How to learn Ethical hacking Freely

Ethical hacking Overview , This post is belongs to the module of How to learn Ethical hacking Freely
Here you learn what is the role of an ethical hacker and what you can and what you cannot do as an ethical hacker.One more thing i want to mention that It Takes Time to Become a Hacker. So have pateince and google is the best way you can learn.
Hacking is a hobby, a lifestyle, and an attitude , A drive to figure out how things work.Before Starting you must know about what is hacking and the type Of hackers.
Role of Ethical hackers

  • Employed by companies to perform penetration tests
  • Penetration test is a Legal attempt to break into a company’s network to find its weakest link ,loop hole , vunerability , etc
  • Ethiacl hacker can only be a Tester & Tester only reports findings, does not solve problems

Now You think that hacker have deep knowledge , yaa you are write but there is a type of hacker who have very little knowldge. those people called  Script kiddies or packet monkeys

  • Young inexperienced hackers
  • Copy codes and techniques from knowledgeable hackers and try to learn these script and some time they are too dangerous.
  • Experienced penetration testers write programs or scripts using these languages
  • Practical Extraction and Report Language (Perl), C, C++, Python, JavaScript, Visual Basic, SQL, and many others Script (Set of instructions that runs in sequence)

The basic premises of this course is properly defend your network and resources you need to first understand how is going to be attack so this course is designed to you introduce to you many of the tools , and technique commonly used by hackers It s not designed to make you an expert on hacking and hacking countermeasure over night. Thats take a lot of practice , lot of patience and lot of experience to become the truly professional as an ethical hacker.
I storngly urge you to be used virtual machine technology like VM ware , microsoft virtual pc because you can seriously damage your pc and network. I encourage you to experiment on Noppix OS (Linux based OS).Noppix has lot of security related tools and application preinstalled
What You Can Do Legally as an Hacker ??

  • Laws involving technology change as rapidly as technology itself
  • Find what is legal for you locally
  • Laws change from place to place
  • Be aware of what is allowed and what is not allowed

What You Cannot Do Legally

  • Accessing a computer without permission is illegal
  • Other illegal actions
  • Installing worms or viruses
  • Denial of Service attacks
  • Denying users access to network resources

Be careful your actions do not prevent customers from doing their jobs
Hope you Enjoy above session , our new post will be on Security as per module, so keep visiting and fire your query in comment section