How to write an essay when you are short on time?

Your paper is due in a day or two and you haven’t begun writing anything about it. What do you do now? As students, we are constantly juggling 10 things at a time, and it is very likely that sometimes certain deadlines tend to slip from our minds, it is basically the story of every college student’s life. There will also be situations when you will have to construct an effective essay within a certain amount of time for instance in an exam. The important thing to do when you are stuck in situations like these is to ensure that your planning is on point.

  1. Time management

Since you are already short on time, you have to make sure that you use every minute to your advantage and not waste anything. For instance, in an exam, you will maybe get an hour or less to write an entire essay. With such limited time, you basically divide the time you have for each section of the essay. We advise that you spend at least 10 minutes thinking about your topic and the ideas and the jotting them down quickly because you will need to collect all your thoughts first before you begin writing. If your essay is due for a class and you have no time to spare, then you can take the help of essay writing websites such as paper writing help.

  • Making sure you read the topic properly

When people are short on time, they usually misread a lot of things and then get the entire question wrong. This is a mistake you cannot afford to make because you will not have the time to go back and change it. So make sure that you get the topic right before you begin researching it.

  • Researching effectively

Because you don’t have time to spare, you need to make sure that you spend the limited amount of time you have researching the right things. For this, we advise you to first think about what you want to write and then looking up information on it. Moreover, you should also remember to find examples in order to support your arguments because it makes it clearer to the reader.

  • Having a great introduction

If you make sure that you spend a little bit of extra time on a writing a great introduction, you will end up with an effective essay because the introduction is the hook of the entire essay and if the reader is intrigued in the beginning then they are likely to feel positive about the rest of the essay as well.

  • Writing the rest of the essay

When you are dividing the time in order to write different parts of the essay, make sure you have at least 50% of the time to finish writing the whole essay. You should also leave some room to come back to it and proofread it at least one time.


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