Zakk Blaze Wireless Bluetooth headphones: Review

Zakk Blaze Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is an awesome pair of headphones that you can buy under the budget of $35.

Well, if you were looking for the Best Wireless headphones 2018 then we have got your covered.

As Today, we will be taking a look at the Best Wireless headphones that you can get under $35 – Zakk Blaze Headphones.

Let’s get started with build and design of these headphones.

Build and Design

The Zakk Blaze wireless Bluetooth headphones are built pretty well. The Build quality seems to be nice because of the aluminium body. You get Zakk logo on both the sides of the headphones which gives it a minimal look.

There are also led rings on both the sides of the headphones which looks really dope. The aluminium frame makes the Zakk Blaze headphone look premium and glossy.

The weight of the headphones is also average as the weight is pretty much similar to any other wireless headphones from the premium category.

The padding on the Zakk Blaze is very good but it is a bit bulky so you won\’t be able to listen to soft music while sleeping on your bed, it will definitely create a mess at that time.

Though the headbands are made of good quality material and you won\’t feel any issues while using the headphones for a long time. has given an unbiased review.


Zakk Blaze Wireless Bluetooth headphones come with Bluetooth 4.0 support by which you will be able to pair your Bluetooth supported devices to the Zakk Blaze and use them without any hassle.The transmission range is also pretty good.

One of the best thing about these headphones is that you can even use them in wired mode through an aux cable which is provided inside the box.

This will allow you to use the headphones even if it does not have a battery. I found this feature to be super useful in my usage.

As the name of headphones suggests, the pairing process of Zakk Blaze headphones is blazing fast. You won\’t complain about them pairing speed of Zakk Blaze headphones. Just switch on Bluetooth on your device and pair it to “Zakk Blaze”. The headphones will be automatically paired with your smartphone easily.

Sound quality

Sound quality is the main aspect of any Speaker/headphones. Let’s talk about the Sound quality if the Zakk Blaze Wireless Bluetooth headphones.

The sound quality that we experienced on the Zakk Blaze headphones is just awesome. It has really good deep bass and the best thing is that the bass on these headphones is not muddy like any other headphones in this price range.

Lowes, mids and highs are clear and overall sound quality that you get is very good.


The Zakk Blaze headphone has got 400mAH of battery life. Zakk guarantees of 12 hours and we have got 10-12 hours of music playback time with these pair of headphones.

The battery usually takes 2-3 hours to charge completely. The Battery drain will also depend upon the volume you are listening to.

In case you run out of battery, you can use the headphones with the aux cable that comes with the headphone.

You can also switch off the LED rings to get a better battery backup. Buttons to power on/off, volume up/down, forward/backward are there on the right side of the headset. The buttons are easy to access ane tactile too.

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Final Verdict

So, the main question is,”Should you buy Zakk Blaze Wireless Bluetooth headphone for $35”. The answer to this question is Yes, you should definitely buy these pair of headphones if you have the budget if $35

These headphones are probably the best pair of headphones at this budget because of the features that they are offering.

One of the coolest features of these pair of headphones is the LED Ring on both the headsets. It does provide a cool effect to the headphones.

This LED Ring makes these headphones better from the others in this price range which is another great thing about it.

The sound part of this headphone is also pretty good. You get all the qualities of a good pair of headphones in the Zakk Blaze Wireless Headphones so what else do you need?

For any further enquiries, you can check the reviews of the Zakk Blaze Wireless Bluetooth headphone through Amazon. You can buy it directly from Amazon but currently, it is out of stock.

Keep an eye on the stock and buy it whenever It is available as there is no doubt that it is the best pair if headphones to buy under $35

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