Why Being a Domain Investor is the Best Job Ever

Learning how to invest in domain names changed my life in so many ways that I could write a trilogy of novels about it. It is the greatest endeavor I have ever taken on.

I’ve wrangled with pursuits in just about every vertical. I spent a majority of my life as an audio engineer and record producer, I’ve worked in fast paced sales environments, dabbled in real estate, and I’ve even pursued learning how to become a helicopter pilot. None of those paths ever challenged me quite like the domain industry does.

These are the top 5 reasons I believe that being a domain name investor is the greatest job on the planet!

Reason #1: Freedom

I am writing this post from the balcony of my Hawaiian condo overlooking the entire Pacific ocean. Palm trees are blowing in the wind while I listen to the chirping of island birds and light classical music.

This is the view that i’m blessed with all because I chose this career path.

Could I do that with a regular 9-5 job? NO! I would probably hear nagging co-workers, angry fingers clunking away at keyboards, receptionist telling people to hold, someone yelling at the printer, and my boss on my back about my TPS reports. Ugh. Gross. No thanks.

With domain investing, I can work from anywhere in the world. Allowing me the most freedom I could crave from any career path. In fact, the first six months of my career was mostly spent on the golf course working from the comfort of my golf cart via my iPhone!

Reason #2: Limitless Potential

This industry is not a “get rich quick” one by any means. But I tell you what… when I first started, I had virtually nothing. Lost everything, down in the dumps, and only a few grand in my pocket. When I decided to give this industry everything I had, it gave back ten fold. In my first year and a half in the industry, I reeled in almost $2M in sales. I don’t say this to brag, but to show you how limitless this industry is. And I started with little money. Nowadays, if you do it right, you can start with less than $100, and see some serious results. In fact, I dare you to take The $20 to a Baller Challenge! You’ll soon find that there are absolutely no walls! You can go as far as you want to in this industry. There is no limit to the amount of money and success you can garner from becoming a domain name investor. None I say!

Reason #3: The Excitement

There is no better feeling than waking up to a sale. None. Even more so, there is nothing quite like watching your auction take off and surpass all of your expectations!

What about the chaos that occurs when a new country comes into the picture and changes up the industry overnight? Completely blows your mind! Domains that used to be the bottom of the barrel are now the most sought after investments? Doesn’t make any sense, but guess what? It can be unpredictable, and that is what makes it so exciting.

Reason #4: You Can Never Master It

There is no way to perfect the art of domain name investing. None. You can never know it all. Why? The domain industry is always evolving. Always challenging you to grow, and learn new things. Sure, you can become a 10th-degree black belt domain investor, but nobody truly knows how many degrees there actually are! You can bedazzle your black belt with thousands of 10 carat diamonds, and when you think you know it all, BAM, something new to learn. You can never master it. Period. And that is a beautiful thing that should keep you interested in the business forever.

Reason #5: The People

Sure, you have your forum trolls, grumpy old-timers, bitter bloggers and the like. But a majority of the population in this industry are amazing human beings. They love it as much as you do. They are the same type of addict as you are. They eat, sleep and breathe domain names just like you do. They are the only ones on the planet that get you. And frankly, you can never have a dull conversation with a fellow domainer. There are NO awkward silences. Why? Because there are so many topics to discuss. So many things to debate. So much information to share! And the only people on the planet that will understand you are your fellow domain investors. Better still, the diversity in this industry is unlike any other. People from all around the world, personalities from all walks of life will emerge out of the wood-works to meet, greet, and talk domains. No matter how different we are, we will always have one thing in common; domains. And that makes this community one of greatest on the planet.

In Summary

If this doesn’t ring a bell to you, you’re probably not a domain investor, and you happened upon this post via Google. If that is the case, look around, dig deeper, and you too will find that this is the greatest industry on earth.

I am proud to be a domain name investor, for more than just these five reasons. I am delighted when I see the look of confusion on peoples faces when I tell them what I do. It’s my passion, my purpose, and I am finally accepting of the fact that this is where I belong!


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