Hardly do you get to see someone in the present era of internet and technology who doesn’t know about Making money online, Everyone is making money in his own way, Here i am sharing Model of making Money which is  less competitive, and give you good chance to make quick Money.
Many of you already know about this, so for those who already know about this, this article give you more option or you can say alternatives.
Many of people making a blog and try to monetize it but some how not get success in blogging or get engaged in some other work so leaved their blogging and just waiting for the expiration date of its domain and Hosting , for those don’t wait to it to Expire. Just get the best price of your hard working by just sell your webblog. If you don’t want to sell your website then you can sell your Domain too, Either many of just purchased a domain when we get good deal so we can sell these domain.Even Android or iOS developer can also sell their app on these Platform.
As buyer point of view below mention list is also best way to launch their project, like Inspite of buying fresh domain , you can buy older domain which already have some Good PA&DA in non technical language good value in Google Search engine, Buying old aged domain saves you lot of hard work invest in SEO.
I have listed all the best possible list of sites where you can sell or buy website , Apps and Domains, May be you will get a Best domain for your site or you can get best deal to sell your hard work.

List of Sites where You Can Sell Your Website , Apps And Domain

Selling over 300+ websites on Flippa with 98% close rate (should’ve been 100%), I notice that the key reason why Flippa is so successful as a platform to buy and sell website is that they’ve got a consistent flow of traffics of buyers, as well as a group of dedicated sellers offering a large selection of websites to the marketplace.
More importantly, there is a good ratio of buyers to sellers on this platform and that’s why achieving near 100% close rate as a seller is possible. And given the huge selection of websites available on auction round the clock, buyers can hardly not find the website that they are looking for.

The primary function of a website broker is to help webmasters sell their web business. Your site will get evaluated and then presented in a way to gain the highest possible price.
WebSiteBroker.com is a service that specializes in listing complete websites for sale, and each website has a complete overview along with statistics and other information making it easier to make an educated decision. The site also has a tab to switch from websites for sale to domain-only listings.
Listings can be sorted by price, daily traffic and a variety of other criteria. The site also offers a guide to valuing websites, along with a resources section that provides links to many useful resources related to domain names



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