Delicious Homemade CBD Cat Treats

Enjoying time spent with your feline pet is memorable. Cats are a fun company to have. Of course, like all animals, they love food. But snacks are something else entirely. No one explained why all pets are so excited about treats, but one this is for sure – they love these yummy bites!

If you tend to give you cat CBD snacks and treats, you can turn their love to treats in your favor. Commercial CBD treats can be expensive and contain some not so healthy ingredients. So, if you don’t have much trust in a mass-production of pet treats, make them yourself. Your furry friend will be happy with homemade snacks.

If you know how to make regular pet treats, those enriched with CBD oil won’t be any different. In case you’re not familiar with this natural remedy, you’ll find out more about it on  CBD oil for pets is convenient for preparing healthy snacks. You just have to take care of the amount of cannabidiol.

The Mackerel Snack

Mackerel fish is of incredibly juicy texture and fantastic flavor. However, it doesn’t have the standard fish odor like much most fish do. Few cats in the world don’t like fish. And if your pet belongs to these few, use chicken instead.

Mince cooked mackerel with an egg and bread crumbs. Pour in some bacon grease or vegetable oil. After mixing all the ingredients into a paste-like form, make bite-size pieces. Spread them on the pan covered with parchment paper, and put it in the oven. After baking them for 25 minutes, take them out and let them cool off.

Before these mackerel snacks cool off completely, lace them with CBD oil. The amount you’ll need to use depends on the daily allowed intake for cats. It’s essential to lace the treats with cannabidiol oil while they’re only mildly warm. That way, these bites will absorb it. Serve your cat with no more than the allowed daily dosage.

Chicken Bites

Cats are not picky when it comes to chicken. Whether they eat it cooked or processed, they adore this meat. This food comes in handy for making yummy treats where you’ll put cannabidiol oil for your cat. You should do that, especially if your pet is prone to anxiety, fear, unusual behavior, and panic attacks. Be free to use human CBD oil, but only by following rules from this source.

Applying CBD oil to sick cats can be trouble, so you have to use their favorite snacks to sneak in the cannabidiol dose. For chicken bites, use meat from thighs or chicken liver. If you opt for chicken breast, you have to put more liquid ingredients, as this meat is a bit dry.

Mix the minced meat with egg, flour, and milk. Upon getting a silky-looking form, create cat-friendly bites. You can add CBD into this mixture, or pour it over baked treats. Place them in the oven for 30 minutes on medium heat. If you add CBD oil later, make sure these bites are not hot, as the heat will make cannabidiol useless.

Sweet Potato Tuna Bites


Cats need very few carbs, as they get most of the energy from meat. That is why their digestive tract is not used to processing carbohydrates. Yet, the occasional intake of food rich in these nutrients won\’t upset your pet\’s stomach.

Sweet potato is a food that your cat should consume once in a while. The fibers from this root have beneficial effects on the cat\’s intestines and prevent problems such as constipation. Give them sweet potatoes in the form of treats. If you enrich them with CBD oil, you will get a delicious and healthy snack for your furry buddy.

Mix the same amounts (approximately 4 ounces) of mashed sweet potato and canned tuna. Add a quarter of a cup of powdered gelatin, one egg, and half a cup of coconut flour. Finally, add half a cup of quality CBD oil.

Divide the resulting mixture into balls and flatten them into cookies or use a mold to form any shape. Bake these treats at a moderate heat until hardened. Don\’t let them turn brown. Give your cat one to two cookies per day. Keep the rest in a well-sealed jar in a fridge. These yummy and healthy snacks can last for weeks.

Cheesy Treats

After trying out this recipe, many cat owners started making these cheesy treats for themselves as well. The prep time is short, and these treats taste incredible. If your kitten loves them, everyone should, since it’s common knowledge that cats are picky eaters.

Combining cheese with flour, yogurt, and water gives you a nice mix that you should stretch and flatten using a rolling pin. When flatten, pour some CBD oil on the dough, and fold it. Roll it again and put it in an oiled pan. Bake CBD treats at low temperatures for an hour and a half. When it’s done, put it to rest for 15 minutes. After the dough cools off, cut it in small square bites and cool at room temperature. Putting CBD oil in treats is usually the most successful way of administering cannabidiol to pets. Working in the kitchen to make incredible foods for your furry buddy can be an exciting experience. There are many recipes on how to yummy and healthy cat snacks. All you need is some free time and imagination.


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