5 Tips to Make a Good Cappuccino

Raise your hands if you’re a Cappuccino lover. I’m sure there are plenty. It is one of the oldest and well-known coffees of all time. A study says, Cappuccino is a limit that can be helpful to refresh the mindset, boosts memory, cleanses the stomach, helps in weight loss and lot many other features. But it’s that you can’t run to a coffee shop when you need one to get your mind and body straight. So, here we are giving you a recipe to the perfect Cappuccino for a fix. Read through the article for five steps on How to Make a Cappuccino:

Step 1: The Espresso Shot

An espresso shot is the main ingredient that adds a kick to the coffee. You can make this through an Espresso maker and put the grounded coffee in the filter and start the machine. The machine will give you the perfect Espresso just within Seconds.

You can also use a Moka pot or Press Espresso makers to make one, but the machines are simpler and faster.

Step 2: Milk

The next step is to choose the milk and heat it correctly. 

  • Whole milk is easier to heat and creates the best foam.
  • You can also choose Soy, nut, or rice kinds of milk, based on your choice, but they might take extra time to heat and give the foam properly.
  • Skim milk separates the foam.
  • If you’re a chocolate milk lover, you’d like a mocha Cappuccino. 

Select the milk keeping the points above in mind. Then follow the next steps to heat it perfectly:

  • Pour the chilled milk in a pitcher, which can help it to steam better and give a smooth texture.
  • You can either use a steaming wand or simply microwave to heat up the milk and create the foam.
  • Steaming Wand:
  • If you’re using a steaming wand, clean the wand properly. Tilt the pitcher slightly so that the milk swirls and heat up evenly. Take out the wand and turn of the machine, when the temperature reaches 150-160 degrees.
  • Microwave:
  • Choose a mason jar and pour the milk filling half of the jar. Put it in the microwave and heat up to 30 – 60 seconds. Once the milk is heated up, take out the jar and shake it to create the foam.

Step 3: Tap the Milk

Slowly tap the pitcher several times on the table to remove if there are any bubbles in the foam. This helps to create smooth and glossy foam. Swirl the pitcher a few times, so that it keeps the milk and foam together.

Step 4: Espresso to the cup

Add Espresso to your cup based on your requirements. For a Regular sized Cappucino, you’d need one shot or 30 ml of Espresso. If you need a larger one, you need two shots or 60 to 80ml of Espresso.

Step 5: Add milk to Espresso

This step is a little tricky as it might mix the foam in the Espresso instead on the top. You can do two things in that case:

  • Hold the cup with Espresso in one hand and slightly tilt it. Then take the milk pitcher, on the other hand, try to pour the milk into the center of Espresso. Gradually move the cup down, so that it levels the foam on the top.
  • Keep the Espresso glass on the counter. Use a spoon to hold the foam back, pour the steamed milk first. Then add the foam on top of the Cappuccino.

Here goes your perfect Cappuccino. Well, describing all these I feel like having one on my own. I’ll make one for myself, and you should make one for yourself too. Well, why not? When the most refreshing reason is just a cup ahead. The excellent coffee can make your day, especially when you can lie down in the cozy couch drink the self-made one. Try making Cappuccino on your own and make your day better. Read More regarding Cafe Cofee Shop Names


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