Do Smartphone Skins Protect Phones?

When faced with the option of protecting their smartphones, a lot of people tend to go with cases. This is because they believe these do a better job at protecting their devices than wraps and skins do. The truth is, the level of protection a phone skin offers your device is relatively lower than what a case provides.

This, however, doesn’t take away the fact that skins offer your device some level of protection too. One edge this protective cover has over cases is that it doesn’t alter the size and weight of your phone. So, if you prefer to maintain the sleekness of your device while protecting it (at least to a point); then a phone skin is an ideal choice for you.

You may still be worried about how much protection it’ll offer you. This is why we will take a quick look at the various protection phone skins offer.

Before we go into all that, let’s briefly explain what a smartphone skin is. Phone skins are vinyl wraps that are put directly on phones to completely cover their back surface and transform the phone’s feel and look.

With that said, let’s now look at the protection it offers.

1. Protection against Scratches

People do not leave their homes without putting on their shoes. While fashion is one of the reasons we wear shoes, the main reason we have to put on shoes is to protect our legs from getting hurt when we walk.

You may not think of it this way, but your smartphone is like your legs in this analogy. Like your legs, you need to protect your device whenever it’s out in the world. There are so many things in the world that can deface your phone (and feet) if it goes out unprotected.

It’ll surely slide across a table or floor a couple of times, fall off your table, or you might even drop it in the toilet. What we are trying to say is that the probability of your device getting scratched at this pace is very high.

Luckily, a good phone skin can help prevent all these. Scratches on smartphones are caused when the device directly contacts a coarse surface while in motion. So, if direct contact is prevented, there won’t be scratches. Putting a slim vinyl layer between your device and every other thing it’ll come in contact with will help you achieve this.

2. Protection against Fingerprints

You may be thinking “why do I have to protect my phone against fingerprints when I can easily wipe them off?” Well, wiping them off may be easy, but once you do this, they appear almost immediately.

It doesn’t matter whether your hands are clean or how much you try to avoid contact between your phone and fingers, you’d still find fingerprints on the device. Trust us, in the battle between your phone and fingerprints, your fingerprints will come up victorious, all the time.

Well, you can win the battle with either of these options. You can either wear gloves whenever you touch your device (this is so funny merely thinking about it), or you could get a smartphone skin that will eliminate the annoying fingerprints once and for all.

3. Weathering Protection

You may not know, but the sad truth is nature can be quite harsh for your smartphone. Humans typically need water and oxygen to survive, but for smartphones, these elements could be very harmful. While phone skins won’t protect your device from water by making it waterproof, they’ll surely protect it against some weathering effects that would otherwise happen if you leave the device exposed.

What is weathering? Put simply, it is a natural degradation that usually affects a smartphone’s appearance with time. This includes ingrained dirt, stains that can’t be removed, and device discoloring.

When a smartphone is newly bought, it usually has protective properties meant to maintain the phone’s condition. As the device gets exposed to environmental stresses (especially friction when it’s inside your pocket), its protective properties start to diminish.

At some point, the device will become prone to natural elements because it no longer has its protective properties. You may think you could easily clean off these effects, but the sad truth is no matter how hard or how often you clean it, they won’t come off. This is because the stain is ingrained on it. Then, the only solution would be to wrap up the phone and cover the mess.

But, instead of letting this happen in the first place, wouldn’t it be better to prevent the issue rather than find a solution to it. Skins can give your smartphone adequate protection against these natural elements and nip degradation in its bud.

As we have seen so far, these effects only happen when the smartphone is exposed. It’s just like how you preserve a freshly cooked meal; wrapping it up in a cling film. Wrapping your smartphone with skin will help it preserve its protective properties and maintain its freshness for as long as you keep the protective film on.

If you’ve decided to apply this protective cover on your smartphone, then you can watch this video to guide you on how to apply it. The skin may also come with step-by-step application instructions.


Smartphone skins can protect phones from several things including fingerprints, weathering, and scratches. While they may not protect devices when they fall, they do a great job at ensuring certain factors and elements do not deface the device.


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