How Hoverboards Work!

The very first hoverboard website based on the ever famous and fascinating hoverboard invention first implemented in the movie, Back to the Future Part 2 starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd.  All skateboard enthusiasts and fans alike fell in love with the idea of a futuristic skateboard without wheels,  the Hoverboard! The hoverboard is basically a skateboard without wheels, a board propelled a couple of feet above ground using special magnetic forces from two circular magnets and the magnetic forces beneath the earth’s crust.

The Hoverboard is basically a skateboard without wheels.  The hoverboard allows one to hover a couple of feet above the ground only because of its reaction with the energy found within the surface of the earth itself.  The planet we live in is filled with magnetic forces that play along with gravitational pull.  Along with the use of the over magnetic “electromagnets” underneath the hoverboard, it enables the board to propel and stay propelled above the ground indefinitely.  Because of the conflict between the magnets and the magnetic energy within the surface of the earth.  This conflict forces the board to resist the surface of the earth and remain suspended in the air.

 The path of a negative ion within a magnetic field

The interior design of the Hoverboard and its component parts

      The design of and function of the Electromagnets also known as hovermagnets! Hoverboard with Handles


These Diagrams and the information contained herein courtesy of hovertech rocket science.

As indicated in its name, the hoverboard moves suspended in the air. It seems that an unknown force maintains it at about 4 inches (10 centimeters) above the ground. A little impulse with your feet on the ground is enough to make it slide like a skateboard, but in the air !!! On its back, you can see 2 cylindrical flat shapes firmly maintained on the board. They look like magnets. It makes no doubt that those 2 cylinders actually allows the hoverboard to stay suspended in the air. The hoverboard’s principle is not really to escape the Earth\’s attraction. Actually, it never lets a solid or liquid surface approach its back closer than a few inches. It’s a repulsion system, like 2 magnets do when you confront the two same poles (++ or –). The difference here is that the surface in opposition can be made of various matters (concrete, earth, water, roc, wood, vegetation, metal, plastic…). However, the hoverboard doesn’t work as well on the water. It seems to be slowed by liquid surfaces. Moreover, the foot impulse that is needed to move it cannot be done on water, take a look at Hoverboard  360 Reviews. Also, you can read our post on hoverboards under $100 on amazon.


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