Why Should You Choose SSL? The Main Purpose of Using SSL

Why Should You Choose SSL? The Main Purpose of Using SSL certificates-

If you deal with different kinds of work and sectors related to web browsing then you must have surely come up with the work SSL. But do you actually know what SSL actually is? And how you can obtain the SSL certificate for free? In this article, we will be discussing more what SSL certificates are and how to get SSL certificate free.


What is SSL Certificate?

SSL is a very important segment of the internet world. SSL is the acronym for Secure Sockets Layer which is an encryption technology which was the original product of Netscape, launched in the 1990s. SSL helps to create an encrypted connection between a host’s web server and the visitor\’s browser as well. This allows the transfer of private and confidential data and information without any hassles and external interferences. So if security and privacy is your top priority, then obtaining an SSL certificate is absolutely necessary. Many people refer to it as an electronic “passport” which helps to set up secure transactions of data and information.

Generally, an SSL certificate contains the particular domain name, the name of the company, the address, country etc. It also holds the expiration date of the SSL certificate and all the important details of the Certificate Authority which issued the SSL. While browsing, your web browser will establish an SSL connection with the site and check whether it has active SSL security. If there is not any, it will be immediately shown.

How to Get SSL Certificate For Free?

As we have discussed in the previous section that why SSL certificate is important, you must have understood that every website should establish SSL security. Encrypting a website has, therefore, become very crucial for everyone who wants to set up a website. But, it may not be possible for everyone to afford the rates of SSL Certificates, therefore now we will be discussing how to make your website https for free. Let us have a look at the various ways.

Let’s Encrypt- one of the popular ways by which you can encrypt your website connection for free is by taking the help of this website. It has been made out of the joint collaboration of Linux Foundation and other popular free certificate providers like Mozilla, Akamai, SiteGround, Cisco, Facebook, etc. So if you are wondering how to make your website https for free then Let\’s Encrypt can be a brilliant way to do so. It is a very effective way to save up SSL certificate costs, especially for those who are beginners and want to try the different features of SSL before investing.

Comodo- there are some vendors who are really lenient in providing their customers with some brilliant features and offers. Similarly, Comodo has made it possible for anyone to use an SSL certificate at absolutely no cost for 90 days. What can be more amazing than that! It is a perfect offer for those who are beginning for the first time or have a short-term project in hand. If you are wondering how to get SSL certificate free, then do not worry because Comodo has the right offer for everyone out there. On top of that, most of the popular and widely used browsers easily identify a Comodo SSL certificate. So there is no worry of not getting recognized up in the internet.

Cloud Flare- another popular way to obtain a free SSL certificate is with the help of Cloud Flare. Even though we have mentioned two ways by which you can get hold of free SSL certificates, do not miss out on this because Cloud Flare had recently announced that SSL certificate provided by them is free for every user. Yes! You heard that right! Even if you have a free account in Cloud Flare you will be eligible for the free SSL certificate. However, there is a certain way to enable the free SSL security. Follow the steps we have mentioned in the points below.

  • First, log into your Cloud Flare account which you have made.
  • Then select the particular website which you would want to enable the SSL certificate for.
  • On the screen find the Crypto tab and click on it.
  • Inside the Crypto page, make sure that it has been set as “Flexible” and the current status is being shown as “Active Certificate”.

So this is how you can easily obtain a free SSL certificate for your website. This is one of the best and effective way of how to make your website https for free. Cloud Flare SSL certificates are recognized by all the popular web browsers in the world.

StartCom- many of the people nowadays have their own personal blogs and websites which are small in scale. Therefore not many of them feel the need for investing in a huge SSL certificate permit. But security and privacy must be a priority for everyone regardless of the size of their website. So if you are wondering how to get SSL certificate free for your personal blog or website, you can easily make an account in StartCom, who provide unlimited class 1 DV SSL certificate to the users. Isn\’t it amazing? If you want good and well-recognized SSL encryption then StartCom is one of the best choices.

Configuring URL in WordPress- another way by which your website’s security can receive an SSL certificate is by configuring it in WordPress. To do this, just visit WordPress and rewrite your website and WordPress URLs to the https version. Doing so will simply add an SSL encryption to your website. Usually, beginner websites have the “HTTP” and not “https” mark. So if you are wondering how to get SSL certificate for WordPress, just delete “HTTP” and type “https” before the website URL instead. Yes! It is that simple. So this is very simple but at the same time the most effective solution of how to convert HTTP to https.

WoSign- last but not the least, WoSign provides its customers with a brilliant and long-term free SSL certificate. Their validity of the certificates ranges from one to three years! The WoSign certificates are supported by the SHA2 algorithm and “WoSign CA Free SSL Certificate G2” issues every certificate to the users. WoSign supports 5 domain names for absolutely free of cost but more than 5 names will cost you about USD 1.99$ per year. For beginners who are curious to understand and learn the various aspects of SSL Certificates and their function, this plan is something to look for. So if you are are wondering how to get SSL certificate free for a long time, then this creating an account in WoSign is the best way to do so.

So here are the top ways of how to make your website https for free without investing a single account of money. 

Paid v/s Free SSL

FREE SSL Certificates


  • No cost
  • Quick issue


  • Are DV (Domain Validation) only
  • No warranty
  • No trust seal
  • Only Domain Validated SSL Type
  • Used for testing purpose
  • Trial certificate available for 30-day

PAID SSL Certificates


  • Offer DV, BV (Business Validation), and EV (Extended Validation)
  • Include WildCard, UCC (SAN) and Code Signing SSL Certificates
  • Provide warranty
  • Available in DV SSL, OV SSL, and EV SSL
  • Discount offers available by choosing a multi-year option
  • Also includes SAN SSL, Wildcard SSL and Code Signing Certificates
  • 24/7 Support via live chat, phone call or email
  • Boosts SEO ranking


  • Cost (although now you can find SSL Certificates at affordable prices)

Encryption and constant security to your website are very much important to keep it protected from malicious threats and breaches. We have talked about the most popular websites who provide such feature so that you can start your web career with great value and security which will remain 24 hours of the day. So just buy an SSL certificate which work best in all circumstances !! 



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