One CLICKER Of A Button And You Can Watch Favorite New Or Old TV Shows From Your PC Or Smartphone

Clicker is often viewed as an Internet TV site, but in all honesty it is anything but. The best way to describe Clicker is as an online content aggregator, which still provides you access to your favorite TV shows, old or new. The site itself doesn’t actually host any TV videos, but you will be directed to a site that will have the specific video that you want to watch. They provide an extremely extensive list of TV shows, so it makes no difference how obscure the program is that you want to watch, you are likely to find it.


Clicker will provide you access to a vast array of Internet TV sites. You simply type in the program you wish to watch and you will be greeted with a number of different sites where you can watch your program. You will find that it leaves its navigation bar at the top of the page therefore allowing you to both quickly and easily return to Clicker with one click of a button.

It offers a wide variety of tools making it easy to watch your favorite programs from any mobile device. In fact, they have a section on their site which is entirely dedicated to watching TV programs via a mobile device. This is extremely useful if you are an iPhone user, as most sites make it extremely difficult to tell whether they have videos compatible with iPhone.


Clicker’s greatest strength is its ability to direct to you to a huge number of sites from where you can watch your TV programs and videos. However, this strength can also be viewed as a huge disadvantage; many of these external sites have their own rules for viewing shows and often you will find that in order to watch a particular program you must download a specific type of player. It is also likely that each individual site will have different navigation schemes for you to learn and adhere to. Perhaps many people will view this as a small price to play to watch any TV program or video whenever they wish, but it may mean that you have a lot of “work” to do before you get to see the program. People have often wondered why Clicker themselves don’t simply stream content, TV programs and videos from their own site, but when you consider the amount of red tape and legal provisos to work through just to bring all the TV networks to one site it really doesn’t seem to be worth the hassle.

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This is probably where Clicker is head and shoulders above its competitors – if a TV show or video has been indexed by an Internet TV site then you will find it on Clicker. In other words, if a program is listed anywhere on the Internet you’ll find it by searching through here. You could almost say that there is too much information available via Clicker, as you could spend literally hours trawling through the number of networks on offer. However, finding what you want couldn’t be easier, as they offer various categories for your search including, new, highest-rated and most popular programs on Internet TV.


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