The Reason Why Pandora Keeps Stopping And How To Solve It

Who said radio services are done for? If you had a connection with a radio service like Pandora, trust me you wouldn\’t want to be done with it. Pandora provides great service but in a few selected areas, however, the users have complained about buffering problems in which pandora keeps pausing the content.

 It is not a convenient experience for those who are using it for their entertainment purpose but of course, there are reasons why this buffering happens. It has nothing to do with Pandora \’s end but might be with yours. In this article, we will discuss all the problems that lie around the pandora buffering and how to solve all the problems.

The Reason Why Pandora Stops And The SolutionDiscussion
What is pandora?Pandora is an app through which we can stream entertainment content.
In which platform can we use Pandora?We can use it via phones, laptops, etc.
Why does Pandora keep pausing?There are many reasons why Pandora keeps stopping. Read the article for a thorough answer.
Why does Pandora keep stopping on my computer?Mainly due to the antivirus issues.
How to fix your pandora buffering?There are many ways you can use to fix your Pandora buffering. Read the article.
why does pandora keep stopping

What is pandora?

why does pandora keep stopping

Pandora is a medium of entertainment that is functioned using the internet throughout the west, but importantly Australia, New Zealand, and America. It is used for many reasons and serves various beautiful purposes to satisfy your lust for having to feel the entertainment that you seek. Be it for entertainment purposes or providing some news, for content that would make your heart melt and will make you feel happy. All these contents are what makes Pandora a box of happiness.

In which platform can we use Pandora?

Pandora can be used in many platforms such as a computer, laptop, phones be it on Android or iOS but all these platforms have one problem that causes irritation among the users, is the buffering system.

Why does Pandora keep pausing?

why does pandora keep stopping

Pandora has many reasons for buffering. All these reasons are so minor that it could pervade your eyes and you won\’t be even doubtful of it that something is causing your Pandora into a crash that is ruining the entertainment flow. Let us discuss the reasons which influence Pandora to crash. Also read- Pubg building not rendering fix

  • Pandora and another platform such as this are totally functional because of the internet. It is through the internet that a platform like Pandora retains its functionality by extending its reach throughout the two continents. The Internet makes it easier for other people to access it easily across continents.
why does pandora keep stopping

So many times as it happens not every continent has the same speed and seed when it comes to giving internet services. So poor internet connection can cause the crashing down of the pandora platform easily.

  • Each and every platform which gives us entertainment has many quality modes which give us the opportunity to choose and select from the options in order to see which one we want to have. Similarly, Pandora has two qualities which give its audience the choice to choose from- normal and high.

If the quality of the platform decreases due to poor internet connection, it can cause a severe problem in the platform. However, this depends on the internet connection, the better the speed and seed are, the better you will get to access the pandora. So both the reasons are interconnected.

  • Many times as it happens that the music does not finish downloading but you start listening to music. It is related to the problem of the internet and the seeds that are provided to you.

Make sure that the speed of the internet is up to par and the seed is higher than usual. If the download is not completed in time, then it will buffer. The platform will keep crashing down.

  • The cache is the issue that intervenes with everything that we try to do. It has nothing to do with your platform but has the influence to ruin the convenience of the performance provided by Pandora and other apps.

Cache has the potential to ruin any kind of linear performance ability. Why would you want something like this to happen because of the cache? Your phone collects cache because of the internet, all the excess files get saved up and it keeps jotting down until you clear them the cache can jot down in two ways.

  • It can be saved up as a whole combined with all the applications in your system.
    • It can be saved in by one single app in its own system

so the cache which is not deleted or removed from the system has the capacity to weigh your phone\’s software making it slow.

Why does Pandora keep stopping on my computer?

why does pandora keep stopping

Apart from all these issues that we have discussed earlier, another issue that affects the performance of Pandora is an antivirus that dominates more on the computer. All the problems can be seen on both phones and laptops but this is the ultimate one which affects laptops more.

