Xbox is the dream of every child as well every man in the household. And why wouldn’t it be? It has everything that a man every dreams of. Xbox has so many facilities and is a game-changer. It is a perfect gift for your man and kid.

But managing your Xbox should be on your priority list. As much as one thinks that managing the Xbox is tough, let me tell you it is not. It is very easy and totally in your grip. You have to know some basics about cleaning the Xbox and voila, you can do it at home. No need to rush it for servicing.

In other words, this article is about a thorough sketch of the Xbox and it will fill you in with ideas that any Xbox lover should know.

How does the Xbox system get dirty?


Is it simple? Not tending to Xbox one can lead to a performance that will not quench your gaming thirst.

When you place your gaming console on top of the shelf and keep it unattended, the dust gets layered and tampers with the performance of the system. If left unattended for a long time, it can affect the internal parts. In that case, your warranty on the product could save a couple of hundred bucks.

What objects do you need to clean your Xbox one:

All the objects that you need to clean your Xbox one are already in your home. A soft microfibre or a soft cloth is enough to keep your console clean.


One should never use a cleaning product to clean the Xbox one as it will nullify your warranty. If the dust is inside the vent then you can air-compress that too. A business card too, you will know why

Parts that need cleaning: Very simple. The gaming console should be cleaned

  • On the top side, both sides of the console.
  • The vents.
  • Joystick
  • Controller
  • The gap between the top and the bottom of the controller.
  • The stand on which the gaming console is placed.

How to clean the Xbox one:

A product that is so important to you and that is expensive, it must be looked after and taken care of. Cleaning an Xbox one is not that tough as it may seem. Here is a step by step evaluation on how you can clean the Xbox one.

  • The very important thing to keeping your Xbox free of any dust is to keep a piece of dust clothing on top of your console. Keeping your exterior dust-free is the first step to keeping your interior dust free.

If you don’t want to keep the cloth on top of the console then make sure you run the dust-cloth on the exterior at least one to keep it dust-free.

  • When you start cleaning it, make sure that you unplug the consoling system. By unplugging it, there are no chances of you getting shocks. Make sure when you are handling the console, do it with utmost care.
  • It is very easy to have the dust settled in the consoling system if you don’t remove it. It can mess with your system. Another way of cleaning your Xbox is to air compress it.

The dust that is on the great of the console can be gotten out with the help of the air compressor method. This how-to clean the Xbox one vents. Make sure that you use a pin to stop the blades from moving.

  • This is a ‘ how to clean dust Xbox one fan’ 101 as it the next tip on cleaning this console is awesome. If you’re trying to clean your console with damp clothes then let me tell you, No.

If anything that is an enemy of the electronic device that is water. Wiping your dust with damp clothes is not a smart idea.

  • Another of the most important step of keeping your console dust-free is to clean your controller perfectly. It is apart of the console so it must be cleaned too.

The dust cloth is here useful too as there could reside many germs and first which needs to be removed from.

  • Cleaning the Xbox one wires are important too. When you decide to clean it all, make sure you clean it all. It is easy to settle dust Xbox one very easily, so it has to be cleaned properly. Run a cloth by the wires.
  • Never ever do anything in the interior structure of the Xbox as it will nullify the warranty that it comes with.

Whatever happens on the inside is totally covered by the warranty but if something happens to the internal parts, let’s say while cleaning the consoling system, the wet cloth somehow gets in contact with the internal parts, it would be detrimental.

If your console gets damaged by your doing then it does not cover the warranty. So make sure that you do not do anything to damage the console

  • When cleaning, make sure that the dust and dirt are removed from the directional pads by the microfibre. The gap between the top and the bottom of the controller should be cleaned with a business card.
  • If you think that the dust has damaged your internal system then seek help from the Microsoft approved support or warranty.
  • When you are done with cleaning your consoling system, clean the stand on which the consoling system was placed. It is important too.

Some tips to remember while you clean:

When you clean, make sure that you remember these tips. They are handy.

  1. When you clean make sure that you unplug the console. You don’t want to be shocked.
  2. Make sure while trying to get the console dust-free, do not use any cleaning product.
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