Film makers lure the audience by versatility, whether it is the story or cast or music. One of such eminent movies in the recent times is October. Written by Juhi Chaturvedi, the script writer for hit movies like Piku, Madras Cafe and Vicky donor, the movie comes out to be a silent emotional drama. The movie merely is about Varun Dhawan (Dan) who plays the role of an intern at a top hotel in Delhi and his unconditional love towards Banita Sandhu (Shiuli), the female lead in the movie, tormenting on the hospital bed after falling off from a building. Witness the unspoken love between the two in this poetic film directed by Shoojit Sircar.

Rating – The movie has been rated 8.1/10 by IMDb, 2.5/5 by Indian Express.

Star Cast- Varun Dhawan as Dan, Banita Sandhu as Shiuli, Gitanjali Rao as Prof. Vidya Iyer (Shiuli’s Mother), and Sahil Vedoliya as Manjeet (Dan’s Roommate).

Director- Shoojit Sircar.

Reviews of the critics

Critic’s reviews play a major role in deciding the success of the movie at the box office. Many people watch movies after glancing at the reviews by the critics these days. Let us have a look at the critic’s opinion about this movie.

THE TIMES OF INDIA- Giving a rating of 4/5, it reviews that October is a silent film in its leisurely pace but does not lack the spirit. It also stated that the audience would forget that they are watching a film in a theatre and instead feel that they are viewing a real life scenario. But for the audience seeking entertainment, the film might seem boring, it added.

HINDUSTAN TIMES- It says that the film covers a lifetime. It makes you anxious, haunted, and leaves you teary eyed while leaving the theatre. The movie is about human emotions and makes you realize that we are not just moving robots or talking heads. Defining it only as an unconditional love story of Dan would do injustice to the essence of the movie, it adds. It gave a rating of 4.5/5 to the film.

NDTV- Giving a star rating of 5/5, NDTV wrote that the film is about hope, hope of a 21 year old intern who basically is impulsive and immature in life. It wrote that viewers would forget the previous visuals of Varun Dhawan as an actor who removes his shirt and flaunts his body as this is a completely different version of him. It also said that October is astonishingly ambitious film of Shoojit Sircar and it is even better than his film Piku.

FINANCIAL EXPRESS- The film is given a full rating and it says that the film is about bringing out a sensitive side of an appalling 21 year old intern in Delhi. The movie binds the characters with empathy, with mortality being the reason behind it. It also added that it is a meditative film with exquisite visuals of nature.


For all the people who are curious to know why the movie is titled “October” is because of the flower named “Night Jasmine” that blooms in October which is Shiuli’s favorite flower.

October is a silent romantic drama directed by Shoojit Sircar and Varun Dhawan and Banita Sandhu playing the lead roles. The film is released on 13th April, 2018. Varun Dhawan (Dan) is a 21 year old intern at a top hotel in Delhi. He is careless about his job and is mostly an introvert. Irritated with his life, his attitude only earns him demotions in his career, but he is least bothered about it. On the other hand Banita Sandhu (Shiuli Iyer) is an over qualified intern in the same of Dan who is mostly perfect in the job she does. They two have an amiable equation with each other but barely have a conversation. The story takes an unexpected turn when Shiuli falls from a building of 30ft in height while having a party with her colleagues on the terrace. She gets admitted to the hospital but before Dan gets to know this Shiuli slips into a comatose state. Dan learns that last words of Shiuli were “Where is Dan?” From then he finds himself getting drawn into Shiuli’s agonizing world. He is a daily visitor to the hospital in which Shiuli is admitted. Days pass but Dan becomes more concerned about her. He tries every alternative possible to get her into a conscious state. As the film proceeds you can start sensing the unconditional love of Dan towards Shiuli. Dan helps her family throughout but what’s next is something unexpected but still touches the audience in various aspects.

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Shoojit Sircar and Juhi Chaturvedi have always done wonders together in Hindi Cinema and now they deliver an unusual love story that would get etched to many hearts. They showcase an unspoken bond in a gracious way. Shoojit Sircar carves a slow-paced tale between the two and instills many dialogues-less frames in the movie which are left for the audience interpretation. The beautifully executed close-up shots by Avik Mukhopadhyay and pleasant shots of trees shedding leaves and flowers are a treat to watch.

The soul of the film lies in the instrumental theme of October by Shantanu Moitra. The sound of violin in this theme song enhances every frame. Another song called “Theher JA” sung by Arman Malik is a romantic fast beat number so beautifully composed that it makes you hear it one more time every time you listen to it. The best thing about the song is its lyrics soulfully written by Abhiruchi Chand. “Tab bhi tu mere sang rehna” is another song composed by Anupam Roy that surely lives up the expectations. The fourth song sung by the legendary trio Sunidhi Chauhan, Shantanu Moitra, and Swanand Kirkire is a peaceful song with heavy lyrics. This song portrays the grief in the relationship between Dan and Shiuli. The last song of the album is “Chal”. It is clearly the voice of Monali Thakur that takes this song to another level. All the songs are a treat to the ears but there are no songs included in the movie.

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The film has failed to attract the audience on its fi   rst day but has seen a tremendous rise from the weekend. According to a report on BoxofficeIndia.com, the romantic- drama feature film has managed to collect Rs. 27.75 crore in its first week as on April 20, 2018. The opening day collection was Rs. 5 crores and then made over 14 crores during the weekend itself. The film has managed to earn a decent amount this week with positive critic’s reviews as an added advantage.

October is a heart wrenching movie with Varun Dhawan in a completely new avatar. With critics heaping praise on the movie, the movie is surely a onetime watch according to many. If you are a fan of slow, weepy and yet soul fulfilling movies, then go watch October now!


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