  • It is very problematic too if your phone has been hit by some virus. But if your application is hit with a stream of viruses then you have to surely get rid of it. Viruses can create a problem in the system. It is not mainly seen in the phones as much as on the computer and laptops.

Your computer and laptops are logged in in various sites which could cause problems in your PC. it could cause a conference in the system of the phone or laptop which could just cause disturbance while using the streaming service.

How to fix your pandora buffering?

Just like there are many things that are influencing the pandora to stop performing perfectly, similarly, there are reasons which could help you sidebar the problems too. Pandora buffering has happened many times but the issue should be dealt with so that you can have a smooth transition. Here are some of the fixtures that you can follow in order to have a flawless performance.

  • Internet connection: We have already discussed how the internet is responsible for pandora buffering. So if we just maintain the internet connection and make sure that the internet connection is strong and is providing the speed that is needed to make sure that the pandora suffering is stopped. The more the internet speed, the better it will be for you. So make sure that you do it by maintaining two things.
    • You have to ask the operator whether the seed that he provides in the package and what is the speed. Try to get the best package that gives the best speed and best seed. But there is another way too.
    • If it is on your phone that you use the pandora app then make sure that you for once in time put your phone in airplane mode. This will clarify the connection and will strengthen the internet connection.
    • Whenever you see your pandora buffering, make sure that you switch off your phone once and then restart it. Here is away.
    • Click on the power button.
    • Click on switch off.
    • After a few minutes, click on the power button to start your phone.
why does pandora keep stopping
  • Checking and changing the quality: We have discussed how the quality affects the performance of the quality of the pandora. It comes in two qualities, that is, medium and high. Depending on the speed of the internet and the seed of the internet, you will face the problem. But if your internet connection is strong but the problem is still occurring then you will have to switch to the higher quality of the pandora.
    • go to the option \’Settings\’ and
    •  then go to the option saying  \’Advanced.\’
    • Check for an option that goes as \’Cell Network audio quality
    • Choose \’Higher Audio Quality\’.
  • Pausing the performance: Many times as it happens, that the problem lies with the pandora. You will face a problem that needs to be dealt with using pandora. Pandora is very easy to deal with but even after having a good connection if the problem still occurs then pause the pandora and then do it again.
  • Clearing cache: Clearing cache is important too. All the cache that is jotted down in the system as files could cause a problem. Here is how you should clear the cache in two ways.
    • Open the browser or the app
    • Click on the option \’Tools.\’
    • Click on \’Internet Options\’
    • Click on the tab \’Privacy\’, if you do not see that, you will be given an option saying \’Browsing History\’
    • Then click on \’Delete.\’
    • Click on \’Empty the cache.\’
    • Click on \’Cache\’
    • Lastly, click on \’Delete.\’
    • When you are done with it, click on \’Ok.\’

Here is another way to do it all together.

  • Go to any inbuilt secret system on your phone.
    • You will be given an option that goes with \’clear cache\’
    • Click on it.
why does pandora keep stopping
  • Checking your antivirus: This is mainly a bigger problem seen on the laptop. You have to see whether the antivirus is stopping your pandora from working. So make sure that you launch the antivirus app and try to clear the problem. Let the antivirus solve the problem itself.
    • Click on the icon of the antivirus that you have.
    • Launch it once to see if there is any problem regarding pandora.
    • If there is then click on the recovery system.
    • Click on the option \’Always Allow.\’
    • Allow Pandora to get permission to access your computer in case it was denied such entries.
  • Reinstalling the app: If after everything the problem still occurs then you have to uninstall the app and reinstall again.
    • Click on the icon of the app.
    • You will be given the option to uninstall.
    • Click on it.
    • After it has been uninstalled, click on Google store
    • Type pandora on the search bar.
    • Download.


This is the ultimate pandora hack android if it keeps crashing down while you are streaming it. Do not worry if it happens again, we are sure one of it will help you surely. We have provided you with such tips that will erase the problem.


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