing performance and can be a great bargain for players on a tight budget.

The X-Box 360 runs on a 3-core Xenon CPU designed by IBM. The device also packs an AMD designed ATI Xenos GPU with 10 MB of eDRAM. The RAM of this device is capped at 512 MB. This specs may look heavily outdated but this custom made CPU and GPU combination is capable of running some of the very latest games at a respectable FPS.

The X-Box 360 also has Kinect bundled with it. So, you will be able to enjoy some of the best controller-free gaming experience. Having Kinect means you also get a camera set with your X-Box 360 but don’t expect it to be in the same league with the latest console cameras.

Price Starts from: Rs. 14,895.


  1. Sony PlayStation 3

Another old console but yet again another game changer in the gaming console industry. The PlayStation 3 has revolutionized modern gaming industry with a number of the incredible feature while still keeping it affordable for its consumer base. It is not directly sold now but for around 18k bucks, you can still find it on eBay.

The PS3 uses a microprocessor developed by joint efforts of Sony, Toshiba and IBM. The chipset is so powerful that it leads to the use of it in development of supercomputers. The device also uses a Nvidia powered graphics processor which is one of the pioneers of bringing 1080p HD in gaming consoles. All in all, you get a solid performer at way cheaper price than the latest PS4.

However, you will not be able to play games which are released after the launch of the PS4. But still you can play some amazing titles and most importantly, can get hefty discounts on those titles.

Price Starts from: Rs. 17,990.


  1. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has always developed consoles which are nothing like the PlayStation or the X-Box. And the trend can be seen to continue in the latest Nintendo Switch. You can either use it as a home console or you can take it out to start where you left off while on the go.

The Nintendo switch does not intend to compete with the PS4 or X-Box One in terms of graphics capabilities. It has a specification which is more like your tablet. But where Nintendo wants to engage its customers is casual gaming. Casual gaming is extremely fun in the Switch as you can take it up anywhere and with the removable controllers, you can have some serious multiplayer duels.

Price starts from: Rs. 27,500.


In recent few years, the gaming industry has seen a massive growth throughout the world and India is no exception. With the globalization of Indian market, now there are gaming consoles available for every budget or taste. So, go ahead and relish your dreams with these amazing devices.

5 Steps to Recover the Causes of Website Downtime


It is a challenging job for all small business owners to maintain the presence of the website online. There are multiple websites that are available online 24*7 and users browse these websites continuously. For e.g., eCommerce website operates 24*7 and getting a site down for just a minute, affects the profit of the business. Due to the rapid growth of the internet, user demands instant result, therefore it is necessary to keep the website live all time. Here, uptime plays an important role to keep your website live and sites like eCommerce website require a good uptime. For maximum uptime, you require a best business hosting provider who assures you to offer the best feature and especially better uptime. In this post, you will get steps to recover your website downtime.

What is Downtime?

If you are a newbie then you might not have heard about downtime and so there is no need to worry about it. Whenever you browse any website and get a notification such as  “website is not working” or “404 error”, this generally indicates downtime. It means a website is not available online and a user isn’t able to find the required information. In addition, there are multiple reasons which cause downtime.

Let’s take a look at steps to recover the causes of Website Downtime:-

1) Hosting Issue:-

This is one of the major issues that every website owner faces once in their professional career. All hosting providers commit to offering maximum uptime to keep your website live. But very few of them meet the requirement and actually work for customer satisfaction. If your website receives a good amount of traffic and the hosting provider cannot handle the amount of traffic, it leads to suspension of your account.  

Solution:- You can track the number of times your website went down. If you are experiencing continuous downtime then you can upgrade your plan or change the hosting provider.  If you are looking for best shared hosting or Dedicated/ VPS? Then check MilesWeb hosting!!

2) Hacking and Malware:-

Due to the growing competition, the risk of hacking is increasing and protection of the website has become mandatory. Every business owner is concerned about hacking and malware and this results in adopting of a new technique to protect website. In a short period of time, a distributed denial-of-service can bring a huge amount of traffic to your website and this traffic is enough to harm your website. If you are using shared hosting then you are at risk of DDoS attack and big company websites often face such attacks. However, such attacks can affect your website traffic and this results in downtime.

Solution:- There is some hosting provider that offers security features to protect your website.  If you are looking for security features, then check MilesWeb hosting where you will get security features like SpamExpert, Web Application Firewall, Codeguard, SSL Certificate, etc at the nominal price. Press here

3) Plugin Compatibility:-

This issue is usually faced by the bloggers or owners whose website is designed using the WordPress platform. Plugins can enhance the site performance and make it worth for the users in terms of smooth browsing and increasing revenue. In case, you forget to update your plugin then this will affect your website and you might face downtime.

Solution:- Some hosting providers provide features like automatic WordPress updates that automatically update the plugins without manual intervention. Moreover,  in WordPress pre-configured, you can easily set up the WordPress with various certified themes and plugins. However, updating the plugin and monitoring the same to know the working of websites is key to resolving the downtime.

4) Registration of expired domain:-

Most of the business owners who start their business on the small scale are not aware of technical terms like hosting and domain. For them, it becomes tough to select the best hosting provider and domain because they assume that domain and hosting is one and the same. And this results in registration of expired domain due to which downtime occurs.

Solution:- Consult a hosting provider before registering the domain and check the availability of the selected domain.

5)  Overload:- The term itself will suggest you “what is overload?” and “how it affects your website in terms of downtime?” In short, whenever your website resources get over consumed then your website gets overloaded and this can happen with any type of hosting solution except unlimited web hosting or cloud hosting.  

Solution:- To avoid such issue, you can switch to cloud hosting or get an unlimited hosting plan depending on your requirement.


Downtime is a very serious issue and this needs to be resolved very quickly as it affects the website traffic. Following the above-mentioned steps will solve your downtime issue. If you have some more tips to add, suggest below in the comment box.


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