What is rapidleech ? A simple guide

Often, we want to download some particular file, but the problem is, that file is placed on a blocked website. As we know, downloading content from a blocked website is never an easy task to do. But in this era of technology, everything is possible if tried.

If you tried to download files from blocked websites but being unsuccessful to do so, then try Rapidleech which is the best solution to download content even from blocked sites. Now there will be a question in your mind that what Rapidleech is? We will answer it for you.

Rapidleech is a useful technology whether it is not very famous and very few peoples know about it. Let’s get informed about what is Rapidleech and how it works for you. Rapidleech is a script. This PHP file supports and helps in leeching.orks for you. Actually, Rapidleech is a script. This PHP file supports and helps in leeching.


What is Rapidleech?

Rapidleech is a free PHP server transfer script which is used by various websites to upload and download contents. In simple words, Rapidleech is the software that supports implementing leeching.

Now, the question will arise that what leeching is? Leeching is a process copying or transferring a file from one server to another. In other words, leeching is a technology of server to server file transfer.

Assume that you own a hosting server or you have access to the free hosting server, you can use that server to download various files from file hosting sites (another server) like youtube.com or megaupload.com or Rapidshare.com.

You can use that server which you have access to, and download files you desire to have on your computer or pc. There is not a single website; in fact, there are a plethora of websites exist on the internet that is using Rapidleech plugmod (Iqbal) rev. 43 or Rapidleech plugmod v2 rev.44. Some of the most popular websites that use Rapidleech plugmod are the megaupload.com, Rapidshare.com and many more.

As per some reports, the Rapid leech script is currently installed on more than 2000 servers and has more than 5 millions of users worldwide.

Guess, there could be a doubt in your mind which is like that. “Why can\’t we download files directly to our pc from Rapidshare.com or some other file hosting websites? Why would we need to use Rapidleech and make file downloading a complex process?”

Keep points in your mind that prefers Rapidleech over direct downloading

  1. File hosting websites like Rapidshare.com is blocked.
  2. There could be a download limit set (example, not exceed than 100 MB) in your college or university.
  3. There could be a time limit on every download.

In such situations, Rapidleech is the way that can save you.

There are two ways to use Rapidleech which are as follows.

  1. First, by directly installing Rapidleech on your web hosting server
  2. Second, by using free or premium Rapidleech servers.

Once you have downloaded files to the Rapidleech server, then you can easily compress, split or encrypt the files using RAR.

In addition, this leeching has many other advantages too. It transfers files from server to server at a very high speed.

Besides, most Rapidleech servers are not get blocked by powerful firewalls. This happens because firewalls can’t differentiate these servers and non blocked sites. Thus, these servers do not come in the standard block lists of the firewall.

How to install RapidLeech:

There are some easy steps you need to follow to install RapidLeech.

  • Download RapidLeech.
  • After that, download FileZilla and install this downloaded file on your computer.
  • Then, launch the FileZilla and click on Site manager.
  • There will you get an option to create a new site.
  • Enter the FTP details carefully and click on the connect button.
  • Transfer the Rapid leech file to the public_html folder. Rename the Rapid leech folder to the Rapidleech in small letters.
  • Now, open the Rapidleech Folder and Right Click on Files Folder and change permission.
  • At last, go to your domain. Now, you will see that your Rapid leech is live.

Above mention are some of the installation steps you need to follow for installing RapidLeech on a web hosting server. If you want to get Rapidleech hosting, search it on Google and you will find too many options regarding your search.

There are quite a lot of options for free and premium RapidLeech services available online. www.premiumleecher.com, www.prohosterz.com, www.foxleech.com are some of the popular ones. Check these websites to start your journey with leech Rapid.

We tried best to get you informed about the fastRapidLeech, but if you still have questions in your mind, feel comfortable to comment below, and we will surely help you out with your every query.

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