Take Out Boredom From Your Life With These Fun Applications

What do you do to keep yourself away from getting bored? Well, in this digital world, there is no better way to kill boredom than using digital devices. And if you have a Mac with you, the entertainment quotient increases by multiple folds.

How? It contains a plethora of applications that allows you to never feel bored. So, are you excited to know about these apps? Let’s begin!

Drawing apps

Do you love to draw or sketch? Well, there is no better device than Mac to empower your creativity. With this, you can freely express yourself. There are countless drawing apps on Mac. But how do you choose the best one? Let us find out for you!

If you want to kill your boredom with just a rough sketch, you do not have to download lots of apps. The “preview” in your system is enough to help you with that. You might think it is just a PDF viewer, but it is actually more than that! Let us see what you can do with it!

Open any image or document in it.

In the top menu, you will witness the Show Markup Toolbar. Click on that.

Now you are free to take the help of various tools and colors to show your creativity. You can also create something fresh. Don’t forget to save your image after that.

  • Start your creative journey with Paintbrush– Paintbrush is the paint app for Mac. It features tools like spray, paint brushes, shapes, etc.
  • Give the wings to your creativity with Sketch – If you want to rise to the next level, then “Sketch” is the apt solution for you. It is all the more important for professionals as it helps in creating professional artworks and designs. It comes with the features like canvas, toolbar, and many more.

Gaming apps: If you are a gaming freak, you must have heard about the Apple arcade. It is the latest service that you can access on any iGadget. You can try this website for more details. For instance, you can play exclusive games just like Skull Kids on it. But what makes it unique? You can access these games in offline mode also.

Moreover, it is ad-free. So now you can play the games without any distraction. What are the examples of such games?

  • Beyond a steel sky
  • Hot lava
  • Where cards fall 

Wokabulary : If you are interested in learning new languages, then “Wokabulary” is there for you. This app deals with a humongous no. of languages, which is nearly 100 in number. If you do not want to learn the exact phrases, you can build your library with flashcards.

You can also test your level through the quizzes which are a part of this app. These quizzes are based on the flashcards that you have created. You will be able to track your progress rate through the statistics provided by it.

Gifox: GIF is the new way of entertainment nowadays. If you want to create one of your own, then try using Gifox. You can record the GIF of your screen by selecting any particular area and pressing record. Or, if you want to use the shortcut keys, then you can press Command+Shift+5. Once you are satisfied with the recording, press the stop button. Your GIF is ready in the downloads folder.

Ownage Pranks
Don\’t forget to have some fun once in a while. Ownage pranks offer animated prank cartoons, street pranks, and even free prank calls that will definitely cure your boredom. Try them out on your family and friends and guaranteed it will keep you your dose of laughter. You may check them out on Google Play or the Apple App store.

Wrapping it up

There are several ways to kill your boredom. It is up to you which method you choose to achieve that. The list provided above is  no less than a wonder in keeping you entertained for a long time. So cheers to these fun applications!


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